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5 Must-Visit Attractions And Things To Do In Munich  

One of the largest cities in Germany, the gorgeous city of Munich is the capital of Bavaria State of Germany. Being a fun-loving and welcoming city, there are plenty of tourist attractions and things to do in Munich. The most popular places you can visit are churches, palaces, museums, and many more. 

What attracts the tourists most about Munich is its rich lifestyle and a wide range of seasonal festivals. While in Munich, get involved with the locals during the festivals or visit some unique marketplaces or try the local cuisine for an unforgettable experience.

While you are planning to explore this magnificent city of Germany, we have picked the 5 best tourist attractions and things to do in Munich to make it the most memorable trip of your lifetime. 

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Top 5 Things To Do In Munich

1. Visit The Olympic Park

Olympic Park
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The Park where the Summer Olympics of 1972 was organized, The Olympic Park of Munich spread up to an area of 2.7 square meters. The park once served as the Training ground for the army of the Bavarian Kingdom. The Park is one of the top tourist attractions with a range of things to do in Munich. 

Nowadays, it hosts various cultural activities, concerts, and also the summer festival of Tollywood. Since the 1972 Olympics, several sports and family activities have been included some of which are ziplining, stadium roof as well as a behind the scene tour. Also, don’t miss climbing the Olympic tower that offers spectacular aerial views of Munich.

Opening Hours: 

  • Daily: 8:30 AM to 6 PM
  • Summer: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM  

Entry Fee:

  • Roof Climb: 43 EUR
  • Olympic Tower: 7 EUR

How To Reach: There are four options to reach here i.e via train, tram, bus or taxi. These are local transports available to get to Olympic Park along with the destination.

  • U-Bahn Subway U3 or U8: Olympaizentrum
  • Tram 20 and 31: Olympiapark West
  • Bus 133: Olympiasee and Olympiaberg 
  • Bus 173: Olympaizentrum, Petuelring and Olympia-Eissportzentrum
  • Bus 177 and 178: Petuelring

2. The BMW Showroom 

BMW Museum
via – kongres-magazine

If you are a car lover and planning a tour of Germany, then visiting the BMW museum is one of the best things to do in Munich. As we all know Germans produce the best cars in the world and being a car lover, this museum is a must-visit. The museum displays almost all of the models the company has produced till now. 

Situated just near the BMW headquarters, the BMW museum is housed in the building of Olympic Park. Here you can explore both vintages as well as the future car which the company is working on. You will be able to learn about the latest technology being used in current BMW cars. 

Opening Hours:

  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Entry Fee:

  • Adult: 10 EUR
  • Children: 18 EUR
  • Olympiatum ticket holder: 7 EUR

How To Reach: There are four options to reach here i.e via train, tram, bus or taxi. Below is the duration from each transport option.

  • Train: 27 minutes
  • Tram line 17 or Tram line 27: 39 minutes
  • Bus line 144: 49 minutes 

Taxi 7 minutes

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3. Shop At The Traditional Holiday Market “Christkindlmarket”

Traditional Christmas Market
via – unsplash

The famous holiday market of Munich and also the most authentic traditional market in Europe, Christkindlmarket or Christmas Market is the place that you should visit at least once. Among the Christmas Markets of Munich, the Market at Marienplatz is the oldest one that has existed since the 14thth century.

The Marienplatz market is always filled with a huge crowd where you will hear Christmas music at all times. As you move forward, you will enter the Rindermarkt which offers artworks and figures which look more like kindergarten. Also, don’t forget to explore the Christmas village situated in the courtyard of Residenz Palace.     

Opening Hours: Open in November 

Major highlights: 

  • The Oldest Market “Marienplatz”
  • Residenz Palace
  • Rindermarkt for children 

How To Reach: You can easily reach here via bus, bike, or via private car.

4. Take A Walk Or Ride At Englischer Garten or English Garden

English Garten of Munich
via – wanderersandwarriors

The Englischer Garten of Munich is not only the largest park in the country but also one of the largest parks in Europe. The park features trees that are naturally arranged along with an artificial lake offering winding streams up to 9 km. Initially built as the military garden in 1785, the garden is a major tourist attraction for its 78 km-long pathways.

The garden is also an ideal place for sightseeing where you can either relax or take a boat ride in a 48.5-mile-long wooden path. The major highlight of this garden is the Beer garden which is basically an 82 feet tall Chinese Tower. It has a capacity of up to 7,000 people at once.

Opening Hours: 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Major highlights:

  • Japanese Tea House 
  • Greek Temple
  • Sunbathing lawn

How To Reach: Accessible from Marienplatz Station. Take a Bus to ChinesischerTurm or Tram to Tivoli Strasse in order to reach here.

5. Visit The Largest Museum of Technology in World “Deutsches Museum”  

Deutsches Museum
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The Deutsches Museum houses a huge collection of over 28,000 artifacts and objects belonging to around 50 fields. It is separated into 4 different locations within the city of Munich. The Museum of science and technology is situated on an island near the Isar River. In order to explore the museum as a whole, A total of 8 days will be required. 

The exhibition of Deutsches Museum included object-related aerospace engineering and mining. Though the museum is quite big and you might have some difficulties regarding where to start. In such a case, download an English language app for this museum to be able to navigate and learn more about the certain features of this museum. 

Opening Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

Entry Fee: 

  • Adult: 14 EUR
  • Children(6 to 17 years): 4.5 EUR
  • Senior Citizen or Disabled: EUR
  • Transport Building and Aeronautical Hall: 21 EUR

How To Reach: 15 minutes away from Marienplatz from where you can take bus line 132. The bus will drop you at the Boschbrucke Stop.

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