Adventure Trip15 Funny things to do Fort Myer vacations

15 Funny things to do Fort Myer vacations


If you love beaches then you must know about Fort Myers and Sanibel, one will never forget about any beaches on Fort Myers. It has the best beaches in the world. But, if you are first to visit there or planning to visit there, then today, this article will help you a lot.

If you are visiting Fort Myers and Sanibel, then here are the bucket list of things you can do in that area:

1. Hunt for shells


One can spend most of the time by hunting shells. You will be able to find as many varieties of shells as much you can.  The resort in which you stay will also provide you a small bag so that you can collect all found shells in it.  The beach has around 400 or more variety of shells. It’s one of the best things to do in Fort Myers Beach.

2. Kayak at Sunset


You may have seen so many sunsets but we are sure no one like Fort Myers. You can go to the Captiva island it is very near to Fort Myers and also the best place to take a wonderful view of Kayak, Boat, SUP, and a beautiful sunset.

3. Cruise ride


S you can book to the island-hopping excursion so that you can explore the place in a more better way. It makes you feel like you are exploring your own island. There you can spend time in the restaurant and can eat your favorite food like Pizza, burger, etc. Foodie will surely love this place as the food is so just delicious.

4. Visit a Microbrewery


The Brewing company in Microbrewery makes so many delicious brews  and also make as per your order. You can get the best taste beer ever only at brewing company of Fort Myer. Other things to do at Microbrewery is to play cornhole, eat a food tempo,  and if you have your dog with you then it would be a loving time for both of you.

5. Eat Specialty Doughnuts


You will have access to so many doughnut flavors to select from only at Bennett’s Fresh Roast.  They can toast around 800 pounds of coffee and from this can make 15,000 doughnuts in a month.

6. Pickleball lesson


It is badminton, tennis as well as tennis hybrid sport that is played with a Wiffle ball and paddle.  The Pickleball was invented in the late 1960s, however, has recently taken by North America.  The best part is that you can enjoy the lesson while taking a view of the lake.

7. MLB training game


The Best time to visit there is, the spring,  you can also catch spring training program when visiting Fort Myer. it contains more than  20 games of which you can take training and can play.  It has more things to offer.

Now, ready to pack your bag and have a journey to Fort Myer beaches. The beaches can be visited by family members, friends, children’s and with anyone you would love to go.

8. Visit Sanibel and Captiva Island

Via: Royal Shell Vacation Rentals

Just drive towards Sanibel and Captiva Islands which are 45 minutes away from Sanibel and it takes an hour to reach Captiva, but the trip is truly worth. Also, there exist shuttle boats which will make you reach the place pretty fast. Both the islands are popular for smooth, fine, and soft sand, serene beaches, and lovely seashells. Fine dining and lodging are also available here.

9. Hit At Newton Park

newton park

Newton Park is a historic home which includes covered tangled hut, bocce court, and picnic tables. It’s a relaxing location where families and young children can enjoy at the fullest. The Mound House repeatedly offers free guided walk on the beach along with a natural historian that disappear from that site. There’s outdoor showers, restrooms, on-site parking, and easy beach access.

10. Have a Dolphin Tour

Dolphin tour
bottlenose dolphins

The Gulf Of Mexico gathers the attention of marine life, and especially Dolphins love its warm waters. So, don’t dare to miss a Dolphin tour here. This intelligent mammal will leave no stone unturned to blow your mind away. However, by taking a boat ride on rent, you yourself can head out there. Also, there are several Dolphin tour operators in the region that take you to hang out with the Dolphins. Be sure to go for a knowledgeable and certified guide so as to feel the ultimate experience.

11. Visit Captiva Island


Captiva is another fantastic place to visit while you’re in Fort Myers. The place is linked to the Northern coast of Sanibel Island via a bridge. The extensive white sand beaches with so many visitors love to relax here.

12. Visit Cayo Costa State Park


Taking a boat ride, drive your way to Cayo Costa State Park, the place which was adorned with beautiful nine miles beaches and pine forest. And the boat ride is the only way to reach this place. You can spend

For an unforgettable night consider camping on Cayo Costa, reservation must be made well in advance but would be an epic place to rest your head. You can spend the time here while snorkeling, searching for shells,kayaking, walking along the beach, and so much more.

13. Fresh Local Seafood

sea food
Via: The News-Press

There are dozens of exotic restaurants located in Ft. Myers where you can have the taste of every day fresh seafood. Do try the famous scallops here in the scallop season (starting from last Saturday of June until September 24). And if by chance you miss scallop season, then forget to miss Stonecrabs season, which long last from October 15 – May 15.

14. Explore Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium

Via: Eagle News

The place houses a museum in the 105-acre nature place. There are 3 hiking trails, bird and butterfly aviaries, and a beautiful planetarium. The place gathers the attention of families and offers fun opportunities for kids to learn about butterflies, gators, and other indigenous species in the region. The cherry on top is that it’s damn economical. It’s one of the best things to do in Fort Myers with kids.

15. Have Fun at Zoomers Amusement Park

amusement park
Viaa: YouTube

Children would be pleased if they visit Zoomers. This amusement park which is both indoor and outdoor provide mini-golf play, go-karts, bumper boats, roller coaster of Cobra, a Tilt-A-Whirl, and 6 new Midway rides. An indoor gallery is even open. However entry to Zoomers is for free, there is the availability of Z-cards if you want to have more fun. There is swiping of card, before each ride. All days of the week, Zoomers is opened regardless of rain or very hot day. It’s one of the free things to do in Fort Myers.

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