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9 Amazing Phuket Day Trips For Great Experiences

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Phuket contributes to most of the pleasure you are going to experience in Thailand. While you are here you should make the most out of its offerings to you as one of the favorite travel destinations. This place in Southern Thailand has a lot of natural explorations because of which, being here is worthwhile.

You are likely to come across placid mangroves, rainforests, and amazing underwater landscapes along with white-sand beaches. Considering a few rewarding day trips from Phuket will bring you plenty of memorable experiences.

Since you want each of your explorations to be a memory for the lifetime, we have shortlisted the best Phuket day trips for you. Read further to know more about them.

Most Worthwhile Phuket Day Trips

1. Khao Sok National Park

Phuket day trips
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The jungles of Khao Sok are surprisingly untouched and spectacular even today. With caves, waterfalls, and rare animals, this place has been well-preserved for its sophistication in the natural world. There are numerous activities you can enjoy while exploring this amazing national park that spans over 280 square miles.

Go walking down through the jungle trails amid the rainforests that lead you to scenic waterfalls at Khao Sok. Or go kayaking across the Sok river. Make sure to explore the Nam Talu Cave and its 2,700-foot-long passage. You can book your adventures in advance. The dry season from December to April is the best time to visit here.

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2. Khao Lak

Phuket day trips
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Khao Lak is a perfect place to take off to Ko Surin and Similan. However, the culture and natural attractions here are worth exploring. visit the Nang Thong Beach and La On Village which are the most popular here. Further, there are impressive national parks with spectacular natural wonders and waterfalls.

Also, explore the Tsunami Museum and the Bang Niang Night Market. It would be great if you’re here during the first week of March. This is the time when the Turtle Festival is held at Thai Muang National Park Beach.

3. Phang Nga Bay, Limestone Islands

Phuket day trips
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Ao Phang Nga National Park is home to more than 100 limestone islands that seem to belong to some other world. The jungle carpeted peaks, rising from the sea, give an introduction of alien origin of this place.

Visit the photo op at Koh Tapu; go kayaking through the sea caves of Koh Hong and Koh Panak. Early morning and mid-afternoon visits are perfect for less crowded explorations.

4. Koh Similan

Phuket day trips
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Mu Koh Similan National Park offers promising underwater adventure making it magnet for scuba divers and snorkelers. It consists of 11 islands and stretches over an area of 87 square miles. Koh Similan is the 8th island here with white sand beach and the scenic Sail Rock. Koh Payu which is the sixth island is the best snorkeling spot in the park.

At Koh Miang you will love exploring the jungles and losing your soul to the jungle and nature’s escapes. The islands are home to a diverse aquatic life that can be explored through diving. If you come here between January and March you may spot the popular whale sharks. At Koh Similan, the entry of tourists is regulated. Therefore make sure you clear away bookings and tickets early.

5. Koh Phi Phi

Phuket day trips
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Koh Phi Phi is the most popular beach destination in Thailand. With its gorgeous white-sand beaches and close proximity from Phuket, it sees a lot of travelers frequently. It is a group of six islands. Koh Phi Phi Don is the most famous among them along with Laem Thong and the macaques of Monkey Beach.

At the Tonsai Bay, you will find plenty of budget-friendly restaurants and resorts. The most popular Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Le has been closed. You may schedule your trip after 2021 if that’s a major interest for you.

6. Cheow Lan Lake

Phuket day trips
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It is an artificial lake situated within the Khao Sok Park. However, it is popular as an individual destination among Phuket day trips. Cheow Lan Lake spans over 63 square miles with a reservoir featuring limestone formations and old-grown rainforests. This lake was originally created to power a hydroelectric plant in the year 1987.

Take up a two-hour scenic lake tour. For the best experiences go for early morning boat safaris and catch-up with the varied wildlife species as you glide along the shores. The rainy season from May to November is not a preferable time to visit since the rains dampen the national park and wildlife hides into their shelter.

7. Koh Surin

Phuket day trips
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Mu Koh Surin National Park is a favorite visit for divers because of its rich underwater life. The whitetip reef sharks are the most commonly found here. Apart from them, you will find moray eels, leatherback turtles and the whale shark which comes here occasionally.

Visitors can swim at one of the beaches here or set off for hiking trails. You can book guided snorkeling and hiking at the visitors’ center. December to April is the peak season for diving. However, after February there are chances of spotting various pelagic species in the sea.

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8. Railay Peninsula

Phuket day trips
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These limestone cliffs in Krabi are not less than Mecca for rock climbers. There are around 700 bolted routes winding up to the cliffs at Railay. You can easily find all the essentials at local climbing stores here. There are in fact classes for beginners.

The Pinnacle and Diamond Cave Wall are the most preferable sports among novice climbers while experienced climbers visit Tonsai. Relax at Phra Nang Beach afterward and enjoy kayaking across the sea. November to April is the best time for rock climbing.

9. Takua Pa

Phuket day trips
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Also known as the sleepy town, Takua Pa has some interesting historical events associated with it. It has a well-grown tin trade. You will come across some great explorations at Thanon Si Takua Pa and other adjoining towns.

There are some traditional desserts and recipes you should try. The place has thick grown mangroves with various species to spot. Visit the Old Takua Pa Sunday Market for some amazing experiences.

The above-listed day trips from Phuket will surely offer you amazing experiences on your trip to Thailand. Plan well.

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