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Traveling On A Low Budget? 9 Amazing Free Things To Do In Budapest

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Traveling with a tight budget becomes tricky, but you better find ways than quite a travel plan. We’ve listed down the best free things to do in Budapest that will save you money yet offer worthwhile experiences.

Among all incredible explorations in Europe, Budapest remains equally popular and enjoyable as Paris, Rome, or London. There isn’t just one thing that makes this European city a favorite among travelers, but there are uncountable elements. European travel destinations have been absolutely cherishable and Budapest is undeniably an important part of it.

Best Free Things To Do In Budapest

1. Local Walking Tours

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Get through major local attractions in Budapest with free local walking tours. One of the most popular Budapest walking tours is said to run twice a day, offering a great introduction to the charming city. It covers major attractions including Buda Castle, Buda Castle, the Royal Palace and Chain Bridge along with various others.

This is a generally a three-hour tour that gives visitors a perfect insight into Hungarian culture and traditions along with tips to know the place better. These tours follow the concept of “pay what its worth to you”.

2. Museums In Budapest 

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On Hungarian National Holidays, many of the topmost museums in Budapest are open to the public for free. If your travel plan coincides with these dates you can save the money on tickets. Consider exploring the Hungarian National Gallery, the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, the Hungarian National Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts. It would be a worthwhile activity for art lovers.

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3. St. Stephen’s Basilica 

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This is a neoclassical cathedral in Budapest dedicated to the first Hungarian King. It took more than half a century to construct this mammoth cathedral. The entry here is free. However, you will be charged for accessing the dome that offers the most amazing views of the city. Although not compulsory, making donations on the entry is customary.

4. Street Art Scenes

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Stroll through the streets, admiring the alfresco artwork around the city. Do not miss ‘Shoes on the Danube’. It’s a moving tribute to Hungarian victims of World War II who were shot into the river. On the riverbank near Kossuth Square, this sculpture has 60 pairs of cast-iron shoes.

As you head over further towards the Jewish Quarters, you will be welcomed by colorful street art and murals by well-known artists. Next, consider visiting the only legal graffiti wall in Budapest, Filatorigat. It’s ornate with the works of young creators.

5. Gaze At The Stunning City Skyline

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This could be one of the best free things to do in Budapest. Head over to Janos-Hegy for the most stunning views of the city. It is the tallest hill in Budapest heightened up to 527 meters. The Elizabeth Lookout Tower allows free entry here. Situated at the top of the hill it lets you cherish the breathtaking, panoramic views surrounding you.

You will have to climb up 134 steps to reach the top. Well, that could be more breathtaking! It is believed that on a clear day, you can even view the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia from here. Named after the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I, this tower was known to be built in the 1900s.

6. Ancient Buildings In The City

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On the 100th day of every year, 100 years old buildings are opened to the public. You can use this event Budapest100 to explore buildings that generally don’t allow explorations for the general public.

However, There more than 50 buildings including museums, schools, residential houses that can be explored through guided tours in Hungarian and English. Book your tickets in advance.

7. Medieval Ruins Amid Danube

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Reach to the middle of Danube, at the Margaret Island and stroll peacefully around the lush parkland. It is a car-free island between Margit Bridge and Arpad Bridge. It used to be a royal hunting reserve. Here you will come across several medieval ruins, a Japanese garden, a thermal spa, and a beautiful musical fountain.

8. Music Festival, Downtown, Budapest

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The annual Belvarosi Festival in Budapest is a perfect place to enjoy live music. It is held in the 5th district and extends up to 3 days. There are jazz, rock, folk, and pop concerts on the different stages settled between the Hungarian Parliament and The Basilica.

Moreover, this is a family-friendly event generally conducted in May or at the beginning of June. Apart from music, there are dance performances, film screenings, and numerous other activities for kids.

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9. Taste Hungarian Food At Central Market

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The Central Market Hall is a massive, neo-gothic, three-storied building aligned with numerous stalls selling the most delicious and classic Hungarian dishes. You cannot miss these treats. Make sure you feast on some of the best ones.

While you may be traveling with a low budget, these free things to do in Budapest offer you worthwhile experiences.

Keep Traveling!

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