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10 Fun Things You Can do, Only in Europe (POV- Weird Too!)


You may have visited Europe many times but, each of your trips would have been limited to famous places only. Or you must have done only popular things to do in Europe.

If this has satisfied your inner traveler, we doubt if you really captured worthy memories.

This second-smallest continent has a different side too which only crazy travelers can see.

Literally, one has to be crazy to play with fireballs, hit people with a hammer, or run carrying your wife on your back.

But in the end, this is fun.

We challenge you to do everything mentioned in our list here on your next trip to Europe. You’ll surely return with unforgettable memories.

Weird Things to Do in Europe

1. Get Healed From Heartbreak in Croatia

In the cultural city of Croatia, who would have thought they will find a way to recover from heartbreak?

Zagreb has a Museum of Broken Relationships where tourists can go on an emotional journey.

The museum is the brainchild of two heartbroken artists- Olinka Vistica ( a film producer) and Drazen Grubisic( a sculptor).

You must be wondering what the museum has. Well, it has collections of heartbreak stories of lovers around the world.

After knowing their stories, one will surely feel deeply connected to this place. There’s also a cafe ‘Brokenships Cafe‘ that serves comforting meals to help you deal with the emotional rollercoaster you’ve gone through.

Where-  The Museum of Broken Relationships is in Kulmer Palace located in Ćirilometodska ul. 2, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Timing and Fees–  Everday from 9 AM to 9 PM, 10 AM to 9 PM during winters

A ticket fee of 50 kn must be paid if you are an adult.

Visit The Museum of Broken Relationships

2. Ride Monte Basket Cars or Carros de cesto

Ever ridden a toboggan without snow? In Europe, you can!

things to do in europe

Come to the Island of Madeira where you will find the streets full of tourists enjoying sledding even in summer.

Two men dressed in white, wearing straw hats and rubber-soled boots will take you on fun-filled Monte Toboggan rides.

Hold the wooden sled tightly because you’ll be sliding down at the speed of 48km/hr.

Don’t worry about the brakes, the guides will land you safely in the town of Funchal in just 10 minutes.

Where- Funchal, Island of Madeira

Timings and Fees– 9 AM to 6 PM every day only at €25/person

Don’t miss the toboggan ride experience as you won’t get it anywhere else!

3. See the Weirdest Roadside Attractionthings to do in europe

A road trip unfolds the view one cannot see otherwise. And in Finland, this trip will take you to the weirdest tourist attraction in Finland.

The Parikkala Sculpture Park is unlike other parks in Finland that are filled only with natural greenery.

The sculptures here are 50 years old but they are not boring even by an inch.

From upside-down human sculptures, statues in yoga poses, mischievous children statues, and dinosaurs to ‘Gimme a Hug,’ there are many to amaze you.

Where- The park is located in the Southern Finland Province in the Koitsanlahti region. It is only 50 km from Imatra.

Timing and Fees- Open 24 hours and visit is free of cost

Visit Parikkala Sculpture Park

[ Fact- Parikkala Sculpture Park is listed as the scariest tourist attraction in Europe. So, visit at your own risk!]

4. Stay in a Cube House for a Day

cube house in europe

After seeing the cube houses of Rotterdam, you’d either not stop scratching your head or appreciating the architecture.

These houses have really crazy designs and we wonder how someone could even come up with such an idea.

Their bright yellow color and window designs are the attraction. Well, those hexagon-shaped houses serve other than architectural treats.

Architect Piet Blom built this village of cube houses to optimize the space inside the rooms.

You can even live in one of the cube houses if you wonder how it looks from the inside. Book a room at the Stayokay Hostel Rotterdam and check on your own.

Visit Stayokay Hostel Rotterdam

Where– Overblaak 85- 87, 3011 MH – Rotterdam

Timings – Check-in time is 14:00 and Check-out at 11:00 AM

Booking charges-  INR 3,248

5. Ditch Clothes in Cap d’Agde, Francenaturist resort in france

Packing clothes is the most confusing thing for a trip but if you are visiting France, pack nothing.

The country has several naturist resorts where tourists can go bare and enjoy vacations as long as they want.

Cap d’Agde is the most preferred as it is the largest naturist resort area in the world where clothing is optional.

At night, the resort becomes even more awkward because of sexual and swinger activities. But, this is not the only reason tourists prefer Cap d’Agde.

From accommodation options, beaches, and cafes, to nearby attractions; it has everything to make Cap d’Agde a perfect tourist destination in France.

Where- Avenue de la joliette Port Nature 5 CAP D, 34300 Agde, France

Cost– €15 per person for an FFN card for entrance

Learn More About Cap d’Agde France

[ Note- Do not click photos and videos as it is strictly restricted to maintain the privacy of all tourists.]

6. Spend a Night in Prisonkarosta prison tour

You may call us crazy for this suggestion but this is one of the weirdest things to do in Europe.

And tourists don’t hesitate in taking a tour of the prison. The Karosta Prison and Museum in Liepaja is one of the most unique hotels in the world.

Initially, the hotel was a military hospital and then turned into a detention center later.

What to do?

  • Explore the history of Karosta
  • Do shopping at Karosta souvenir shop
  • Eat the Soviet-era style buffet
  • Watch film
  • Click pictures in historical costumes
  • Enjoy spy games
  • Try the challenge of an escape room

Visit Karosta Prison

Where-  Invalīdu iela 4, Liepāja, LV-3402, Latvia

Opening hours– Morning 10 AM to evening 6 PM ( Timings are a subject to change)

Ticket price– €3-4.50

[ Fact- No detainees have ever escaped the prison. Usually, they were revolutionaries, Tsar’s navy sailors, officers, and soldiers of the Soviet army. ]

7. Dive Into a Pool of Beer

things to do in europe

For a hophead swimming into a pool of beer is like a dream come true. When in Austria, The Starkenberger brewery will make it a reality.

The brewery has a pool of 42,000 pints of fresh beer in which you can literally dive in.

Although it’s tempting to taste the beer while swimming, you are not allowed to sip even a single drop.

To quench your thirst for beer, try the drinkable version of it. For that, you have to make advance booking.

Visit Starkengerger Brewer

Where- Griesegg 1, 6464 Tarrenz

Fees- €250 per vat

[ Fact- The beer bath is actually good for your skin and cures various skin conditions. It also boosts blood circulation.]

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8. Hit the Strangers with Plastic Hammersao joao festival of porto

One of the weird festivals around the world is celebrated in Portugal where people pat strangers’ heads with plastic hammers.

It is a part of the São João Festival – a 700-year-old festival where people greet strangers with hammers.

Earlier, the wilting leek was used in the place of hammers. Portuguese see wilting leek as a symbol of good luck.

But since it was not cheap and reusable, plastic hammers have been used more recently.

What Else to do at São João Festival?

  • Release hot air balloons
  • Eat the traditional dish- grilled sardines
  • Take a freezing bath in the water of Matosinhos
  • View the colorful fireworks at D.Luis Bridge
  • Enjoy the music concert at Avenida dos Aliados

When- Although the festival falls on June 24 but the festivities and preparation begin in the first week of June

9. Visit the Cursed Town of Italycursed town of italy

This is probably the last unusual thing you would do in Europe or in your entire life.

Colobraro is a small cursed town in Italy whose name is not even taken by the locals. According to the folktales, saying the town’s name brings iella which means bad luck.

There are also tales of kids born with two hearts or lungs, visitors often met accidents, random landslides, and more.

All these have reinforced the belief that Colobraro is cursed. Despite this many visitors come here and watch the famous ‘Dream of a Night…in That Village‘ show.

Where- South Basilicata

[ Note- Must buy an abitino amulet necklace to protect yourself from evil if visiting the town during August.] 

10. Participate in Wife-Carrying World Championship

weird things to do in europe

Call them weird, but the wife-carrying race is the funniest thing to do in Europe.

The race is organized in the Sonkajärvi town of Finland where both married and non-married couples can participate.

However, the wife should be 49kg of weight or carry a rucksack to become eligible. If you win the race, you’d get a bag full of merchandise or beer equal to the weight of your wife.

But winning the wife-carrying competition is not easy as there are several obstacles in the path. Still, it’s fun as there are other prizes too like best costume or entertaining couple.

Where – Sonkajärvi, Finland

Fees- 50 Euro

What Else to do?

  1. Have fun at the Beer Terrace
  2. Fishing and canoeing in Nurmijoki
  3. Hiking in Volokinpolku
  4. Learn cultural history at the International Bottle Museum

Our list of crazy things to do in Europe ends here but it’s just the beginning of a truly memorable trip of yours. So, bookmark the post and get ready to experience the fun side of Europe.

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