Brazil11 Things You Should NOT Do In Rio De Janeiro

11 Things You Should NOT Do In Rio De Janeiro


Ready to set off for Rio De Janeiro? Maybe not. There is a lot to know before you explore a foreign place. People, cultures, surroundings everything is going to be different and you need to be prepared to deal with it.

While it’s about exploring the golden coastline and the glory of samba it is quite important to be aware of the locals and their culture or general behavior. Sometimes even the most experienced travelers get driven into social blunders that can ruin your experience. To help you out, here’s our guide to the dos and don’ts in Rio De Janeiro.

Things You Should Avoid Doing In Rio De Janeiro

1. Think Twice About Your Gringo Dress-up

Rio De Janeiro
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It’s not concerned about what you can wear and what you can’t. But this needs to be considered so that you don’t outshine as a foreigner during your trip and be more susceptible to higher charges or muggings.

Moreover, Rio is a place where no one would really care even if you put on one of your Hawaiian shirts along with a leather necklace and a Cuban hat.

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2. Don’t Leave Without A Sunscreen

Rio De Janeiro
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No matter you are a seasoned sun-lover or someone with pale skin, the bright sun can turn out to be merciless and unforgiving for your skin. You would never want a dull look to ruin all your remaining days on the trip. Therefore, it’s better to be cautious.

3. Avoid Flashing Everything Valuable

Rio De Janeiro
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When you move outside, be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. You need to be extra careful about expensive mobile phones or cameras or opportunistic thieves may take them off your hands. Be possessive and protective of your belongings.

Of course, you should not avoid taking photographs when you’re amidst stunning views. But keep your senses active in crowds or on empty streets. If you have to wear jewelry, go for artificial or less expensive ones only.

4. Catcalling Is Common

Rio De Janeiro
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Catcalling on streets is common in Rio De Janeiro, especially, for women. However, you don’t need to panic as it’s harmless in most cases. Many of the women there, ignore the names while the others get angry and retaliate. Catcalling is however limited to name-calling like gostosa (hot) or Linda (beautiful). There are rare chances of anything more.

5. Don’t Litter

Rio De Janeiro
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In order to maintain your good manners, it’s important that you take responsibility for your waste. Littering around public places isn’t a good habit whether it’s your own country or a foreign land. Even if you see public places or beaches littered, set a good example by putting your rubbish into the dustbin and nowhere else.

On the other hand, as per the Zero Lixo (zero rubbish) law, you will have to pay hefty fines if anyone catches you throwing anything including cigarette butts on the ground.

6. Not Everyone Knows Your Language

Rio De Janeiro
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Not everyone here may speak English. Therefore, it may be difficult for everyone to understand you. Moreover, being a visitor it would be exciting to be able to talk clearly to the people you meet. Brazilians give away hugs wholeheartedly. Learning a few words and phrases will help you get even tighter hugs from them.

7. Don’t Go Wandering Into Favelas

Rio De Janeiro
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Rio De Janeiro is often considered to have a bad repo for its violent surroundings. However, unless an accident happens to you, you will probably have a great time exploring places around. But it’s better to stick out in the tourist areas. Favelas are generally where most of the violence occurs. Therefore, it’s suggestible to stay away from those areas.

8. There’s Much More Than Barbeque

Brazilian Barbecue is always considered to be amazing and it’s a must-try. However, there are great varieties of Brazilian dishes that need to be tried too. Make sure you don’t miss all of this just because of the barbecue.

9. Skip The Beachfront Restaurants At Copacabana

Rio De Janeiro
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Undeniably, whether you consider seafood, pizzas, or sizzling meat, the food here is absolutely delicious. However, it is not the authentic local cuisine yet too expensive. Therefore, spending on such food may not be mindful. Outside those tourist places, you can easily find affordable, delectable Brazilian cuisine to savor.

10. Don’t get surprised to be surprised cake as breakfast

Rio De Janeiro
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Well, this isn’t really a problem. Cake is one of the most commonly served dishes as traditional Brazilian Breakfast. However, it would not be the one with icing and cream. Instead, it will be a simple banana, soft corn, or orange cake.

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11. Skip Tourist Places On Weekends

Rio De Janeiro
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If you are in Rio during peak seasons then you should surely note this point. This is probably the time during Christmas Carnival. While there are several iconic attractions you need to visit but skipping weekends would be the best decision since these places are most crowded at this time. If you have no other option then prefer going early in the morning.

Exploring new places requires you to adjust to the local surroundings and lifestyle. Make sure you consider the above tips before you set off to explore Rio De Janeiro. Plan it well.

Keep Traveling!

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