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Amazing crystal clear waters of Mljet, Croatia


An unspoiled oasis of tranquility, Mljet is a spectacular island in the Adriatic a short boat ride from Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Covered in dense vegetation, Mljet is one of the most charming places amongst the Adriatic islands. Miljet is famous for its white and red wine, for its delicious olives and goat’s cheese. The island is popular for its two salted lakes – Veliko and Malo Jezero.

Miljet is the first larger island was discovered while sailing the Croatian Adriatic from south to north. It exists as Croatia’s greenest island with its Mediterranean greenery, clear, and clean sea, pleasant sandy shoreline, and a spectacular underwater marine life. The island is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful of the Croatian islands too.

The North Western part of Mljet island is also one of Croatian National Parks, and is, hence, one of the favorite travel destinations for backpackers to this part of Croatia.

Get amazed, seeing probably one of most crystal clear waters in Croatia

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Mljet is known for its lush national park the park boasts a pair of saltwater lakes. ST. Mary’s island occupies Veliko Jezero, or “Big Lake” and is home to a 12th-century monastery. A popular attraction for its meditative beauty, of course, the park offers much more.

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Mljet National Park is the oldest Mediterranean marine protected area. The park is a pure treasure of the Adriatic sea with crystal clear waters and beautiful nature.

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There’s swimming and sunbathing or cycling around the idyllic forest. Rent a Kayak and take in the scenery or simply hike among the park’s 5400 hectares. It’s an untouched refuge among the pines. It’s one of the best things to do in Croatia.