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17 best things to do at Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico may go hand-in-hand with rest, relaxation, and sunburns accidentally received during too much rest and relaxation, but an adventure seeker will tell you more of best things to do in Puerto Rico beyond the beach.

Here we rounded up 10 great activities to do in Puerto Rico

  1. Go for a climb in El Yunque National Forest stop – This is the main subtropical rainforest in the US (other than Hawaii) and is loaded with so much bio assorted variety. Ensure you recognize the Ylang-Ylang tree to notice the delightful blooms utilized as a part of a portion of the best scents.

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  2. Have lunch in La Placita at Chef Jose Enrique’s eatery. Jose Enrique is an honor winning cook who utilizes his lord culinary aptitudes to advance conventional Puerto Rican dishes.

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3-. Shop in El Mercado in La Placita – Be certain to make a trip and converse with Hector Ruiz Housler, who offers herbs and mixtures used to treat a wide range of illnesses.

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4. Have a cafecito at Café Cuatro Sombras – Located in Old San Juan and has the wealthiest, most bona fide Puerto Rican espresso nearby.

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5. Visit Casa Cortés – Indulge yourself in fine chocolate and compelling artwork here. Attempt their chocolate and cheddar bite and test one of their heavenly chocolate drinks.

6. Go to Piñones for bona fide Puerto Rican road nourishment – Try the crisp shellfish, mollusks and the majority of the flavorful cuisines offered here. Make certain to go by the social focus to take in the historical backdrop of this vital Puerto Rican neighborhood.

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7. Spend an evening in the Botanical Gardens – Take a visit and notice the cinnamon and narrows rum trees and in case you’re fortunate, you might conceivably detect a coqui.

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Puerto Rico botanical garden
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8. Stay on Condado Beach. It’s a snappy drive from the airplane terminal, has stunning perspectives, and has astounding administration.

Condado Beach
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9. Have a Bioluminescence encounter – Puerto Rico has three Bioluminescent straights which contain a large number of smaller scale life forms, called “dinoflagellates”, that shine fluorescent oblivious when unsettled.

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10. Explore the shorelines. Puerto Rico is honored with excellent shorelines around the whole island. With warm Caribbean water and cheerful vacationers unwinding with their great vibes, a visit to the shoreline is a must. Some of the best bays are Condado, Luquillo, Dorado, and Bahia Beach.

bahia beach
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11. Flamenco Beach: Flamenco beach is home to a perfect travel destination for families, snorkelers, and those in search for a tranquil spot that is enhanced with beauty from every possible angle. Located on the island of Culebra, which is 20 miles east of Puerto Rico. A 1½-mile strip of sand of Flamenco Beach is the most popular on Culebra and is sometimes tagged as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Puerto Rico by experts and travelers. You can do camping here.

12. El Morro: El Morro is the most important scene to explore within the old San Juan. It is a huge, stone fort, which dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. This is the most historically important building in Puerto Rico and it is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

13. Camuy River Cave Park: Camuy River Cave Park exhibits one of the world’s largest subterranean cave networks to its viewers. This vast underground cave extends very far beyond the island’s surface, and it is possible to visit the place via guided tours.

14. Vieques Island: Settled a few miles from the east coast, Vieques is Puerto Rico’s second largest island. This is an awesome place and is the perfect travel destination for people in search of a calm break. Here, things are very less developed, and scenes and beaches are picturesque. There are lots of untouched extensions of white sand to explore, in addition to discovering a large, protected wildlife area as well.

15. Bacardi Rum: Puerto Rico’s trip is just incomplete without the visit to the local Bacardi Rum factory, which produces thousands of bottles of internationally famous spirit for export worldwide every day.

16. Mosquito Bay: Mosquito Bay is one of the most serene beaches on Vieques Island, but at the same time it’s spectacular, also famous for rare Bioluminescence, which has its presence here. This `weird, strange, and shiny natural phenomenon is caused by an organism present in the water, and at night the entire waterfront can glow up in a bright blue shadow. It is a lovely and unforgettable experience that is found in some other places around the world.

17. Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy: Located approximately 70 miles south-west of San Juan, near the Arecibo area, Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy’s visiting hours are from Wednesdays through Sundays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Caves travel cost $18 for adults and $13 for children aged 4 to 12.

There are some tricks to make the most of your trip. A: The cave often closes in the rainy days, so check the weather before planning your tour. Two: Tourism is offered in English and Spanish, but the demand for an English tour guide is much higher and it normally involves a long wait. If you understand Spanish, then instead choose that language for your tour.

Where to Stay in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has pocket-friendly friendly accommodation for almost any budget level or any style of travel; the place features from the real budget, backpackers to lavish resorts. Most of the accommodations can be found in San Juan, usually in the regions having views of the beach, providing easy access to Old San Juan, the beach, and transfer to other parts of the island.

Although Puerto Rico is a large place and there are so many options around this area, and if you prefer to have a calm stay, then San Juan is the place waiting for you!

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