Home Destinations An unforgettable trip to Egypt!

An unforgettable trip to Egypt!

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Egypt will actually give you the reason for appreciating it as how ancient and absolutely brilliant the architecture and the art are here. The Pyramids are huge, you stand next to them and feel so small and just feel awesome glancing at this last remaining wonder of the ancient world which is still here.

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Start The Nile Cruise In Luxor

You can see most of its main sites just by sticking to the banks of the Nile. Once you get to longer places, the boat docks, you can get off the boat and see the temples there. In the past, it was absolutely and probably the easiest way to see the temples by going down on a cruise boat.

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A beautiful profile of the Great Sphinx including the pyramids of Menkaure and Khafre in the background in Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Karnak, one of the biggest temple in Egypt. The place from inside is just the forest of columns which are towering above your head.

The Luxor Temple is really fascinating because there’s evidence of three different religions in it. So, of course, there are the ancient Egyptian religions worshipping Egyptian Gods, but there’s also a mosque built into the side of it.

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There’s also evidence of Christianity in the temple, because in the back there are scratched-off hieroglyphs that show the Apostles.

Getting to Edfu is really very interesting. You can take a horse-drawn carriage to get to Edfu, which is the traditional way to get there, from the banks of the River Nile. What you’ll absolutely love about Edfu is that – it is one of the temples you could really get lost in. Here are some of the places that one of their kind, having a square or rectangular shape.

There are corridors and passageways where you can relax, and some come to a dead end. Some of them connect, and you’re not a hundred percent sure where you’re going to end up. It’s one of the few places where you can feel like maybe you are one of the explores back in Victorian times.

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Your absolute favorite trip might be a hot-air balloon ride from Luxor.  What you do is fly up above the tombs and temples. It’s absolutely beautiful as you can see how important the Nile is to this area. The place is such a huge contrast between the lush green banks with the ancient tombs carved out into the stones of the desert just beyond.

Egypt Has made such a contribution to art in the western world and cultures the world over. Some of them, most beautiful examples of what life is like are still on display in Egypt today.

The right time is really perfect to go to Egypt as it’s just starting to wake up again and people are finally starting to go back.

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