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Thriller Is The Ultimate Definition Of Fun While Snowboarding In New Zealand

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If you are a lover of snowboarding, you will definitely love New Zealand. There are some high-end ski areas in the non-urban areas in New Zealand.

Snowboarding is one of the most loved games since the country is one of the top destinations for skiing in the Southern Hemisphere.

The blanket of snow on the rugged mountains combined with some spectacular scenery make New Zealand the ideal place for snowboarding.

With its picturesque mountains, it attracts plenty of skiers and snowboarders every year.


Although snowboarding sites are not as big in New Zealand, there are some commercial skiing clubs and snowboarding centers that make for the best places to experience this adventure.

So, if you are in New Zealand during the Mid-Winters and are looking for some snowboarding action, then you have come to the right place.

Below is a list of the best places for the thrilling snowboarding experience in the country. Have a look!

Best Time For Snowboarding In New Zealand

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As New Zealand is located in the Southern Hemisphere, Winter arrives from mid-June to mid-September.

The best time for snowboarding in New Zealand is during mid-winter months that is from July to August, the awesome and apt New Zealand snowboarding season.

During this time, the snow bases receive regular snowfall, which provides excellent conditions for snowboarding.

During this time the average temperature in the mountains is -5 to 0-degree centigrade, so make sure that you are completely ready for the chilling cold.

10 Best Places For Snowboarding In New Zealand

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As already mentioned, New Zealand is one of the top places for snow activities in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere. So, undeniably there are some good places for snowboarding in it.

Let’s converge your eyes to enter into the world of best places for snowboarding in New Zealand.

1. The Remarkables

Via: queenstown.com

If you are a new learner in snowboarding and want to improve your skills, The Remarkables is a great place to start with. The terrain parks present here are the best ones in the Queenstown area.

The ski area covers around 540 acres, the terrain park is the perfect place for a beginner to enhance their skills.

Excluding the beautiful Alpine backdrop, overlooking the Wakatipu Lake is totally breathtaking.

The photographic viewpoints along with the Burton Stash Park, The Remarkables is definitely a must-visit place for snowboarding for beginners.

Where To Knock: Otago, South Island, New Zealand.
Price: $649 for adults, $249 for youth*

2. Turoa

Via: ohakune.info

Nestled on the South Western side of Mount Ruapehu, Turoa, it’s one of the only two Where To Knocks for snowboarding in New Zealand’s North Island.

Despite the fact, most of the skiing and snowboarding action takes place on the south island.

Hold on, if you’re looking for snowboarding Where To Knock in North Island of New Zealand, then you should definitely make your head turn towards Torua.

The city is a bucket full of ski fields having no trees, so whenever out in the open fields with open arm welcome to some stunning panoramic views.

The terrains in Torua are of diverse shapes and slopes, and therefore you’ll never be bored here.

There is an abundance of valleys and cliffs for adventure seekers, who can drop off and drop into these. The area stretches and smoothly brushed for snowboarders who definitely appreciate it.

For North Island inhabitants, this is a perfect place to experience all snow.

Where To Knock: Mt, Ruapehu, New Zealand
Price: $329 – $599*

3. Treble Cone

Treble Cone
Via: p-airnz.com

Treble cone receives much more ice during the Winter, about 5-1/2 meters of snow and it is one of the best terrains in the South Island region. It is one of New Zealand’s largest ski fields, which measures approximately 1300 acres.

Every year, it attracts the snowboarders having the highest number of Black runs.

The area is also suitable for advanced level riders and a small part is a beginner favorable. So every age group snowboarders can enjoy some great snow riding by visiting this place.

Where To Knock: South Island, New Zealand
Price: $135*

4. Whakapapa

Via: lovetaupo.com

It is another skiing area in Northern Island, separated from the Turoa. The inward terrain is almost as big as the Treble Cone in this region.

There are about 62 runs in the ski field, which are suitable for all levels of ability, both beginners, intermediate, and expert snowboarders can ride in this place.

There are two platters in the terrain and four T bars without any six-seater, although there are two quads which run at a faster pace. If you are not ready to go for the groomed runs, you can take help of local people to climb at the top of the volcano’s rim.

Where To Knock: Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand
Price: $68 – $85*

5. Roundhill

Via: travelbug.co.nz

The Roundhill ski area is located in the center of the South Island. If you are a newcomer, then Roundhill is the right place for you to try snowboarding for the first time.

There is a huge slope for beginners, which offers a platter lift and two rope tows. The wide slope makes it very easy and fun to enjoy the lovely experience.

There are many specialist trainers who are ready to give you a hand or some group lessons. Once you master the fundamental skills of snowboarding, you can head towards 1.2 km T-Bar for a more challenging adventure.

Where To Knock: South Island, New Zealand
Price: $31 – $818*

6. Coronet Peak

Coronet Peak
Via: nzstatic.com

Coronet Peak is a perfect destination for intermediate snowboarders. There are plenty of Blue runs and the runs are perfectly groomed.

Apart from this, the infrastructure is fantastic, the only downside being that the place doesn’t receive that much amount of snowfall on average.

Although the minimum snowfall might scare you, however, you are not under any real crisis, because the runs are highly pleasant and maintained and there are grassy bunches under the snow.

Where To Knock: Queenstown, New Zealand.
Price: $649*

7. Cardrona

Via: cardrona.com

Cardrona, located between Queenstown and Wanaka, is one of the most popular skiing and snowboarding location.

The place is kid-friendly and you can easily bring your family to snowboarding in Cardrona.

The terrain has long stretches of slopes which are wide and open and lined by trees and the views of the Mountains are just heaven.

The snow level here is not much deep and thus makes a good place for beginners than the advanced riders.

Where To Knock: Cardrona Valley Road, New Zealand
Price: $230 – $430

8. Mt Hutt

Mt Hutt
Via: awe365.com

Mt Hutt is an ideal place with its high, vertical pitch for expert snowboarders.

Snowboarders can choose from a wide range of off-piste lines. Since it lies on the top of the mountain edge, the ski field to some extent is weather dependent.

So, for snowboarding in Mt Hutt is all you need to visit in good weather. Although the place is said to be the perfect one for this adventurous activity which receives a great dump of snow and also ideal for creating some fresh tracks.

Where To Knock: Mt Hutt 7782, New Zealand.
Price: $104*

9. Craigieburn

Via: snowbrains.com

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Craigieburn is another lovely snowboarding destination best suited for individuals with advanced level skills.

However,  there are a few Black runs, this area is more of a weather-beaten as compared to the glittering world of Treble Cone.

The whole area comprises of off-piste (of snow that has not been compressed by overuse) tracks with narrow slopes.

This place is not friendly for the beginners or family, the ski fields are meant to be for the expert skiers and snowboarders only.

Where To Knock: Southern Alps, New Zealand
Price: $75*

10. Porters

Via: christchurchnz.com

Another snowboarding station, finding its spot in the Canterbury area of South Island.

The place makes an ideal choice for both beginners and experts. Although to reach to the top you need to go through three T bars, which might prove a bit heavy on the legs.

Once you’re on the top, take the longest route down via the Black run.

Where To Knock: Craigieburn Range, South Island, New Zealand.
Prices: $129*

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