The cuisine of this archipelago nation has been inspired by many cultures across the world. Colombo, the capital city is especially known for its rich restaurant scene wherein the bizarre colonial eateries, fine dining restaurants, and budget cafes offer the taste for everyone.

Hence there are some good restaurants in Colombo which are diverse and serve some of the best tasting food that you will taste during your stay at Sri Lanka.

7 Best Restaurants In Colombo

Assure yourself to visit the best restaurants in the city for an unforgettable art of preparing and eating good food experience. However, have a quick look at the best restaurants in Colombo while you visit the beautiful city.

1. Paradise Road Gallery Café

Paradise Road Gallery Café

Located in the fashionable Kollupitiya behind the former office of architect Geoffrey Bawa, Paradise Road Gallery Café is rooted in a walled garden, giving you a delightful place to dine or enjoy a few cocktails.

The delicious cakes of cafes are originally displayed on the desk owned by Bawa. The cafe is also home to a store where you can look around for contemporary homewares as well as a gallery with rotating exhibitions by local artisans.

Paradise Road Gallery Café is one of the most romantic restaurants in Colombo and the ultimate one for a perfect evening with your special someone.

Locality: 2 Alfred House Road, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka

Must Go For: Baked crab; Tamarind Chilli Margarita

2. Rare at Residence

Rare at Residence

If you wish to dine something exclusive, then make sure you must pay a visit to a modern restaurant in Colombo, Rare. This eatery in the city caters to the cultured shoppers and corporate heavyweights of Park Street.

The menu of Rare offers you mostly the organic produce from the high-country gardens of Uga and a wine underground storied building with an impressive range of 150 brands.

It’s one of the best food restaurants that deliver traditional ingredients a modern take, serving you the most delicious, unique and best food dishes your palette will ever taste.  

Locality: 20 Park Street, Colombo 2 02000, Sri Lanka

Must Go For: Local yellowfin with foie gras

3. The Lagoon

The Lagoon

If you have the cravings for the kinds of seafood then you’re welcomed to one of the best restaurants in Colombo, The Lagoon for dinner. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy pleasant chaos and lively small talk, much like a seafood market, but within the ambiance of a 5-star restaurant.

The kitchen is run by two specific chefs who are the artist in cooking having different ways like lip-smacking hot fish curries, raw sashimi, and lobster Thermidor.

The chefs also give fusion to 30 different sauces into five styles of specialty dishes. The lagoon is one of the top food places in the city where you will definitely experience something uncommon than others when you dine at the beautiful restaurant.

Locality: Cinnamon Grand, 77 A2, Galle Road, Kollupitiya, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka

Must Go For: Sri Lankan Chicken Coconut Curry, Sea Bass Curry

4. Hotel De Pilawoos

Hotel De Pilawoos

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The Hotel De Pilawoos is popularly known as Pilawoos, a family restaurant in Colombo, which has a wonderful range of wonderful dishes on the menu. It is known for serving the city’s finest Kottu cheese – a sliced roti with cheese on the toppings and a variety of more fillings.

This is one of the best of Sri Lanka in terms of best-tasting food, Also, this kottu is one of the special dishes of Sri Lanka made from  Godhamba roti, eggs or meat, and exotic spices. An apt restaurant for the ones who are on a family vacation to the country.

Locality: 417 Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Must Go For: Cheese Kottu

5. Shang Palace

Shang Palace

Are you in search of the best Chinese restaurants in Colombo? Then hit the Shang Palace. The eating house that offers a great choice of amazing authentic Chinese dishes making your mouth watery and resting your delicious hunger.

The impressive food is not the only quality that attracts you but also the classic hospitality and service as well, making your experience a memorable one.

This eating place is a long distance in terms of the difference of run-of-the-mill fast food-type Chinese food commonly found in Colombo. You should definitely visit Shang Palace if you are seeking for Colombo’s top restaurant which serves authentic Chinese cuisine.

Locality: 02 1 Galle Face, Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo 00200, Sri Lanka

Must Go For: Crab Fried Rice; Dim Sum

6. Fat Panda

Fat Panda

As there are some best restaurants in Colombo, while there are many cheap restaurants in the city and Fat Panda is one of them. Although the eatery here is affordable that doesn’t conclude that it has compromised with the taste of the food they offer.

Asian fusion cuisine is one of its specialty giving you something new to the greedy tongue. Fat Panda has a pleasant and welcoming ambiance, making you feel comfortable in a few moments only.

Services are excellent, making sure your dining will be a perfect one.

This one of the new restaurants in Colombo opened last year attracting encouragers for their fantastic food and unmatched service and hospitality.

Locality: 31a, Sea Avenue, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Must Go For: Prawn Spring Roll with Sweet Chilli Sauce; Chinese Steamed Prawn Dumplings

7. Nara Thai

Nara Thai

Nara Thai is one of the most popular Thai restaurants in Colombo and while staying in the city there is a definite visit to the place. It offers you old-time dishes with new, natural, or original, high-quality ingredients, giving you that authentic Thai food experience.

Starting from appetizers to salads until the main course, every dish belonging to Nara Thai’s kitchen will certainly leave you for more delicious food.

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Locality: No. 3, Deal Place A, Kollupitiya, Colombo 10300, Sri Lanka

Must Go For: Gai Tord Samunprai (crispy fried chicken with Thai herbs; Kang Jeut Kai Nam (clear soup with Thai crab omelet), Tod Man Pla (Thai fish cakes).

8. Ministry of Crab

Ministry of Crab restaurant

Ministry of Crab is one of the famous restaurants in Colombo created by legendary Sri Lankan Cricketers, Mahela Jayawardene, Kumar Sangakkara and Dharshan Munidase (of Nihonbashi) as a celebration of Sri Lanka’s seafood.

The eatery is specialized in offering every possible twist in cuisines they offer a new height of gourmet excellence in the process. The diners can enjoy a variety at this eating place.

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Ministry of Crab
Via: Ministry of Crab

Locality: Old Dutch Hospital, Fort, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Must Go For: Garlic Crab, Ginger Steamed Crab, Pepper Crab or Butter Crab.

9. Beach Wadiya

Beach Wadiya

Beach Wadia is a lovely beachside restaurant in Colombo serving abundant seafood supply. The restaurant has a reputation across the country for its massive seafood platters and the cheap and cheerful style of cooking.

Also, famous for the authentic and flavorful Sri Lankan classic. Today, it’s a Colombo institution, which has attracted many famous fans to its dining tables, including various members of the British Royal Family. It’s a perfect place where you can relax with vibrant sitting and enjoying some quality seafood.

Locality: Marine Dr, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Must Go For: Wadiya grilled fish, fried rice and the signature dish Baked crab and drown it with a special cocktail or a chilled Beer.