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7 best Glutton-free cities in South America

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Traveling for people with a restricted food allergy or intolerance often accompanies some extra mental stuff. It puts an aching question in your mind that what I’m going to eat? When it comes to gluten, most of the world is either uninterested (because only some demographics are actually affected), or the lack in getting the variety of ingredients that are required.

Fortunately, there is a culinary culture in South America that is receptive to those who don’t like sourdough (pancake).

With staples like rice, corn, yucca, plants, potatoes, and beans, it is possible to fix your starch without much difficulty. Putting each and every aspect right from packaging and labeling Laws, for the convenience of gluten-free restaurants, here is our list of the best gluten-free cities in South America.

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Via: restaurant-donquijote.com

Hot South American steak (a slice of beef) that divides at the nudge of a fork and melts in your mouth is definitely gluten-free. In Buenos Aires, a simple meal of meat and potatoes is mixed, matched, spiced, seasoned, fused and interpreted in many ways, creating delicious and inventive new takes on dishes that are safe and healthy.

The Argentinian cuisine includes some food items that are naturally gluten-free such as fainá, a kind of flatbread made from chickpea flour, provoleta, a barbecued cheese dish, humitas, which are similar to Peruvian tamales, and for dessert, ice-creams.

Ohsawa, a great location which offers gluten-free bread and pastries if you are feeling a little bit heavy. A restaurant, Sintaxis serves complete gluten-free food.

And at last, the Tea Connection is a well-known place for healthy salads, stews, and smoothies. Along with this, if you only eat red meat in a week, then no one is going to judge you.

Famous Gluten-Free Restaurants: Restaurante Puerto Cristal, St. Regis Restaurant, Cabernet, Dario Gualtieri Bistro, Chila, Red Resto & Lounge.

Other Popular Gluten-Free Dishes In Argentina: Celigourmet, Ohsawa, Sintaxis Palermo, Buenos Aires Verde.

2. Lima, Peru

lima peru
Via: amautaspanish.com

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Lima city which is among the best gluten-free cities in South-American has soon been on the path of becoming a hotspot for foodies across the world with Selek also in the list to celebrate.

Although the popular Lomo saltado mostly contains gluten, the excess of fish-based alternatives and recipes with quinoa and corn make Lima a drawing attention landing-place for gluten-free travel.

It has nothing to do with whether you allergic to gluten or not, a little sensitive, a pro-gluten wheat-lover or even that is not sure whether what gluten actually is- ceviche is delicious for everyone.

Beauty lies in simplicity, and when you add fresh fish with lemon flavor, then everyone will enjoy it. Lima is also popular in tamales, carapulcra (pork and potatoes in a peanut sauce), and rocoto relleno (veggie dish of stuffed fiery peppers).

Quinoa will be your most friendly and most abundant starch, so feel free to have it. Extend as much as your eye retina can to meet the classic restaurants, Twins Café GF, Cala, and Amaz.

Famous Gluten-Free Restaurants: Nanka, Maido, Bistro 400, Matria Restaurante, La Locanda, Sushi Cage, Osaka Pardo y Aliaga, Museo Larco Cafe Restaurant,

Other Popular Gluten-Free Dishes: Cebiche, Anticuchos, Nikkei cuisine, Quinua, Sanguche de chicharron, Cuy chactado (deep-fried guinea pig), Causa rellena con Pollo, Picarones.

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Via: alltherooms.com

In the recent time, Brazil has passed a law which mentions all the packaged foods has to say “contén glúten” or “não contén glúten,” which means “Getting gluten-free food in Brazil” and hence is one of the best gluten-free cities.

So, twisting around the paths of supermarkets in Rio is a much easier task for celiacs than it was earlier.

Food choices in Rio are also very favorable for people traveling with gluten sensitivity. Moqueca is a fish stew or mixture that is gluten-free naturally, cooked in coconut milk, palm oil, parsley, garlic, tomato paste, and peppers.

Another African-influenced Brazilian dish is Feijoada served with beans, pork, salad, and rice.

For a snack, Brazil’s most delicious and least sticky or glutinous staple is Pao de queijo – yum little-stuffed cheese balls made from tapioca flour in contrast to wheat flour, so they are naturally gluten-free. While staying in Rio, try Tapioca Crepes for breakfast and cassava or yucca fries as a snack.

Famous Gluten-Free Restaurants: Marius Degustare, Org Bistro, Verde Vicio, Bene, Prana Vegetariano, Teva, Quiteria Restaurante.

Other Popular Gluten-Free Dishes In Brazil: Moqueca, Tapioca or cassava flour, Pão de queijo, Cassava/yuca fries.

4. Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia
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Medellin, not the city is especially known for its expertise in the culinary zone, and it For Colombian people quantity matters the most over quality when you talk of dining out making it one of the best gluten-free cities in South-America.

It is said that gastronomic vices in Medellin are more in the area of responsibility of sugar sweets rather than a plate brimmed with wheat, which can harm a celiac.

Del Dia, a classic menu contains a lump of rice, a little salad, a soup, and a large meat quantity – this is done by the proud college sophomore, who learned to keep three food groups on a plate. Many times, other gluten-free staples like potatoes, plants, beans, and avocados will be there.

Medellin, Colombia
Via: medellinguru.com

Arepa, food item made of ground maize dough is pretty much noticeable in the cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela and Medellin is also a proud owner of arepa- usually, this beautiful eatable is buttery, savory corn-based snack usually topped with cheese and other ingredients.

For the best collection of gluten-free ingredients in the city, go to Salud Pan for gluten-free bread and desserts to quinoa snacks and everything for healthy harmless grains.

Famous Gluten-Free Restaurants: Betty’s Bowls, Pezetarian Medellin, Lezzet Cafe Turco, Mundo Verde, NAU Sushi Lounge Medellin.

5. Quito, Ecuador

Quito Ecuador
Via: theculturetrip.com

Ecuadorian dishes signifies the diversified geography and indigenous traditions. Today, Quito enjoys the style of dancing and drinking in a lively and noisy way in the Andean traditions of yucca, plantains (a banana containing a high level of starch and little sugar) and rice, so it is more than living here.

While living in Quito, local fare generally has more gluten-free options than tourist mesh (like they are a heap on the pizzas and pasta), so be careful of chifa restaurants, or Asian-fusion restaurants as they use soya sauce and are not often knowledgeable of the cross -contamination

From yuca starch, a delicious little cheese bread is made called, Pan de yucca. This dish is safe for all celiacs and super-duper delicious. Make sure you try chifle, a type of dry plantain, and encebollado, which is often considered the national dish of Ecuador with cassava and tons of veggies.

Famous Gluten-Free Restaurants: Sher E Punjab Rincon de la India, Zazu, Miskay Restaurant, De La Llama.

Famous Gluten-Free Dish: Bonitisimas, Chocolate Caliente, Emborrajados, Empanadas De Morocho, Tigrillo.

6. Chile

Via: .snixykitchen.com

Chile is amongst the production of gluten-free cheese. But certainly not all, offers cheese with breakfast. Some do offer eggs, while others have fresh fruits, but few have natural yogurt.

Typically, there are no other options for bread. Cuatro Bocas, Latin Grill, Quinoa are some restaurants you can try for the gluten-free cuisine.

Famous Gluten-Free Restaurants: Latin Grill, Senso, Quinoa, Jewel of India, Holm, El Huerto, Naoki, Rishtedar Providencia.

Famous Gluten-Free Dish: Pastel de choclo, Chorrillana, Empanadas.

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7. Bolivia

Via: gluten-free-around-the-world.com

About lunch and dinner, in Bolivia celiac disease is rarely known, the restaurant card usually produces the right reaction. Ali Pacha, Popular Cocina Boliviana, and Namas Te are some popular restaurants that offer gluten-free food.

Famous Gluten-Free Restaurants: The Carrot Tree, Ali Pacha, Namas Te, Restaurant 1700, Popular Cocina Boliviana, Hay Pan, Gusto.

Famous Gluten-Free Food: Sonso, Api and tojori.

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