Portland is extremely famous for its food courts, lighthouses, lively harbors, and numerous attractions. Amazing things to do in Portland includes visiting children’s museum, Victoria mansion, international cryptozoology museum, Merrill audio auditorium as well as Maine narrow gauge railway are the main attractions of Portland that should not miss by you.

Let’s explore these top attractions so it helps you choose the right place for your vacation to Portland.

Commercial street

Commercial street
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The commercial road keeps running at the edge of the Portland city with water. It shows the best most eateries, bars, bistros, and boutiques. The business road gives an entire welcome to the Portland sightseers.

Portland Observatory

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It stands and symbolizes the maritime heritage of Portland. It provides communication between the ships and the shores through flag signals.

Museum of Art

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This is one of the oldest and most popular museums encompass around 17000 fine art pieces as well as decorative items. Some of the items kept in that museum from the 18th century. The complete museum is divided into a gigantic triplet structure.

Foodie tours

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It comprises of so many fresh veggies, organic items, and fruits. The artisans and chef of the place contain imaginative approach to cooking delicious foods.  Their chefs are passionate about cooking and offer you with mind-blowing and heart winning desserts and dishes. Their old port is the most visited place for attaining an idea of Portugal; culinary.

Five fifty-five

Five fifty five Portland
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It is a permanent attraction that invites and attracts tourists for an incredible lunch. The place has a reminiscent design attracts everyone.  It has a fabulous table arrangement, a kitchen, and a balcony. It’s one of the amazing things to do in Portland.

Children’s Museum

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It is about intelligent learning for the youngsters. The indications of the exhibition hall induce the youngsters to build up their creative energy and innovative skylines. At Coco’s Diner, kids can plan shakes and sustenance of their decisions. The exhibition hall essentially empowers true learning and improvement of aptitudes in the understudies.

David`s opus ten

David`s opus ten
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The private eatery situated at David’s landmark has some expertise in wine pairings and tasty menus. The contemporary yet brilliant and easy going atmosphere of the place is the best place in Portland for spending night times.

David`s creation ten has a ton of refined fluids that are completely pleasing when consolidated with the supper.

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