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Plan Your Visit To The Diamond Beach In Iceland

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While there are thousands of incredible places around the world, Diamond Beach Iceland will give you an experience you will cherish throughout your life. The world is a great place and life is too short to keep postponing your travel plans.

The next time you’re ready to explore the dreamiest places on earth, Iceland’s Diamond Beach is one you should never miss. Read further through this amazing guide to exploring paradise.

Iceland is all about ice caves, lava fields, and volcanic craters along with the spellbinding natural beauty. The surreal country will make you forget the rest of the world as you immerse into its elegance breath by breath.

Diamond Beach Iceland
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There are icebergs and glaciers that giveaway a glimpse of various activities happening underwater. The Diamond Beach and the Glacier Lagoon are two places that offer fantastic views of the entire spectacular place.

The Diamond Beach sits right across the street from the Glacier Lagoon. However, it’s quite easy to miss out if you’re not carefully looking for it. Also, you may need to take up a little road trip before you reach there. This place is perfect to embrace some fresh, sea air before you anywhere further.

While Diamond Beach is a place every traveler should visit at least once in a lifetime, there’s something that makes it even special. Every visit here is likely to be different based on the number of ice chunks and icebergs on the shore and the weather.

Things To Do And See At The Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach Iceland

This is exactly what you imagine on a beach. However, you won’t find people sunbathing here on this black sand stretch. Icebergs and glaciers break off and land eventually on the beach. Therefore that’s certainly what you cannot do here. The sand remains covered with shards of ice in varying stages of melting.

There is a parking lot with not so clear markings so, better be careful. No, you won’t be alone there will be many other travelers who may be walking in the ice with you and their cameras, expecting some great snaps. The entire beach gets covered with a surreal haze, during sunsets, depending on the weather.

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Hiking Trails Nearby

Since you’re in Iceland, you will always have some great hiking trails around you. The Diamond Beach area and Jökulsárlón offer the most amazing and unique opportunity of glacier hiking at Vatnajökull.

Taking up a guided tour is the best option since it will save you a lot of hassle and ensure safety. The glacial ice here is unstable and continuously moving. Trained guides will help you well with safer routes and better hikes with their knowledge and tools. Plan it accordingly.

How To Reach There?

Diamond Beach Iceland
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As said before, this beach can be easily missed out even though it’s located just across the street from the Glacier Lagoon. If you’re heading towards here from the west, you need to take a right into the beach’ parking lot instead of turning left towards the lagoon.

Diamond Beach Iceland is known to be approximately 235 miles away from Reykjavik. this would mean a 5-hour road trip with no stops. You will find the beach right off the main road, Route-1. You can view the glaciers from the road. There are other signs that guide you further.

What To Wear?

You will be near water and it may be a little windier carrying a waterproof jacket that will help is it may also keep you warm. The weather here can take turns anytime. Therefore, it is suggestible to get appropriate preparations done for your outfits to keep it waterproof. Along with that, a pair of waterproof hiking boots will ease things for you.

Safety First

Diamond Beach Iceland
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Unlike other coastal regions here, it is advisable not to go into the water because of unpredictable water patterns and tides. Steer clear the waterline and make sure young children don’t wander alone too far. You also need to be careful while you walk around as it’s easy to trip over half-hidden pieces of ice. It’s important to save yourself from any accidents.

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Best Time To Visit The Diamond Beach Iceland 

Diamond Beach Iceland
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Like other attractions in Iceland, you will find crowds here too all over the day. However, to get some of the best photographs, sunsets are preferably the best. Early mornings and late nights are when there would be the least crowd.

During summers there will be more sunlight and you will have more time to enjoy all the activities you want. Moreover, winters being dark, you may hit the beach earlier if you crave natural light.

Make sure you plan well for this amazing experience.

Keep Traveling!

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