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Church Built In High Heels Shape To Attract Female Visitors

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There are many such places in the world. Where the interesting things get noticed People want to roam around to explore every interesting thing in the world. High Heels Church in Taiwan is one of such interesting places.


This Cinderella High Heel Church is the shape of High Heels in Badai town of Taiwan. To make this church, about 320 glasses of pieces and thousands of rows have been used. This tinted blue glass structure stands 17 m high and 11 m wide and got ready in 2 months.

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In fact, to attract women, this church has been made in the shape of sandals. Ocean View Park has also been built in this festive fashion of women, which is very beautiful. People come from far away to enjoy its beauty and fun here.

Situated in Chiayi County, the tourism authorities of the South-West Coast National Scenic Area Administration desired to use footwear design to honor the people affected by the Blackfoot disease in the 1950s.

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The people here say that the main reason for building this church is that there you find a wide range of women from different-different countries This high heels church was built to connect religion with modernity.

Although there you find crowds in every season, the highest number of people are seen from November to March. This beautiful church made from glass is not allowed to lay anyone’s hand.


This church has less time than a common building. Due to being ready in 2 months, it is also the record of the fastest name of this church.

The shoe-shape design is having more than 100 female-inspired features within and around the formation, such as “Chairs for lovers” and “Biscuits and cakes.”

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