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Top 10 Most Visited Countries In The World

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What makes some countries so attractive to visit millions from outsiders every year? Human-made and natural attractions, economics all play a vital role.  Today we have ready a list containing the top 10 most visited countries in the world and what makes them so attractive for tourists.

1. Malaysia- 26.6 Million

Credit:Malaysia Security Magazine

From the urban energy of Kuala Lumpur to pristine natural rainforests and beaches. Malaysia offers unique experiences and travelers are catching on.

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2. Thailand- 32.6 million visitors

Credit:Nomadic Matt

With its sunny, sandy beaches, tropical islands, rich wildlife, archaeological sites, temples, and monasteries. Thailand is a global tourist hot spot. Nightlife world class shopping facilities and delectable Thai Cuisine, are all major tourist attractions in the country.

3. Mexico- 35 million visitors


Mexico is a large country Found in North America, is well-known for its pristine and world-class resorts.  In recent decades, the Tourism Industry in the country experienced a whirlwind of substantial growth.

4. Germany- 35.6 million visitors

Credit:Travel Channel

Germany receives a higher number of tourists from all across the world. The Saxon Switzerland national park also attracts millions of tourists every year.

5. United Kingdom- 35.8 million visitors

Credit:united kingdom

A long and interesting history as well as rich culture and well-developed tourism facilities and infrastructure. UK can generate an income of around $17.2 billion USD for the country. London is the most visited country in the UK and the tower of London is the most popular attraction in the entire country.

6. Italy- 52.4 million visitors


For many, Italy is one of the dreams and top travel destinations of their life. With 50 UNESCO world heritage site innumerable cultural artifacts from the Roman Empire, Italy is justifiably the 5th most visited country in the world.

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7. China- 59.3 million visitors


The land of the great wall of China the five sacred mountains, the Shaolin temple, the three gorges, the forbidden city, China is indeed the most coveted destination in the world.

8. Spain-75.6 million visitors


Tourism is a major industry in Spain which occupies nearly 11% of the national GDP of the country. Between historical cities and the town of the country like Madrid and Barcelona, you’ll find world-class resorts in the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast of the country.

The popular festivals like the carnival and the running of the bulls, 15 national parks and a bustling nightlife Spain is a hotspot of tourist attractions.

9. United States-75.6 million visitors


The united state is vast country serving a large number of attractions to global travelers. Many of the U.S cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles is always thriving with tourists all year round.

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10. France- 82.6 million visitors


France leads the world in the field of Tourism. France host a variety of places of tourist interest cities like Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg, ski resorts, the alpine mountains spectacular parks and garden. It’s one of the best travel destinations in the world.

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