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6 one of the most iconic spots in India to express the beauty of night

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India is one of the best places around the world to travel. India is a very beautiful and a cultural country. You may have to know about the seven wonders of India, stunning places of India, and so many other attractive tourist spots of India.

But today we bring you something different.  Today we are going to show you the Night beauty of India. When sun set and at that time we bring you the pictures that are captured by the skilled photographers.

Look how these popular places look at the dim light of night:

Marine drive, Mumbai:

Via: travel.com

How Mumbai viewed at night, in Mumbai Marine drive is the most important part and also a must visit spot that you required to take a photograph at night. See how Marine Drive looks in a Moonlight.

Golden Temple, Punjab:

Golden Temple, Punjab
Via: picdn.net

The beauty of Punjab at night cannot be described in words. This country holds the largest Sikh community and also have some popular worships sites like Gold temple, and Durgiana temple. The temple is made of Marble and gold.

Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat:

Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
Via: onacheaptrip.com

Maybe this place is not so popular for tourists around the world but its beauty might force you to visit here once in a lifetime. If you don’t know what to do in rann of kutch then visit here in the winter season and go at night then you will see the real beauty of Rann of Kutch at full moonlight.

Albert Hall Museum:

Albert hall Museum
Via: holidify.com

It is one of the oldest Museum in Rajasthan.  The Museum contains a huge collection of Crystal,  ivory, paintings, as well as carpets that look eye-gazing at night.

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The Mysore palace:

The Mysore palace
Via: keralatour.co

The Mysore palace is a combination of Gothic, Hindu, and Muslim style. The stone and marble structure attracts around 7 million visitors per year and has become the most visited location in India.

The Charminar, Telangana:

The Charminar, Telangana

This charminar is made by the Sultan Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah decades ago in the 15th century. And it becomes the iconic monuments in India. At night times it looks too mesmerizing and attracts visitors in millions per year.

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