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15 Things To Know About Alaska Before You Set Off To Explore

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Alaska is definitely one of those destinations that will mesmerize you with the extreme elements it holds on to. This is an incredible place to be at. However, to ensure that you don’t miss out on something absolutely worthwhile, it’s always good to be prepared and plan your trip after some necessary researches.

We have brought to you all the important facts and aspects of traveling you should know about Alaska before you actually set off for any explorations. The points we would be discussing here will give you a sneak peek into several major details about the locals. Be ready to get surprised with all the details that are going to come your way.

Things To Know About Alaska Before You Travel

Being at a new place isn’t easy. Over that, if you are out for exploration, you should always proceed with some information. Read further to dive in deeper.

1. Higher Costs And Living Standard

things to know about Alaska
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You may have to pay more than your expectation for most of the services. It will be suggestible to carry everything you need and try to make the least purchases. You can use the saved money at various other places on your trip. There will be many instances.

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2. Alaska Is Expansive

things to know about Alaska
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Alaska is huge. It may be inappropriate to hop on to decisions. For instance, you are planning a road trip, ensure that you have done all the necessary research work, and know the best routes you can drive on. Road trips are likely to take longer than you expect.

There are around 18 sovereign countries, making it just double the size of Texas. Therefore, before you set off for a road trip, analyze the total distance you will have to cover, the routes you want to pursue, and how much time it will take.

3. The Climate In Alaska

things to know about Alaska
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One of the greatest myths about Alaska is that the climate is cold and snowy here always. Of course, you will find this place to be unbearably cold during winter months. However, you will also experience the extreme heat from May to October.

During this time of the year, the temperature can actually range from 50 degrees to 80 degrees. In fact, there are places in Alaska where the temperature can even rise up to 100 degrees. While there are some terrifying snowstorms in Alaska during the winter months it can be equally wet and rainy at times. Be prepared accordingly.

4. Wild Animals Aren’t Seen Everywhere

things to know about Alaska
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Most of the travelers visit Alaska thinking that they are going to come across a lot of wildlife throughout their explorations. Many think that might get eaten up by a wild bear. However, the truth is that Alaska’s wildlife prefers hiding from humans around.

It is unpredictable that you will spot wild animals around you. What you think does not change reality. Moreover, you may see a few bears crossing the streets or the highway near Denali National Park while you will find the least within the park.

5. The Land Here Isn’t Undiscovered

things to know about Alaska
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If you thought that you can walk past or put up a camp on any piece of land, anywhere in Alaska, then you are wrong. Most of the land in Alaska is owned by the government. It is better to look for campsites and not ignore the “No Trespassing” signs.

You may have to pay huge fines for this. Alaskan residents generally don’t accept anyone walking over their land. While you’re in Alaska, know that someone can shoot you for threatening their property.

6. Most Of Alaska Cannot Be Explored By Car

things to know about Alaska
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While you are traveling to Alaska know that you may not be able to explore all of the places by car. You, therefore, need to give a second thought to the idea of road trips. There would be a long list of places in Alaska that you cannot reach via cars. Bush planes and boats are the most commonly used to move across destinations.

7. The Two Categories Of Locals

things to know about Alaska
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Not only Alaska but even at other places, you will come across friendly locals and the ones who want to avoid you. Being a traveler, it can be difficult to connect with the locals. While some may completely ignore you, the others would turn out to be the friendliest people you know.

Many times you are likely to run into places where the locals stare badly and make you feel unwanted. This generally happens at the non-touristy places.

8. You will Not Get Sunburnt In Alaska

things to know about Alaska
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Mostly, people consider Alaska to be a place where there’s no sun and extreme cold and snow. Well, that is not how things actually are. The sun does appear but for a short time of 3 to 4 hours. It may not be too hard on you during this time. Moreover, there isn’t constant darkness. You will have light around you. You may enjoy the midnight sun at an amazing party.

9. Little Or No Cell Phones

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People think of Alaska as one of the most secluded and remote destinations where there will be no sources of communication. There are some parts of Alaska where you may not find cellphone networks but most of the tourist paths support communication. Surprisingly many towns have great coverage. However, there are chances that you don’t receive calls once outside the cities.

10. There Are Paved Roads

things to know about Alaska
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The days when roads in Alaska were dirty and bumpy have gone far away. Almost all tourist highways are well maintained concrete roads that offer you an amazing experience. This doesn’t mean that you will never come across bumpy or dirty roads. In fact, there are many roads that end up in the middle of nowhere.

11. It’s Home To The Largest National Parks In The USA

things to know about Alaska
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The Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Canyon, or the Death Valley, none of them are the largest national parks in America. It is Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska. 7 out of the 10 national parks in the USA are found in Alaska. Each one of them has something special to offer its visitors. This is one of the most fascinating things to know about Alaska.

Situated to the extreme north of Alaska, The Gates of the Arctic National Park is the least visited national park. On the other hand, Denali National Park takes you to the highest point in Alaska, surrounded by forests and glaciers. Further, stretching out from amid the mountains to the coast with the bright blue glaciers is the Glacier Bay National Park. All of them are worth visiting.

12. You Cannot Drive Into Denali National Park

things to know about Alaska
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Holding on to 92 miles of snow-covered mountains and low valleys, Denali National Park would makeup an amazing road trip. But before you plan one, know that you cannot. There’s only one road in the national park where private vehicles are not permitted after a small distance.

The only option you have is to get on a park bus, run by one of the permitted companies. While most of the visitors get to know this after reaching there, it is disappointing. Therefore, before you plan anything make sure to research.

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13. Everything Cannot Be Explored Throughout The Year

things to know about Alaska
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Many of Alaska’s tourist attractions close down during winters. During winter months most of the hotels and wildlife here go into hibernation. If you were planning to visit Alaska at the end of fall, this is something important to know. Even the most popular national parks tend to close down at this time and reopen later in spring. Keep this in mind while you make plans.

14. Alaska Offers Great Beer

things to know about Alaska
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People who haven’t known Alaska so well may never think of it as a great place for beers. But once you’re here, you can savor on some of the best and most popular beers in the world. The place has the freshest waters in the world and certainly, this is one of the reasons for its amazing beer. While you explore do not miss out on the local beer.

15. Alaska Is A Great Place For Foodies

things to know about Alaska
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While people may travel to Alaska for adventure activities, glaciers, and ice caves, there’s hardly anyone who realizes the fact that this place offers a spectacular local cuisine. Once you’re here, you will know that there are a variety of crabs and fish recipes ruling over the hear of visitors and crowds at local restaurants. Make sure you savor on most of them.

This list can further go too long. However, the points mentioned above will surely give you a brief idea of everything you can do in Alaska and what things need to be avoided. Make sure to research and plan well before you leave home.

Keep Traveling!

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