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5 Reasons Why Germany Is One Of The Best Travel Destinations

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5 Reasons Why Germany Is One Of The Best Travel Destinations: Germany is rested in the middle of the Alps, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, formerly known for Hitler, Berlin Wall, and the Holocaust; A nation they know as Germany.

Baltic sea
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Today, we all know Germany as a country which synonyms efficiency, or perhaps perfection, or possibly as an illustration of perfection!

In 2019, be ready to visit Germany in your bucket list of best travel destinations. Here are 5 accurate and perfect reasons why you should have Germany on the list of your favorite adventure trips!

1) What’s With The Beer

German beer
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Pizza will Not Fill the Emptiness of Your Soul. You will also need a Beer!

Germans do take their beer seriously, and it means very seriously! “Pizza will not be able to fill the emptiness of your soul. You will also need a beer” is the literal translation to the German quote given above.

It was gone by days when the first image that came to mind was of Hitler or the Second World War or of the Holocaust.

Today Germany is known as Brewed Beers, 20,000+ huge castles, and Autobahn Cars that thought to be brought right out of Walt Disney productions.

In Europe, Germany is the most important beer market in Europe. Enjoy one of the best beers in the world during Oktoberfest or get high on Gluhwein, a traditional drink served warm or hot in winters, especially during Christmas.

2) Bike, Hike, Wear your Spikes!

hiking in germany
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Getting your shoes on and running all free in the Black Forest Trail!

Germany vegetation
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There are about 200,000+ km hiking trails in Germany, stuffed with beautiful faces of forests, rivers, mountains, and roads.

biking in germany
                               Via: hansrey.com

You may go for a lovely journey, taking an extended weekend; leave the paths, take the trails.

Some German trails are inviting enough for travelers; who can’t do anything resisting the call of mountains and wild.

Locals say that some of the most interesting hiking trails are Franconian Mountain Path, the Heidschnuckenweg Trail, the Rheinsteig Trail, the Edersee Forest Walk, and the Black Forest Trail.

Appealing weather, more beautiful terrain and the pleasure of breathing in the beautiful air of Germany, there’s no reason why we should not go on the hike today!

3) You Just Cannot Miss Skiing in Germany!

Bavarian Alps Skiing
                                    Via: skiingthealps.com

Skiing in the Bavarian Alps is what a passionate adventure-seeker loves!

Ski lovers from around the world make it a point to come to the Germanic Alps in winters, to learn snowboarding and skiing tricks; Or just indulge yourself with families in snowy winter for a memorable time.

In fact, skiing is not confined to the Alps in Germany; The Black Forest attracts the world with Germany’s oldest skiing club attracting thousands of travelers every year; snow-swear!

Germans feel lucky enough to be blessed with amazing ski resorts all over the country, some of the major include Arber, Nebelhorn. We’ve always had Alpsee-Grünten which comes side-by-side with free-parking, fun park, winter hiking trails, and not to forget; Germany’s longest tobogganing season throughout the year.

Looking for ski jumping during summers? Well, the country has Oschsenkopf in Fichtelgebirge.

4) Castles Which Cast a Spell

Castle of Neuschwanstein
                                 Via: getyourguide.com

Germany’s Castle of Neuschwanstein is one of the most clicked buildings!

A thing which is not at all hidden- the country holds 20,000+ castle tight on its soil.

The architectural magnificence of Germany was never a mystery, and it invites hundreds of thousands of people every year to see the magical spell these castles induce on the minds of travelers, taking them off to the medieval times.

The palaces in Germany reminds travelers of the Renaissance period where everything was going through a primary change, whether it’s literature, or architecture or medicines.

One might get surprised but some of these palaces are still in the possession of the original owners, and we like to believe this truth!

Do you want to take one on vacation? What if we say that you really could?

Don’t you forget seeing the castles of Neuschwanstein, Burg Eltz (33 generations and still in the possession of the actual lineage of owners), and especially the very popular Lichtenstein Castle which stands tall and mean despite being neglected quite a few times!

5) Carnivals, Festivals and Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest festival
                                     Via: theatlantic.com

One thing that Germany amaze us is – it never fails to surprise anyone. The country is sitting on its back for its cultural prosperity!

Walking streets on the Rose Monday parade in Northwest Germany or in southern Germany a day before; It is a host and you will be delighted at the grandiosity in which Germany celebrates its happiness.

You can’t refuse to participate in the grand carnival of Schoduvel (which literally means getting rid of the devil), which is in the city of Braunschweig, and its history goes back as 1293.

                                     Via: thrillophilia.com

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Oktoberfest – Another word for plenty of happiness; Some (read: major) beer and never-ending celebrations in Munich for a period of 16-18 days in butter! Every beer lover from around the world has the desires to attend Oktoberfest once in their life, and especially the ones who are traveling souls.

Don’t be surprised to know that this beer tent could accommodate as many as 10,000 beer-guzzlers!

Breathe in and out in German air, enjoy the beer time with your most-favorite partners – the best (they are snacks for your beer!), drive down the autobahn (well, there is no speed limit for your vehicle) Once Feel adrenaline rush while making your way down the slopes of the Bavarian Alps on arrival of winter!

We bet that Germany will turn on your traveler mode, whether it is summer or winter, and be it any time of the year.

How To Reach

Air travel is the most convenient and easiest way to travel to Germany. There are numerous direct flights to Germany from New Delhi and Mumbai and connecting flights from other major cities.

Best Time To Visit

The Arrival of October is considered the best time to visit Germany.

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