Historical places6 Most Strangest Monuments Around The World

6 Most Strangest Monuments Around The World


From unique towers and architecture; to breathtaking statues and pillars; These are the 6 STRANGEST Monuments Around The World

1. Balkan Mountains Region | Bulgari

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While driving through winding mountain roads in the Balkan Mountains, you will stumble across some unique sights. The countryside is littered with giant brutalist architecture monuments, instead of just focusing on one, they prefer take a little trip.

First, we stumble across the well known House of the Bulgarian Communist… or is it socialist? Party. Abandoned, destroyed, and used as a backdrop in movies, this saucer-shaped building has become a staple of brutalist architecture, and probably the most famous structure of Bulgaria.

A little way down the road, we can explore the Shipka Monument, a grand reminder of the lives lost in the Liberation of Bulgaria, specifically, the Battle of Shipka Pass. I’m really digging the lion above the entrance.

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If we keep going West, we will reach the Arc of Liberty, which is dedicated to the “Bulgarian-Russian brotherhood of arms”, celebrating the victory of the Russo-Turkish War, that eventually leads to the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.

If we travel east, we can arrive at the Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria, this location is massive, and can be seen from 18 miles (30km) away!  I have covered both this monument and the House of Bulgarian Communist Party in previous videos more extensively, so be sure to watch them if you love this stuff!

2. Leshan Buddha | China

Credit:2 Leshan Buddha | China

This giant Buddha statue is 233ft(71m) tall, and it was carved out of rock between the years 713 and 803. Surprisingly, it has survived for over 1000 years, quite the accomplishment considering how many Buddha statues have been destroyed.

Perhaps the reason nature hasn’t taken this area back is the still working drainage system, it still provides a safe way for rainwater to avoid the statue.

What would compel people to carve such a massive statue? Hai Tong, a Chinese monk believed that the giant Buddha would calm the turbulent river below.

The number one threat to this statue is the rampant pollution in the area, only time will tell if humans will be responsible for the building, and destruction of this giant Buddha.

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3. Molinere Structure Park | Grenada


Near the west coast of Grenada, you can find yourself surrounded by ecological contemporary art, the best part? It’s all underwater! So hold your breath and let’s see what we can find!

The park has been growing since 2006, with most installations happening in 2007.

The most famous of them being the Vicissitudes, the ring of 26 children holding hands symbolizes the cycle of life.

Perhaps, the best part about this location is that it will always change due to the wildlife surrounding it.

4. Hand of the Desert | Chile


Another favorite of mine, traveling around the Atacama Desert in Chile you can see some incredible places, structures, and natural phenomena. The Hand of the Desert is pretty high on the list, you’ll also like the sister statue located on the beach.

The hand has survived the desert since 1992, and apart from some graffiti, it looks like it’s here for the long haul. It is supposed to represent human helplessness and vulnerability.

What do you think? When you look at this statue, what are the emotions it evokes?

5. Azadi Tower | Iran


This 148 foot (45 meters) tall tower is completely covered in marble, and it was built to celebrate 2500th year of the foundation of the Imperial State of Iran.

It has a few nicknames, like the Imperial Gate, or the Gate of Cyrus, and looking at it from above, it just looks very cool.

Also, there is an observation level at the top of the tower, doesn’t look like it’s in the best of shape, but the views are pretty nice.

Oh yeah, one more thing, underneath the tower you will find yourself walking through the Azadi Museum.

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6. Floralis Generica | Argentina


Floralis Generica is a machine sculpture located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At night, the petals close and every morning they open up, welcoming the sun.

It is supposed to represent all the flowers in the world, also a kind of strange to have a statue made out of metal to represent something natural, but in the big scope of things, it’s not so bad.

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