Destination Wedding7 Unusual Destination wedding dream in these beautiful places

7 Unusual Destination wedding dream in these beautiful places


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A wedding is the most important moment of every life, with a dream of an unusual destination wedding, the bride and Groom both try hard to make their wedding perfect. Destination wedding seems to be a good idea to many people however very few of them get a chance to have a destination wedding in the right place.

We have brought you the top 7 places that are meant for a dream destination wedding.

1. Mexico

Mexico destination wedding

The country is just filled with happening and friendly people that attract a large number of tourist to visit Mexico. However, it has some mesmerizing places that are perfect locations for your dream wedding. With a number of Palace resorts, luxury hotels, and alluring beaches, one will get unlimited options for wedding her.

2. Bahamas

Bahamas destination wedding

It’s a place where one will get a number of Island on which they can get married. Here posh private estates are available for those who are thinking about the destination wedding. Terraced gardens and Augustine and cloister make the view extremely beautiful.

3. Kauai

Kauai destination wedding

Exotic tropical Islands are considered romantic when it is about a destination wedding. Kauai is also known as the Garden Island plus people here will arrange a robust wedding program for you. Also, it is easy to find wedding decorators that make your ceremony more precious and beautiful.

4. Caribbean

Carribean destination wedding

It is mainly known for an unusual destination wedding as many celebrities get married on this Island. Grand Cayman Beach resort has been an amazing resort where many people get married. Also, you will find talented people for wedding hosting. Also, the Island contains bars and restaurants nearby the resort for your guests.

5. Jamaica

Jamaica destination wedding

The gold sand beaches surrounded by beautiful mountains make this place look like a Fairy Tale. It’s not wrong to say that it’s a birthplace of a perfect destination wedding. Besides this, the ceremonies organized here are above comparison plus plantation style mansions give life to these ceremonies.

5. Italy

Italy destination wedding

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When you heard the word Italy then we already think about romantic places and thus there is no better place than Italy for a dream and one of the most unusual destination wedding.

The Lake Como is a beautiful gateway and suitable for your wedding. With various hotels, your guest will get luxurious services along with beautiful destinations.

6. Las Vegas

Las vegas destination wedding

Vegas is not just about gambling but destination weddings have also happened here. With various posh hotels, you will get different options for your business. Give your guest a luxurious hospitality with their quality services.

7. Florida

Florida destination wedding

The geographical range of Florida gives you a number of options as it is mainly famous for themed weddings. Also, with lots of amazing characters, you will get that fun and excitement at your own wedding. It’s also in the list of amongst the unusual destination wedding.

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