AsiaMust Explore: The Most Amazing Places To Visit In...

Must Explore: The Most Amazing Places To Visit In Russia


The world’s largest country, spanning over two continents, Russia holds on to a unique life within its borders. Emerging from the different historical events, the nation has created its distinctive identity.

Explorations here will be amazing as you move across fairytale-like, onion-domed structures, beautiful landscapes, rich cultural heritage, expansive wildernesses, some great drinks, and train journeys. It is an idyllic countryside with welcoming people.

We have brought to you a list of amazing places to visit in Russia so that the next time you travel, you grasp the pleasures of life.

Worthwhile Places To Visit In Russia

1. St. Petersburg

places to visit in Russia
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Russia’s cultural capital, St. Petersburg holds on to over 200 spectacular museums including the Hermitage. There are various other magnificent buildings like the Catherine Palace and the Church of Saviour on Spilled Blood that you will admire.

With a chance to explore the works of popular Russian authors, St. Petersburg will be loved by booklovers. The National Library of Russia and several other libraries and book stores are worth a visit. You may take up pre-arranged tours up to here. Something even more exciting is the sparkling nightlife here.

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2. Murmansk: Arctic Circle

places to visit in Russia
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With Tundra and snow, this northern edge of the world attracts many visitors for stargazing and watching the Northern lights (if they are lucky enough). Murmansk is the crown of the country and the largest city in the Arctic Circle. There are other places you can visit from here including Teriberka that has a boat graveyard and amazing views of the sky.

The beaches here will also offer you some of the most surreal experiences. It is also where you will find the Lenin Nuclear Icebreaker. It is the world’s first nuclear-powered ship that was turned into a museum. Make a visit to the husky farms and meet the locals.

3. Kamchatka Peninsula

places to visit in Russia
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This place is a must-visit if you want to explore the real natural beauty of Russia. You will be surrounded by vast volcanoes, a habitat of bears, and various stunning natural formations. Do not miss the Valley of Geysers. Camping and trekking tours are available here.

The bio reserves here will let you get closer to nature and disconnect with the hustle of the material world. You can start your exploration from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and savor on the local seafood delicacies.

4. Lake Baikal

places to visit in Russia
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This makes up for a perfect destination for summer holidays. The world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal with its beautiful surroundings offers you a great place to unwind and relax. From Irkutsk, you can explore the popular trans-Siberian railway route that passes through the lake.

You may go kayaking at the Olkhon Island or lounge at the shore of the lake. You may also explore the beach-like surroundings of the Peschanaya Bay with a stunning backdrop formed by the slanted rocks.

5. Lena Pillars

places to visit in Russia
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Popular as the Mountains of Rising Gods, for the locals, the Lena Pillars present an awe-inspiring elevated landscape. Situated in Russia’s Yakutia this landscape is one of its kind. You can reach here from Yakutsk. Explore the Lena Pillars Natural Park, go for cruises or a helicopter ride, and cherish the spectacular views surrounding you.

6. Moscow

places to visit in Russia
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Moscow is definitely one of the topmost places to visit in Russia, being the capital city and home to a variety of experiences. Visit the Tretyakov Gallery to explore the art collections, eat at great restaurants, watch over the ballet culture in a show at Bolshoi Theatre.

Explore other important attractions like the Kremlin and Lenin’s mausoleum, the Izmailovo flea market, the Red Square. All of them are worth a visit.

7. Kazan

places to visit in Russia
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Kazan is the capital of the Tatarstan region and one of the most delightful, aesthetic cities in Russia. You will find the Orthodox Christian population here along with some major Islamic heritage of the country.

Thus you will come across stunning mosques like the Khul Sharif mosque and various colorful, orthodox Christian churches. The Temple of All Religions and the Suyumike tower are other attractions here that are worthy of your visit.

8. Sochi

places to visit in Russia
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Surrounded by beaches and snowcapped mountains, Sochi is a town situated by the Black Sea. This is one of the most popular summer destinations in Russia. Moreover, you can also visit here to experience enthralling winters, doing activities like skiing.

There are other adventure sports like bungee jumping or relax at the beach. For more amusement and adventure, head towards Sky Park.

9. Kizhi Island, Karelia

places to visit in Russia
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While one of the most unique things about Russia includes its wooden architecture, Kizhi Island is an open-air museum displaying these classic structures and its details.

With various ancient structures including the Church of Transfiguration and the exhibition of rural life, this is a popular attraction among visitors. This island is home to the oldest wooden church in Russia. Plan a day trip here from Petrozavodsk.

10. Nizhny Novgorod

places to visit in Russia

If you wish to dive deeper into Russian history, Nizhny Novgorod is a top-notch destination to explore. The city was earlier known as ‘Gorky’ and was a center of production of military equipment. However, the major highlight of the city now lies in its architecture.

The historic Rozhdestvenskaya Street and the Kremlin, with its 13 towers are some important places to explore here. Watch a beautiful sunset at the confluence of the Oka and Volga Rivers against the Kremlin.

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11. Yekaterinburg

places to visit in Russia
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Yekaterinburg is an industrial city amid the Ural Mountains holding on to significant historical events of the Russian Revolution. There’s a lot to showcase the history and culture at this place. You will find over 30 amazing museums and theatres. It is a perfect place from where you can head out for some worthwhile day trips.

12. Pskov

places to visit in Russia
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Situated near the Estonian border, Pskov is one of the best places to visit in Russia for historic architectures that include monasteries and churches. Pskov Krom is the most popular among them. This is a riverside citadel, known for its excellent architecture.

The Trinity Cathedral is an equally alluring site. The Mirozhsky Monastery is a 12th-century attraction with its impressive religious murals. There are museums, theatres, monuments, and statues to visit all over the city.

While you travel here, make sure to explore all the best places to visit in Russia. You will surely love them. Plan it well.

Keep Traveling!

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