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Explore Top 5 National Parks In India With Luxurious Stays

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Visiting a national park seems nothing more than experiencing wildlife from the naked eyes and a fun trip for the family. But in reality, the national parks of India have a lot more to offer. They are home to hundreds of species some being endangered such as Snow leopard, one-horned rhinoceros, and more.

Besides this, they can be an adventurous stay for travelers who wish to explore more in the dense forest of these parks. These top 5 national parks in India are the best for such travelers.

Bandhavgarh National Park

bandhavgarh national park

Spread in the area of 105 sq km of Umaria district, MP, Bandhavgarh is the home to 22 different species of mammals. Tigers are major attraction within every 5 km of the total area of the park. However, there are other mammals like Palm Squirrel, Wild pigs, Jungle Cat, Gray Mongoose, Bandicoot rat, and many more are rarely visible.

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The park is also a great tourist spot for bird watchers as more than 250 bird species are found here. One can take either a jeep Safaris or elephant ride to explore Bandhavgarh from morning 10 am to 4 pm. Besides fauna, the park also has rich flora and lies at the 800m above sea level in the Vindhya Hills.

Where To Stay?

mogli jungle resort

To have an uninterrupted experience at Bandhavgarh, book your stay in the nearby luxurious resort Mogli Jungle Resort. It is only 2 km away from the park and is located in the major tiger spot for tourists. The resort offers a comfortable room, swimming pool, library, and large dining space.

Kaziranga National Park


If Assam is your next destination, then must-visit to the Kaziranga National Park which is also a world heritage site. Sheer forest, open landscapes, Brahmaputra River, and great biomixture enhance the beauty of this park.

One-horned rhinoceros is the major attraction of this park as 2/3 of the rhinos across the globe live here. But, tourists not just come for rhino; swamp deer, Indian Muntjac, Asiatic buffaloes, gaur, and many more are good to see here during jungle safari.

Where To Stay?

dhanshree resort

Your trip to Kaziranga is going to be exhaustive as the park is spread across 430 sq km of the area so relax in the nearby Dhanshree resort. The resort also offers pickup services to the tourists who wish to hire elephant or jeep safari from the doorsteps of their room.
Also, travelers can enjoy the local folk dance sessions upon request.

Nagarhole National Park

top5 national parks in india

Rajiv Gandhi National Park aka Nagarhole is a perfect tourist spot for those planning a trip to Mysore. It’s the 37th tiger reserve under the Project Tiger and is located at the foothills of Western Ghats. Some of the rarest trees like the Indian kino tree, lantana, clumping bamboo, golden shower tree, and more are found here.

The common sights are Sambar deer, male gaur, tusker, tigers, sloth bear, smooth-coated otters, and ospreys.

Where To Stay?

jungle inn resort

Wildlife at Nagarhole can be best enjoyed from an eco-friendly resort that lies within 0.5km of the park. Jungle Inn is, however, not a luxurious stay but a peaceful place for those who want a close look at nature and enjoy light sports activities during the trip.
Water rafting, bicycle riding, trekking, and other activities offered by the resort will double the fun of tourists. Campfire in the evenings is a soothing experience to enjoy nights at Nagarhole.

Sudnerbans National Park

top 5 national parks in india

Two great Indian rivers form a delta at the Sunderban region of West Bengal making the land fertile and suitable for the wildlife of the area. Majorly tigers are found within the 1355 km of the Sunderban thus it’s also known as the Land of tigers.

In the winter season, you can see royal Bengal tigers taking sun-bathing which is surely a great view. Another eye-catching scene is the mangrove forest spread across the area. The mesmerizing views of the park, humming bees, beautiful birds, and diverse flora and fauna will make you forget the city life.

Where To Stay?

sunderban national park

Tora Eco Resort is one of the best places to stay during your trip to Sunderban. The rooms at Tora won’t make you forget the rural culture even for a second. It’s completely eco-friendly and runs on solar power. There is also a fishing pond within the resort.

It also offers you the cruise facility to explore the unknown stories of Sunderbans during the cruise journey. Apart from a cruise, you can also enjoy local folk dance, mud walks, and participate in the other village activities.

Gir National Park

national parks in india

The only habitat of Asiatic Lions after Africa, Gir National Park is also home to hard-to-find mammals like blackbuck, pygmy woodpecker, and more. There are around 213 adult lions within the park whereas the count of female lions is around 200.

Where To Stay?

sukhsagar resort
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However, there are several luxurious resorts within the vicinity of Gir but Sukhsagar is the most luxurious and comfortable stay. Tourists can relax in the AC rooms that have seamless internet and TV connection as well.

Both veg and non-veg meals are served here and for the fitness fanatics, the resort also offers a health club.

These were the top 5 national parks in India where you can plan the next trip for a never-ending and unforgettable wildlife experience.

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