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Travel guide – 13 Tips and suggestion for travelling Europe

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One of the most exciting places you can visit in the world is Europe but as the place is unknown to most of the people. Here we brought you a Europe travel guide that will let you know what you can do in Europe, how much it cost etc.

Here’s The List Of Europe Travel Guide

1. Typical Costs

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People who are traveling to Europe for the first time, know about the typical cost which ranges between 18-40 EUR per night but it can vary according to hotels and the size of the rooms.

However, if you want to spend the night in some posh hotels then it will be expensive for sure. Also, the number of stars also determines the cost of the hotel rooms as more stars mean more expensive rooms.

2. Food

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Well, when you are exploring any country then you will find the real taste of it on the streets. In Europe, you will find a number of small stalls and shops on the street plus the food is tasty along with being cheap.

If you have expensive taste then you can eat in a hotel for sure but in my view, it is better to prefer shops and stalls.

3. Transportation

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Europe is a developed country where you can find a number of transportation facilities while traveling around. Local tram, bus, subway are available for you.

Also, you can hire your personal vehicle to explore the city but it will cost you more. According to me, it is better to travel via public transport as you can see more Europe through it.

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4. Activities

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You will get a vine tour at a price of 90 EUR per day. Also, there is an Eiffel tower where you can visit and there you have to spend around 7 to 17 EUR per visiting.

Also, if you want some daring activities then you can try bike tours or go on hiking, Bunji jumping or for cruises etc. In other words, a full day tour can cost around 100 EUR.

5. Money saving tips in Europe

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Well, there are many ways through which you can save money. Most of us spend money on food so it is better to quite posh hotels and go to local shops and stalls. You can even try food trucks as they offer good quality food at cheap.

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Besides this, you can shop from there where the discount is given by the shopkeepers. Go for a tourist card as it will save you lots of money and make sure to drink less. Also, rail passes and free city tours are a great way to explore the city in cheap.

6. Travel Off Season

Off-season travel is the best possible way to avoid chaos and also money including airfare, accommodations, train tickets, and tours. Most of the top-rated tourist attractions are open all year round. Just make sure the visiting hours during the offseason.

7.  Check Visa Requirements

The worst part about visiting your favorite place is if your entrance in that country is denied as you don’t have a tourist visa. Interestingly, most European countries don’t require a visa for small visits, so, know these countries.

Also, search online requirements for a tourist visa and even that if you need to receive a visa while you arrive at the airport or online ahead of arrival. There so many online websites that mention visa requirements. So, find them prior to time.

8. Use Budget Airlines

With a bucket full of budget airline carriers all over Europe, you can fly almost anywhere for cheap when booking with budget airlines. Airfare will be often cheaper than tickets of trains, but the least expensive seats are sold fastest.

When you are negotiating on airfare, ensure to check the extra charges and taxes which are generally not included in the advertised rate. Also, ignore extra luggage fees by searching rules of every airline on hand baggage and the size of the luggage. Packing lightweight luggage will help you in avoiding extra baggage charges.

9. Traveling In Europe By Train

It’s very effective and efficient to travel to Europe by train; It depends upon your resting place; also, easier than to travel by air. At the station, book your ticket with a real person because of a few options that are not achievable at the kiosks. Make sure you validate your ticket before you board the train to avoid any fines!

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10. Advance Reservations

Making advance reservations is the best way to have good touring facilities and accommodations, especially in peak seasons. Booking hotels, airfare, train tickets, and advance tours also ensure the great pricing that are offered.

11. Go For Comfy Shoes to Walk Anywhere

The best possible way to explore a beautiful city is to a lot of walking while you’re on your European vacation. Hence, having comfy walking shoes is a must.

12. Bring a Suitcase You Can Carry

Traveling to the train station, walking to paves streets, carrying your baggage via stairs of your hotel or giving extra luggage fees, packing a lightweight suitcase is a must.

13. Stay Longer in One Place

If you stay longer in one place, you experience the city like you’re a local there. Be friends with the locals and find local restaurants there.

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