Haunted Places16 of the creepiest and abandoned theme parks not to explore

16 of the creepiest and abandoned theme parks not to explore


There’s nothing scarier than the abandoned theme parks, and these 6 creepiest places are set to give you nightmares. From a deserted theme park on the edge of a notorious suicide forest to a cursed amusement park built on top of an ancient burial ground, have a look at these scariest theme parks.

1. Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio


Once a glorious family theme park opened back in the 1840s was owned by the Continental business enterprises before closing in 1978 after operating for a hundred years.

Now, fenced off with a “No trespassing” sign on the gate, it’s considered a hidden treasure in Medina County.

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2. Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Florida


Built-in 1993 in Panama City Beach, this popular theme park was right across the street from the beach. The main attraction when the park is opened was the Starliner Roller Coaster.

As its popularity grew, more and more rides and attractions were added through the late 60s until the 80s. Despite its popularity, it was closed at the end of the 2003 season. Also, many rides were sold or simply disappeared, but others remained and are slowly decaying.

3. The American Adventure, Derbyshire


It was originally called “Britannia Park” when it first opened in 1985. However, within 10 weeks of its opening, it was shut down.

The park was originally reopened in June 1987 with a new theme. Hoping the wild west theme would bring in more visitors the park tried to go on.

In 1996 a new owner once again took over the park and by 2006 only a single ride was in operation and the park was virtually deserted.

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4. Dogpatch, USA


When it opened in 1968, the hopes for this park were quite high. It became so popular that the owners decided to invest in a second park, hoping it would reach the same level of success.

But, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as planned and the park was forced to close in 1993 due to financial issues.

5. Wonderland Amusement Park


When this park was built, there were aspirations that it would someday rival ‘Disney World’. However, located in the outskirts of Beijing wonderland was never completed. A contract dispute in the mid-90s left it abandoned and half-finish.

Instead of looking for new contractors, the owner of the park decided to leave it standing. Now the castle becomes the home for the homeless.

6. Camelot, the UK


Camelot Group was being awarded the National Lottery franchise in May 1994. This park, based on the thrilling tales of King Arthur and his knights of the round table was originally opened in 1983.

Soaring dragon rides, performances, and true to tale props weren’t enough to keep this park open for more than a few decades. 

Due to financial issues and low visitor rates, the park closed down 30 years later. Any salvageable, saved or the repaired rides were taken to other parks throughout the UK to make up for the loss.

7. Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan

In 1997, the park opened its gates to the public, but it was barely open for four years. Just imagine an amusement park without any major rides; of course, people were not going. Another cause for its concluding demise was that the theme park was built next to a so-called “Suicide Forest“, which was the place with the highest number of suicides in the country.

Apart from this, the park was close to the not so famous Kamikushiki village, which was known for the location of the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult’s headquarters and the place with nerve gas production facility.

8. Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

One of the worst creativity in the history of ideas was to create this amusement park above the native American burial ground. In 1783, a band of Shawnee Indians ferociously murdered a family of white settlers on the property, causing them to burn one of their children at the stake. In the 1920s, the land, which was originally a Native American burial ground, was bought and turned into a theme park.

9. Six Flags New Orleans

This abandoned park is the sufferer of very terrible timing. Six Flags was open for just five years, it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina; thus never opened again. It is now sitting alone on the outskirts of New Orleans, only seen by the courageous adventurer who is ready to scale the fence and want to risk an offensive charge.

10. Amusement Park of Budapest

After many years of finishing financial difficulties, the biggest theme park in Hungary, Budapest’s Amusement Park, finally closed on 30 September 2013.

11. Pripyat, Ukraine Park

What was the reason for the collapse of this barren amusement park? Surprisingly,  just a nuclear meltdown! Seriously?

12. Spreepark

After the Berlin Wall fell, one of the most beloved entertainment parks of East Germany witnessed the attendance of its visitors falling. By 1999, this deteriorated Park had officially closed down and was fighting off purchasers, but offered tourism occasionally to the park to see its dinosaurs.

13. Dadipark, Belgium

 Country’s first private amusement park, the Belgian theme park was built in the 1950s, began as a refuge for the church children. As per Atlas Obscura, after a boy lost his arm two years ago, it was shut down in 2002 for renewal. The park never opened again. Now the creepy structures are rusting there and enwrapped with graffiti.

14. Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine

After the worst nuclear disaster in history, Chernobyl the theme park was opened; it was just miles away, and it never opened its doors. After thirty-one years, the level of radiation is still high in some parts – radioactive particles penetrated into the soil – even though many courageous people come to see at least the famous Ferris wheel of the park. Park is also included in almost all tourist tours, it is also listed in the abandoned city of Pripyat.

16. Happy World, Myanmar

There is now a new “Happy World” park in the city which is still open. Old and abandoned parks are being ruined by plants and trees, gradually swallowing Regal red rollercoaster, Viking pendulum ship; it’s a display of dead attractions. Due to the closure of the park almost four years ago, plenty of people lost their jobs and they still live in this abandoned theme park in Yangon, spread over 10 acres.

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So, after seeing this, remember to keep yourself away from these abandoned theme parks in your list of destinations!

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