Georgia, a beautiful state with many diversities, which makes it a particularly attractive place to go. Attraction ranging from its mountain landscape in Georgia and the natural features such as the Okefenokee Swamp to the romantic antebellum squares of Savannah and the stunning modern architecture of Atlanta.

Georgia offers so much for the entire family and for every interest. Rom every corner of the city starting from everything from the world’s largest aquarium and the beaches of Jekyll Island to gracious antebellum homes and historic sites adds to the top-Rated places to visit in Georgia which highlights life and events from prehistoric to the struggle of civil rights in the late 20th century.

Plan your trip with this list of top attractions in Georgia:

1. Savannah Historic District


Savannah Historic District falls in the category of top-Rated places to visit in Georgia which encircles about a square mile, which preserves the old city as it appeared during the Civil War. The ancient district is surrounded by benevolent dwellings, and stone-paved streets surrounded by trees folded in fluffy Spanish Moss makes one of the most romantic popular scenes of any city in the world.

The historical District has been brought back to life with art, culture, museums, and houses tour more than the historical backdrop.

The northern part is surrounded by the edge of the river, and on the south end is the Forsyth Park. Although the entire district is distinguishably famous for its many beautiful parks and squares, the Forsyth Park is the largest and a good example of a well-designed mid-1800’s Southern Park. Its historical characteristic is a beautiful fountain, and the walking paths are adorned by endearing old trees that envelop them.

Address: 301 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Savannah, GA 30334, USA

2. Georgia Aquarium

georgia acquarium

Georgia Aquarium counts to be the world’s largest aquarium, having more than 100 million aquatic animals in more than 10 million gallons of fresh and salted water. At the same time, its absolute size may seem eye-opening, it has been divided into various themes to make more focused and educational visits.

Cold Water Quest will get you to look into the life of cold water life in the ocean world, where exist out of the ordinary animals that include Australian sea dragon and Japanese spider crabs. The largest aquarium is amongst the best places to visit in Georgia.


Under the Aquarium, trainees interact with communal California sea lions, and Albino crocodiles, piranhas, and Panna trees are at the River Scout exhibit.

6.3 million-gallon Ocean Voyager, the largest in the world, habitats whale sharks and manta rays between the thousands of fish in the house and offers a 100-foot acrylic tunnel for visitors to walk along, surrounded by swimming fish.

Address: 225 Baker Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia

3. Atlanta Botanic Garden

atlanta botanical park

Next, to Piedmont Park, 30 acres of botanical gardens come as a surprise package in Midtown Atlanta. Amongst the four-season fair, there is always something to blossom through its spring bulb display through colorful autumn leaves, and at any time of the year, many of its indoor gardens let visitors to the tropical region as it is one of the best places to visit in Georgia.

The Fuqua Orchid Center frame-up orchids of all shapes and colors, while the High Elevation House features the astounding variety of plants indigenous to the Cloud Forest of the Andes are some of the best destinations to visit.

A gigantic indoor waterfall is surrounded by exotic bromeliads, mosses, ferns, trailing vines, and small orchids, and more exotics bloom in Tropical Rotunda. Outside there is an Edible Garden and Outdoor Kitchen, where fruits and vegetables are grown in the form of landscape plants.

The Rose Garden bloom at its peak in the late spring and then again renewed to awesomeness in summers, and the Hydrangea Collection is one of the finest in the Southeast, as is the collection of water plants. The Japanese Garden offers a noteworthy frame for a teahouse, waterfall, pond, bamboo, dwarf Japanese maple, and a Moon Gate.

Address: 1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia

4. Center for Civil and Human Rights

Center for Civil and Human Rights

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Dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and widely for human rights struggle throughout the world, the Civil and Human Rights Center is a dynamic and powerful experience that brings visitors will witness one of the biggest social initiatives of the recent history.

The Civil Rights Movement Gallery signifies the fight for equality in the 1950s and 1960s, which immerses visitors in the sights, and raises voice through the interactive display which says the story of bringing life to the individuals who worked to overcome the Jim Crow laws and secure equal rights for all.

Martyrs who lost their lives in the struggle of equal rights are honored with their photographs and stories. The Human Rights Movement Gallery raise their support in favor of struggle for human rights around the world, through interactive technology, exploring fundamental rights, and encouraging visitors to participate in the discussion.

Address: 100 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd NW, Atlanta, Georgia

5. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site


Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta includes the birthplace and grave of this famous civil rights leader. On a self-guided tour of this two-block area, you can see the house where Dr. King was born, was part of the restored block of modest homes.

Ebenezer Baptist Church, a place here where the instructor gives a fascinating description of the role played by this church in the neighborhood. There are displays in Freedom Hall Complex and step forward at Fire Station No. 6 discuss this station’s place in community life.

Address: 400 & 500 blocks of Auburn Avenue, NE, Atlanta, Georgia

6. Chattahoochee National Forest


The Chattahoochee National Forest spans approximately 750,000 acres of land in North Georgia. This beautiful area is circumferenced with astonishing lakes, rivers and waterfalls, a great place for outdoor activities or immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. During the summer months, it is a popular area for camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, picnic etc.

7. Jekyll Island

jekyll beach

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The popular holiday destination of Jekyll Island is also called “the millionaire island”. Group of East Coast millionaires brought it and named themselves the Jekyll Island Club. In 1947, the island was sold for use as a state park to George Park.

In the present time, the island is a resort area with beaches, nature trails, golf facilities, and camping areas. Everything ranging from bizarre oceanside villas to larger resorts indulges families or couples.

8. Callaway Gardens

callaway garden

Callaway Gardens finds their place on Pine Mountain, Northern side of Columbus which is a popular leisure center established by industrialist Cason Callaway, decorated with artificial lakes, gardens of magnolias and azaleas and a butterfly house.

The Robin Lake, which hosts the annual Masters Waterski and Wakeboard Tournaments, provides an excellent opportunity to participate in the water activities. Apart from this, there are two excellent golf courses on the ground and many walking paths.

9. Okefenokee Swamp

okefenokee swamp georgia

According to Indians, Okefenokee Swamp is known as “Land of the Quacking Earth”, a region of Swampland in southern Georgia, extended over 770 square miles. It is a puzzle of a watercourse, cypress swamp, and swamp grassland. Interesting features are “floating islands”, which do earthquakes underfoot but still support whole forests and provide security for Indian settlements in the past.

Many endangered species are under the roof of the swamp, also includes an approximate number of 10,000 alligators. In Waycross, a small town has boat trips into the swamp.

10. Ocmulgee National Monument

ocmulgee national monument georgia

Ocmulgee National Monument is dedicated to the human habitation established 12,000 years ago in the Macon region. Earthen mountains and a formal lodge are available for viewing. Visitors can learn about the Native American Indians living in this region and Civil War battles that took place here.

11. Jimmy Carter National Historic Site

jimmy carter

The Jimmy Carter National Historic Site is located in Southern Georgia. It includes Carter family home and the home and farm of the former President Carter’s childhood. Plains High School and Plains Train Depot have included parts of the site. It is amongst the top-Rated places to visit in Georgia.

Visitors can get a glimpse of the upbringing of the president and social effects that rewired his ideas. And Undoubtedly, Georgia is one of the best tourist spots in the world.

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