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Visit these amazing destination on Independence Day to understand the true sense of Freedom!

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India will be celebrating its 71st Independence Day tomorrow. Most of the people forget the actual reason why the day is so special and know as a Holiday on the calendar. But, on this day, almost everyone knows that our country get free and it is a day to celebrate your freedom. The word freedom has lots of meaning.

Today I am going to tell you about those places where you can actually enjoy the true essence of freedom. The list of places is mentioned below. Tomorrow head to these places to make your independence day with full freedom.

Must Visit Places on independence day

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh:

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

It is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh in Parvati valley.  It is also considered as a favorite place among trekkers, backpackers, as well as nature enthusiasts.  The actual beauty of the place cannot be spoken in words one can only enjoy its true beauty by visiting there

And enjoy the freedom like you never enjoyed before.

Palolem beach, Goa:

Palolem beach, Goa
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It is known and the best destination for travelers who search for comfort.  To feel truly liberated one should visit Palolem beach on this independence day.  It offers you great serenity.


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If you want to see a look of France than it is also possible to watch it in India. Yes,  Pondicherry is a destination that seems to be like France. The place is lovely and also have Auroville and beaches.

  If you are looking for a place where you can stay though free and get peace then Pondicherry is the right place. 

Mumbai, Maharashtra:

Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Literally, there is no better place in India than Mumbai to enjoy freedom.  One can enjoy freedom at its best only in Mumbai.  You can roam there at late night, night out eating, and much more can be done with freedom in Mumbai.

Khuri, Rajasthan:

Khuri, Rajasthan
Via: tourismguideindia.com

It’s a small village in Rajasthan,  and also popular for the sand dunes. Explore the khuri with your bike and ride the magnificent dunes will give you a thrilling experience.  Really riding here will make you feel like a free soul.

Bandhavgarh national park:

Khuri, Rajasthan

Very less have seen a tiger taking a walk in jungle or even hunting his prey.   Actually, that is free and you can only feel this at Bandhavgarh national park!

Araku Valley:

Araku Valley

It is a very small town surrounded with beautiful waterfalls, mountains, as well as lakes.  You can spend here your independence day sipping on coffee, watching the celebration of 15 August of different countries on youtube.

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As well as wipe flag here and feel freedom at your own. The place is best for the nature lovers as it is lush with tall green trees.

Kathchal Island:

Kathchal Island:
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The place where you can give your soul relax from the hustle and bustle. Nothing would be more pleasurable to visit a place that is covered with the beauty of nature.  From there you can also explore to nearby islands and the best part is that it is a crowd-free place.

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