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10 Common Camping Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

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Outdoor adventures are always fun and camping is definitely one among them. However, if you are a beginner, you need to know that there are many things that you can do wrong. Well, to help you avoid your camping blues, we’ve brought to you a list of possible mistakes you may make.

This guide will let you know what needs to be avoided and how to proceed towards great experiences with no camping blues.

Common Camping Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Using The Camping Gear For The First Time On Your Camp Night

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Before you head out, it is important that you work on polishing your outdoor skills. Rather than doing it for the first time on the campground, try and practice setting up a tent perfectly in your backyard or in a playground.

This will make you savvy with your camping gear and perfect at handling it. You may not know what challenges are coming forth when you reach the campground. It is good to be prepared for everything in advance.

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2. Setting Off Without Planning

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Before you head out, plan things well. This is something really important for first-timers. Make sure, it is a good time to move out for camping. Also, make advanced reservations for the campsites you prefer.

Camping is not always about cross-country trekking. Look around for camping grounds that may be a short drive away from your place. Beginners should probably avoid remote areas. You can get away for some rough adventures when you’re ready to handle them.

3. Carrying Firewood From Home

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If you’re planning to stock some wood before you get going, know that there are several campgrounds that do not let you take in out-of-state firewood, due to possibilities of bug contamination.

It is better to buy firewood at a local hardware store or look for the ones sold at the campground. Also, note and understand that it is never ethical to get firewood from standing trees.

4. Essential Utilities

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Sleeping bags and a tent aren’t enough to offer you a comfortable night amid the woods. You would also need a good, sturdy tarp. There are many tasks it can do for you including waterproofing your firewood, covering leaky tents during rains, or creating shade for you. Other essential things include cutlery, dish detergent, water bottles, bug spray, hand sanitizers, and cash.

5. Not Knowing The Best Way To Light Campfire

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Just the right wood won’t help, it is important to look for properly designated areas to light the fire. Make sure to separate those plastic bottles or caps that give off unpleasant smoke and unbearable smell. Once you’re done, ensure that the fire has extinguished completely. Never leave the ashes unattended, dispose off them properly.

6. Food Safety Rules

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No matter you stay in an RV, tent, or a cabin. Make sure you do not leave food scraps or trash outside because it can attract animals. Avoid packaged foods that can melt like chocolate or granola. It is crucial to keep the food refrigerated and out of reach of animals. Most of the camp stores sell ice too.

7. Know And Maintain Camping Etiquettes

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You should always be ethical and well mannered on explorations like these. Especially, in the times of social distancing, there will be many campers there for the first time after the long lockdown. Be careful and respect others’ space. There may be many activities that are acceptable for you but annoy the other person. Make sure you be respectful of your neighbors.

8. Preparations For Inclement Weather

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You will never want bad weather to ruin your camping experience, fun, and time with nature. Therefore, be prepared for extreme weather changes like rain or cold. Keep extra clothes with you. Carry food that can be consumed without being cooked. Store it safely in plastic bags. Surely bring some extra pairs of dry socks that can keep you warm.

9. Do Not Forget A Medical Kit

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You will be open to all dangers and accidents, you should be self-sufficient and carrying a first aid kit is therefore of great importance. Keep appropriate pain killers, antiseptic creams, and other ointments. you need to be extra careful since you will be traveling after the pandemic.

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10. Be Flexible

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Not being flexible could be one of the major mistakes you can make while camping. There are likely to be many challenges all your way. However, you should not let them wreck your plan of an amazing camping experience no matter it is traffic or weather. While you are outdoors do not step away from all the different experiences that come your way.

Since you may be a beginner, it is crucial that you consider several important aspects of camping by researches and practicing the skills you may need to handle the challenges that come your way. You should be aware of the common camping mistakes you should try to avoid.

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