International5 Most Incredible Tourist Attractions in Auckland

5 Most Incredible Tourist Attractions in Auckland


The Capital of New Zealand and also referred to as the city of sails, Auckland is one of the most stunning destinations in the country. The city is bordered by both the Tasman Sea and Pacific ocean and has plenty of fine breathtaking beaches, picturesque locations, islands, and many more. 

The city is widely popular as the city of sails due to the huge number of active yachts and boats in the waters. Other than this, some other tourist attractions in Auckland also include museums, monuments, and places with a range of outdoor activities. 

In case you are confused and having a hard time deciding which place to visit in the Kiwi capital, then check out the top 5 tourist attractions in Auckland which may help you a bit.      

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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Auckland

  1. Waiheke Island 

Waiheke Island
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The most popular tourist attraction in Auckland and also one of the most populous islands in the country, the Waiheke Island is a place worth visiting if you love hiking or just want to spend some time on a white sandy beach. The hiking trail will take you around 3 hours to complete while enjoying stunning scenic views.

The island also has plenty of accommodation facilities which means you can stay there for more than a day. Some of the best accommodation options are cottages situated at the beachside or some rental apartments or hotels. 

How To Reach: Situated in Hauraki Gulf, 50 km away from Auckland downtown, you can reach this island via ferry within 40 minutes or 1 hour that departs from Auckland Harbour.

Another option is, grabbing a ferry from SeaLink NZ which operates 3 times a day and around 1 to 20 minutes to reach the Island.   

2. Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Island

Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Island
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The lush green island in Auckland, Hauraki Gulf is an ideal place for the nature lover with numerous activities to do such as hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, camping, and kayaking. While you are planning to go for a hike, don’t forget to visit Rangitoto Island which houses the largest forest of pohutukawa trees. 

Not only this, there is a wild sanctuary situated within the park which inhabitants some of the most endangered birds of New Zealand like blue penguins, takahe, brown teal, and kiwi. You can also enjoy several watersports activities on this island including sailing, fishing, boating, and many more.

How To Reach: Hauraki Gulf Island is easily accessible via ferry from the mainland of Auckland. Make sure you book your ferry online in advance. 

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3. Sky Tower

Sky Tower in Auckland
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The Sky Tower is one of the most notable tourist attractions in Auckland which is around 328 m tall. If you are looking for a place in Auckland for the best panoramic views of the city, then this is the place for you. The tower can be visible from almost all parts of the city up to 80 km. 

There are plenty of adventurous things to do at Sky Tower such SkyJump and SkyJump, which are quite popular among tourists. Apart from this, the tower also houses several bars and restaurants some of which are Sugar club, orbit 360, Sky cafe, and others. 

Entry Fee: 

  • Adult: 32 NZ
  • Children(6 to 14 years): 13 NZD 
  • Senior Citizen: 23 NZD
  • Family of 2 adults and 2 children: 75 NZD

SkyWalk and SkyJump Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

How To Reach: Situated at Victoria St W, the Sky Tower is 45 minutes away from the Auckland International Airport. You can easily reach here via bus or via train which stops at Auckland’s CBD station. 

4. Auckland Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge
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Aukland Harbour Bridge is not just an ordinary bridge but it also offers a variety of fun activities to do and explore. The bridge is 43 meters tall and also offers bungee jumping. If you don’t like bungee jumping then enjoy the beautiful sea views along with some stunning views of white sandy beaches.  

Apart from bungee jumping, you can also engage in activities like climbing up the Auckland bridge or learning more about the history of the bridge. A huge amount of tourists come here for bungee jumping and most o them preferred to jump from the heighest spot.


  • Adult: 90 NZD to 130 NZD
  • Child: 90 NZD

How To Reach:

Just a few walking distances away from downtown from where you can take a public which will drop you at Queens St. & Alma, and Queens St. & Duke. Both bus stations are just 4 min walking distance away from Harbour. 

5. War Memorial Museum of Auckland

War Memorial Museum
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Buil in 1929, the War Memorial Museum of Auckland is dedicated to those New Zealand soldiers who fought during World War I. The museum has a collection of artifacts dating back to the era of Polynesian settlers. The major attraction in this museum is the Maori galleries which artistry from the 12th and the 14th centuries. 

The first floor of the museum is equipped with a collection of natural history, and also a sculpture of New Zealand’s popular bird moa which is now extinct. The top floor contains a collection dedicated to the war memorials that showcase New Zealand’s history.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Entry Fee: 

  • Adult: 25 NZD
  • Child: 10 NZD

How To Reach: You can easily reach here via private or public transport from any part of the city. It will take just 10 minutes to reach the museum by car. Another option is, taking a Link bus or the explorer bus which will hardly take minutes to reach.

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