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The Game Of Thrones Shooting Locations!

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With the outstanding end of Game Of Thrones season 7, we thought to revise your memories.

Below are some places images of real-life shooting locations of GOT. Yes, these sites are real and as magical as it is shown on the screen.

Bardenas Reales:

Bardenas Reales
Via: blogspot.com

One must never imagine that the badlands of clay, sandstone, and chalk would become too popular and most favorite of so many viewers!

This location is situated near  Town of Tudela where in GOT Khaleesi meets another Dothraki tribe. This is shot in the sixth season of Game of Thrones. This really becomes the stunning real-life locations for the viewers of GOT.

Via: metropoli.elmundo.es

Osuna, Seville:

Osuna, Seville
Via: knightstemplarinternational.com

The most expensive scene of GOT in the entire series is shooted here.  At this spot, Daenerys and Tyrion meet. Apart from this, you can also enjoy GOT themes Restaurant in Osuna.

Osuna, Seville
Via: pinimg.com

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Essaouira, Marrakech:

Essaouira, Marrakech
Via: livescience.com

This city red walls make it hard to believe location,  this is also one of the breathtaking locations of GOT. Because here Daenerys buys the army force of the world famous unsullied soldiers.


Via: Traveller.com.au

In Game of Thrones, it is the love cave of Ygritte and Jon Snow. No doubt lovebirds were getting hot in this love cave.  If you also want to get as hot as them then must visit this sizzling place.

Via: icelandreview.com


Via :esa.int

Wow, to this snowy place lies between glaciers you can dress like GOt and can take so many snaps. This real-life location of GOT is the most favorite filmed location for GOT fans.

Via: pinimg.com

Old Town, Dubrovnik:

Old Town, Dubrovnik
Via: dubrovnikcroatia.info

This location is the location where the most hated character of the Game Of Thrones suffered humiliation. You can also visit there and visit the church to see real life GOT shooting locations.

Old Town, Dubrovnik
Via :boredpanda.com

Minceta Tower:

Minceta Tower
Via: kingslandingdubrovnik.com

Every fan of GOt must know how here tiny dragon and his siblings roast the undead who tried to trap Daenerys and her team of dragons.

Minceta Tower
Via: staticflickr.com

It is said for next season of Got we have to wait for another year.  Till then if you have the time or take out some time to visit these GOT real-life locations to feel true fun and adventure.

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