If you love beaches then you must know about  fort Myers and sanibel, one will never forget about any beaches on Fort Myers. It has the best beaches from the world. But if you are first to visit there or planing to visit there then today this article will help you a  lot.

If you are visiting to fort myers and sanibel then here are the bucket list of things you can do in that area:

Hunt for shells:

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One can spend their most of the time by hunting shells. You will be able to find as many varieties of shells as much you can.  The resort in which you stay will also provide you a small bag so that you can collect all found shells in it.  The beach have around 400 or more variety of shells.

Kayak at Sunset:

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You may have seen so many sun set but i am sure no one like Fort Myers. You can go to the Captiva island it is very near to Fort myer and also the best place to take a wonderful view of Kayak,  Boat, SUP, and a beautiful sunset.

Cruise ride:

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S you can book to the island-hopping excursion so that you can explore the place in a more better way. It makes you feel like you are exploring your own island. There you can spend time in restaurant and can eat your favourite food like Pizza, burger etc. Foodie will love this place without visiting anywhere as there foods are very

Visit a Microbrewery:

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The Brewing company in Microbrewery makes so many delicious brews  and also make as per your order. You can get the best taste beer ever only at brewing company of Fort Myer. Other things to do at Microbrewery is to play cornhole, eat a food tempo,  and if you have your dog with you then it would be a loving time for both of you.

Eat Specialty Doughnuts:

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You will have access to so many doughnut flavors to select from only at bennett’s Fresh roast.  They can toast around 800 pounds of coffee and from this can make 15,000 doughnut in a month.

Pickleball lesson:

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It is a badminton, tennis as well as tennis hybrid sport that is played with a wiffle ball and paddle.  The Pickleball was invented in late 1960s, however has recently taken by the North America.  The best part is that you can enjoy the lesson while taking a view of lake.

MLB training game:

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The Best time to visit there is at spring,  you can also catch spring training program when visit to fort Myer.  it contains more than  20 games of which you can take training and can play.  It has more things to offer.

Now, ready to pack your bag and have a journey to Fort Myer beaches. The beaches can be visited by family members, friends, children’s and with anyone you would love to go.

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