Dining18 Food Paradise Places for travellers

18 Food Paradise Places for travellers


Traveling is a great way to taste the different cuisines of different places plus without food, ones traveling journey is meaningless. Today we have brought you some food travel destinations for food lovers. So, let’s explore these food paradises:

Best Foodie Trips

1. Croatia

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How about tasting the cuisine of the Ottoman Empire as Croatia has been a food paradise for food lovers?  Here you will find world class chef plus the local taste of it is also amazing.

It has a diverse culture due to which you can taste a variety of dishes like meats, noodles, bears etc.

2. Jamaica

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Have you ever heard about jerk chicken? Well, it belongs to Jamaica and this is a place where you can taste tropical fruits. It’s like a food nation as from codfish to egg like dishes, their taste will surprise you.

3. Germany

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The country is famous for its flavourful food as dishes like noodles, cakes, sausages; pretzels, etc. are mouth-watering plus this place is even ideal for vegan people. There are a number of vegan dishes that will satisfy your tongue. It’s one of the best foodie cities in Europe.

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4. Peru

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The county is known as the nation of chef and thus its food is epic. From traditional dishes to the Morden one, everything is very tasty here. As it has a multicultural population then you will get multicultural food in Peru.

5. India

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Indian food is like India as various flavors symbolize the diverse culture of it. Also, it is famous for spices and thus each and every dish of it is full of flavors along with being satisfying. You will get unlimited dishes here will be liked by your tongue and stomach. India welcomes you with one of the best foodie trips.

6. Burma

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Although it is an isolated place on earth its cuisine is amazingly tasty. It is the ultimate destination for food lovers. The cuisine is a great combination of Thai and Vietnamese food and thus you will get a unique taste here.

7. Georgia

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The western travelers made this place epic as you will get the most out of it. The place is famous for its unique cuisine plus fresh ingredients are used to cook food in here. Also, the local ingredients are excellent that made an excellent dish.

8. Sri Lanka

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The cuisine is inspired by India as it was a part of India long ago. However, its seafood is tasty and you will taste a large number of seafood dishes here. So, explore it and get the taste of the sea.

9. Bangkok, Thailand

Chinatown of Bangkok is one of the best cities which serves delicious street food. You just can’t ignore the street food here in Bangkok. The place is famous for aromatic rice and for lunch, poached chicken. The crowd loves bean curd and sweet soymilk.
A wide range of savory dishes ranges from Phad Thai noodles at night to finger licking grilled satay.

10. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo houses plenty of Michelin restaurants than any other city in the entire world, but somewhere down the line, the Japanese cuisine is often limited to Sushi! The place is also popular for serving grilled meats.

11. Honolulu, Hawaii

The typical Hawaiian Street is the Rainbow shaved ice. The food here is an innovative, artistic jumble of cuisines, a fusion of local cultures along with culinary tastes from the mainlands of Aisa, United Staes, and Latin America. Enjoy the famous raw fish salads called, poke (poh-kay), which is easily available.
The most classic options are the Tuna and octopus which are fused with flavors that are inspired from kimchi to ceviche. The city does invite flourishing food truck culture.

12. Durban, South Africa

Perhaps it’s because of Durban’s lovely year-round weather, or maybe it’s the Indian influence, but the city is southern Africa’s reigning street food champ.
South Africa is a place which reflects Indian cuisine in its food. There’s a fusion of local cuisine and local culture having its origin from Indian, Zulu, and white South Africans which brings a mix of everything from each one of it. The town is well-known for its curries.

13. New Orleans, Louisiana

As per the saying in Louisiana, the gas stations offer more good food than a few of the finest restaurants in the country.

The traditional food such as red rice and beans served with a sausage of andouille and a thick slice of butter of French bread. The place is even famous for sandwiches transported in by Sicilian migrants. Pho noodle is the famous street food here.

14. Istanbul, Turkey

The most appreciable street food of Turkey is possibly limited to a cross amid a pretzel and a bagel. The snacks are dipped in molasses, they are freshly baked, and have the layer of sesame seeds. Durum Kebabs are so very famous in Istanbul. Turkish ice is like everywhere and just great specifically in pistachio. Lahmacun, the Turkish Pizza is so satisfying here.

15. Hong Kong

You must go dining at a dai pai dong street restaurant. The city is best known for Cantonese egg waffleand sweet tofu custard.

16. Paris, France

The street vendors when roast the chestnuts is the ultimate thing to see. A delicious buckwheat crepe is one of the delicious food here.

17. Mexico City, Mexico

People used to Tex-Mex north of the border often don’t know what to expect when they order Mexican food in Mexico.
Mexico City is all about grilled meats, fresh Tortillas, and tlacoyos which is served with cheese, favas, and the green salad.
There are tours like Eat Mexico guide where you are served drinks of rice and for breakfast- masa, you enjoy the mexcal, and late-night tacos.

18. Cairo, Egypt

A few of the Egyptian street food has evolved globally like shawarma, falafel, and kofta, giving you a great urban snack feel. And in Cairo, there’s pasta, lentils, Koshary mixes, and chickpeas that are served with vinegary-tomato sauce. Experience one of the best foodie trips here.

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