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13 top-rated tourist attractions in Belgium that will make you go WOW!

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Belgium is a country which brings along images of medieval rooftops, adorable canals, flavorful beer, and forbearing chocolates. Superior the big cities of Brussels and Bruges, Belgium stands exclusive and is home to spread out beautiful small towns. Modernized cities bucket full of luxurious and exquisite designer shops to glamorous galleries, to stunning streets laden with museums and native luxury all, amalgamate the best things to visit in Belgium

Look at the top-rated tourist attractions in Belgium

1. Dinant

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Dinant is a beautiful Walloon city which sits on the banks of the Meuse River and finds the top-rated tourist attractions in Belgium. The arresting beauty of the city is supported by the face of a magnificent steep rock and protected by ancient fortress citadel and the city’s historic buildings are soaked in the legend – because you roam through narrow pavements, you can understand that This is a place with many stories.

birthplace of Adolphe Sax, is perhaps the city’s most famous connection, the man who invented the Saxophone whose house you can now visit. Food lovers can’t miss the delicious Flamiche (a bit like a Tarte Flambe) or Couques de Dinant Which are delicious, rich in taste, brittle honey biscuits.

Nearby Attractions: Parc de Furfooz, La Citadelle de Dinant, Maison Leffe, Charles-de-Gaulle Bridge, Church of Our Lady (Collegiale Notre-Dame), Adolphe Sax Statue, Chateau de Freyr, Maison de Monsieur Sax, Agimont Adventure.

2. Eifel Nature Park

the eifle national park
Via: eifel.info

The sight here seems like the mist is kissing the park and miles of rugged wilderness is spread. The park has a mysterious and undefinable beauty.

The Beach forest cover area is mostly occupied in Germany with a Belgian border. Eifel Nature Park is home to some exquisite wildlife including red deer, black grosses,  wild cats, wild boars, wild cats, eagle owls making this place a beautiful indigenous from themselves.

A new species of lynx has been sighted in this protected area since the new millennium for the first time in three centuries.

Part of the park’s moors is certainly a must visit place in Belgium!

Nearby Attractions: Nationaal park Eifel, Parc national de l’Eifel, LVR-Freilichtmuseum Kommern, Wilder Kermeter Natur-Erlebnispark, Rursee-Schifffahrt, Greifvogelstation & Wildfreigehege Hellenthal, Nationalpark-Zentrum Eifel, Museum Huertgenwald 1944 und im Frieden.

3. Ghent

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While Brussels or Bruges are amongst the most garnered places for visitors, but the small but beautiful port city is defensibly Europe’s hidden gem. Ghent was, in fact, the most powerful in Europe at once but presently it’s a more serene and tranquil place, a place with the aroma of artistry.

The town is like a shelf with a collection of canal architectures of the medieval period, Michelin-starred restaurants, bizarre and eccentric boutique stores and dancing calendar of cultural events.

To feel the surreal zest of the place, jump over the tourist canal boat trips and quest all the local hotspots instead.

Nearby Attractions: Patershol, Confectionery Temmerman, Castle of Counts, St. Bavo’s Cathedral, St. Bavo’s Cathedral, House of Alijn, St. Bavo’s Abbey ruins, St. Peter’s Abbey, City Pavilion, Kouter Flower Market.

4. Chateau de la Hulpe

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France is not only the grandiloquence of fairytale castles, but one of Belgium’s finest is absolutely impeccable. France is not the only country in which fairy palaces are claimed, and one of the finest in Belgium is really great.

Located in the township of La Hulpe in Walloon Brabant and less than an hour away from Brussels, this beautiful mansion was built after the palaces in Loire Valley in France and was served as the home of Marquis Maximilien de Bethune.

The villa itself is not open to the public, but you can make way to gardens which are brimmed with sculptures and colorful flowers and also nearby park known for its rolling lawns, small ponds and aromatic rhododendron Where either you can walk, enjoy a picnic or just kick back and relax.

Nearby Attractions: Fondation Folon, Spa Cinq Mondes, European Balloon Corporation, Escape Rush, Driver4You Limousine Services, Sonian Forest, Waterloo Tourisme, Memorial Waterloo 1815, The Wellington Museum, Rouge Cloitre Park.

5. Bruges

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One of the most admirably beautiful places to explore in Belgium, Bruges – utterly beautifully preserved medieval city, a place totally for couples wanting to go for a romantic European getaway.

Visitors in thousands applaud the beauty of the collection of fascinating market squares, the steep canopy houses lined brushed with dreamy canals and twisting fabricated streets all tied up in bunches, Bruges is all about the mostly traffic-free package, the suspended-in-time canal-side city is very romantic, It is also indisputably photogenic.

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Don’t forget to include Burg square in the list, the 14th century  Stadhuis (City Hall) which has been elaborately ornamented having carved ceilings, Market square which depicts 13th-century dome with panoramic views and last but not the least to mention one of the critically acclaimed restaurants which are in bulk!

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Nearby Attractions: Belfry & Halle, Basilica of the Holy Blood, Markt, Town Hall, Liberty of Bruges, Groeninge Museum, Church of Our Lady, Memling Museum, Sint-Jansspitaal, Dijver Mansions, Sint-Jacobskerk.

6. Durbuy

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Durbury tagged with the smallest city on earth and a population of 500 Durbury- situated just 2 hours aloof Brussels. The littlest city is a wonder in itself with a captivating medieval backdrop, flowered, narrow and fashioned pedestrian streets, zigzag between the old bluestone homes and buildings, attracting visitors to its shops, accomplished restaurants and hotels.

Visit the Topiary park swelled with great shops of artistry work, glaring at half-timbered houses, and apply a full stop button to quench your thirst at  La Ferme du Chêne which brews beer using a method of the 14th century.

The Ourthe River in the city is pleasurable with some water activities with a kayak or raft.

Nearby Attractions: Old Town of Durbuy, Topiary Park, Adventure Valley Durbuy, LPM Nature & Adventure Parc, Dolmen Nord de Weris – Patrimoine exceptionnel de Wallonie, Micro Brasserie Marckloff, Eglise Sainte Walburge – Monument classe.

7. Spa

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Spa, a place with classicism and charms in Belgium is famous for being an original spa, situated in the Ardennes region of eastern Belgium, the place is naturally blessed with abundant mineral-rich thermal waters.

Tourists drive here to relax and enjoy the health and fitness benefits of the water and the hot springs. The place also turns your head with beautiful buildings signing in a way, thermal baths, a historic casino, a cluster of exquisite hotels and a 19th-century retro attraction and hence listed in the top-rated tourist attractions in Belgium.

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Nearby Attractions: Domaine de Berinzenne, Lac de Warfaaz, RAVeL Spa – Francorchamps – Stavelot, Musee de la Lessive, Pouhon Pierre le Grand, Casino de Spa, Circuit de Spa, Forestia.

8. Brussels

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Taking aside the dull and shallow side of Europe’s premier cities that seems to be stuck, Brussels is, in fact, a very beautiful and worth mentioning travel place. In the past few decades, the city has become a prosperous sophisticated metropolis.

The late 17th-century historic architecture is the surely top-notch and finds a fine gathering of art galleries, museums, a renowned foodie spot (existing everything of chocolate and waffles to Michelin star embellished fine cuisine) and of course the delicious beer and that what makes the Brussels, the city it is!

Nearby Attractions: Brussels Park, Gasbeek Castle, Grand Palace Brussels, Royal Palace Of Brussels.

9. The Sonian Forest

Sonian Forest
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An extraordinary beautiful forest and UNESCO awarded heritage site. From the beginning of the Iron Age, 4,000 hectares of woodlands were part of the long natural border of beeches (a type of tree) and oaks spread from Brabant blow-by-blow to Northern France.

It’s a treasured, peace-loving, and refreshing place in Belgium and an apt photogenic destination o spot roaming and wild boars, foxes, and roe deer.

Nearby Attractions: Rouge Cloitre Park, Parc de Woluwe, Stoclet Housem, Parc Tournay Solvay.

10. Torgny

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With a brief and gentle breeze of air of Provence (a marine region of southeastern France bordering Italy), this extremely pleasant village is time and again quoted as most picturesque in Belgium.

Located on the southernmost tip of Belgium, Torgany finds its place in the Gaume region in the province of Luxemburg, south to Ardennes and surrounded by France on three sides.

The dwellings are in hues of chocolate, shaped with hand-hewn stones and red curved tiles which are reminiscent of the south of France.

The village is wrapped in with beautiful climatic conditions and well suited for grape plantations.

So just chill, relax, and sit back having the pleasure of rolling hills, brown houses and flowers, local restaurants’ culinary art and walks bike rides in the countryside as well as the visitation to Abbey of the Trappist Cistercian monks of Orval.

Nearby Attractions: Cimetiere Saint-Hilaire, Musee Baillet-Latour, Citadelle de Montmedy.

11. Damme

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Damme is stationed on the outskirts of Bruges, the beautiful medieval port city is parked on the banks of the Damse Vaart, a beautiful, tree-lined canal that flows through the city and continues flowing the neighboring Netherlands.

A lot of ‘literary city’, Damme houses monthly book market, and many bookstores and notable residents include the 13th century Flemish poet Jacob van Maerlant whose statue is in the city square.

Via: mikeolbinski.com

Nearby Attractions: Damme Golf & Country Club, B&b Hoeve De Steenoven, , Grand Place, Royal Greenhouses Of Laeken, Sonian Forest, Train World.

12. Bouillon

Via: pixabay.com

Bouillon perch on the banks of Semois River just a few miles from the border within France. The town is famed for its impressive castles located on a cliff bend in the river missing the town. Some castles date back to the 8th century. Beyond the bounds of Château de Bouillon, crossing miles of footpaths, visitors explore the lush vegetation of the Semis Valley.

Via: pinterest.com

Nearby Attractions: Chateau de Bouillon, Abbaye Clairefontaine, Point de vuesur Frahan, Bouillon Wildlife Park, Belvedere Bouillon, Archeoscope, Ducal Museum (Musee Ducal), Eglise des Saints Pierre et Paul.

13. Malmedy

Via: theculturetrip.com

Malmedy lies stone’s throw distance from the Germany border, a lovely town dating back to the early medieval time that has guarded its charm and many historic buildings including the Cathedral of Malmedy, built in the 1770s. A four-day festival, Cwarmê, held during the Carnival and has been hosted in town for centuries, is one of the most famous festivals celebrated in Belgium.

Nearby Attractions: Maastricht Underground, Aachen Cathedral (Dom), Montagne de Bueren, Boekhandel Dominicanen, Castle Ruins & Velvet Cave, Old Town of Durbuy, Coalmine Valkenburg, Museum Romeinse Katakomben.

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