India10 Best Pocket-Friendly Travel Destinations In India

10 Best Pocket-Friendly Travel Destinations In India


The massively spread global pandemic, COVID-19 has left people locked into their homes with the most devastating effects ever. Although we do not support traveling at this point in time, we are hopeful that we will soon be able to explore your favorite places with no restrictions. While “Going Local” will be the new travel trend, we have brought to you a list of pocket-friendly travel destinations in India that won’t be hard on your budget.

The destinations across India are as diverse as their cultures. undeniably, you will be offered by all the experiences you desire. Read further to know where will you find the pleasure you’re seeking.

Affordable And Amazing Travel Destinations In India

1. Havelock Island, Andaman

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Best Visit: April

Andaman is popular for the amazing underwater explorations and scuba diving centers it has. Watersports enthusiasts will, therefore, love exploring the Havelock Island. There’s something more amazing.

You don’t need to know how to swim in order to get your PADI certificate. Get one of the most suitable tour packages and live the life of your dreams.

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2. Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

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Best Visit: November

If you’re driven to activities that give you an adrenaline rush, Bir Billing offers some of the worthiest paragliding experiences for a lifetime. Including it on your adventure travel list could be great. Although this place offers a great package of joy for thrill-seekers, there are various other activities like monasteries, the tea factory, and amazing opportunities for trekking.

3. Udupi, Karnataka

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Best Visit: January

Udupi is famous for its formations of basalt rocks at the St. Mary’s Islands. Also, Coconut Island is one of the best offbeat travel destinations here with some great experiences of cliff diving.

Although you are not allowed to stay here, therefore, it’s better to plan an afternoon. You may rather plan a stay at Maple beach from where you’ll easily find a ferry towards the Coconut islands. You can spot dolphins or go birdwatching for more fun.

4. Udaipur, Rajasthan

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Best Visit: November

Undeniably, the most popular destination for admirers of the royal culture, Udaipur is an experience you will like to live over and over again. Apart from its charm, it’s a perfect place to get some good snaps for your Instagram timeline.

Because of its awe-inspiring aura, surroundings and royal buildings, Udaipur is given various tags like the “Venice of the East”, “Kashmir of Rajasthan”, and “Jewel Of Mewar”. For a relaxing and luxurious vacation in India, this place is definitely the best choice.

5. Ooty

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Best Visit: May

Settled amidst the Nilgiri Mountains, Ooty is one of the best-known hill stations in India. The annual flower show here is incredible. It exhibits the national flowers of over 20o countries every year.

Tourists and locals flock at the rose garden and botanical garden every year to witness this spectacular event. You can see more than 15,000 varieties of flowers and you will end up loving them all.

6. Agra

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Best Visit: October

The “Epitome of Love” is an attraction that every traveler wants to visit. And the best part is that it can be explored at any time of the year during any season. Although it may sound to be cliched, it is a fact that Agra and the Taj Mahal remains one of the priorities on travel lists even today.

Look for some of the best Golden Tour Packages. There are various other historical attractions in Agra that will grab your attention.

7. Meghalaya

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Best Visit: July

The double-decker Living Root Bridge at Mawlynnong which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site grabs the attention of most visitors from all over India and the world. This is an incredible experience to grab in Meghalaya.

Here, you will also be close to wildlife. The bridge has grown over 15 years now. It is strong enough to hold about a hundred people at a time. Further, there’s much more including the hot springs and waterfalls.

8. Alappuzha, Kerala

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Best Visit: February

Kerala continues to be one of the favorite travel destinations and the backwaters of Alleppey could offer you the perfect escape you desire. It is one of the most romantic places in India with verdant surroundings and an abundance of natural beauty and tranquility.

Booking your stay on a houseboat will get you some great experiences. There are several other lakes, attractions, and festivals that you shouldn’t miss.

9. Srinagar

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Best Visit: August

If you want to refresh your senses and move away to a distant land away from the regular hustle and bustle, Srinagar is the most surreal place to be at.

One of the popular offbeat honeymoon destinations in India, the Dal lake remains a major attraction with serene views, peace, and enthralling packages for its visitors. Do not forget to go kayaking and explore the floating garden.

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10. Puducherry

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Best Visit: January

Auroville is a great place to seek natural abundance and peace. This universal town which was created out of a wasteland is now attracting travelers from all over the world. With its four zones residential, industrial, cultural, and peace, Matrimandir is the most popular attraction here.

Auroville is away from urban interference with the green belt around it. There are many more interesting activities making it a favorite among travel destinations in India.

These are 10 of the best pocket-friendly travel destinations that you can explore in India when things get normal. Plan your holidays till then.

Keep Traveling!

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