Bars and Clubs13 Spectacular Rooftop Bars for New Year’s Eve

13 Spectacular Rooftop Bars for New Year’s Eve


The countdown for New Year’s Eve has begun. Excited?  What do you think will make this New Year special? Well, new travel destinations are a perfect idea. If you are a lively, party soul, it is quite important to look for places that bring you jovial experiences. 

“Exploring new horizons is one of the liveliest resolutions. It will let you embrace life like never before.” 

Parties and your favorite drinks under the starlit sky are the ultimate best to spend time with loveliest people and yourself. Before the next enthralling year begins, reaching out to one of the best rooftop bars in the world could bring you all the required pleasures. 

Top Rooftop Bars Around the World for an Amazing New Year’s Eve

1. 230 Fifth, New York 

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This one’s undeniably a great place to be at during winters. Overlooking the miraculously lit NYC skyline, this rooftop bar features igloos. These look absolutely stunning and you can enjoy, sitting inside them; capturing the excellent views of the Empire State Building and Manhattan

Special Events: You may look ahead for a cheerful time in the grand party organized here on the New Year. Dance non-stop on the spectacular dance floors and interesting music preferences from the ’80s. Book your tickets in advance!

2. Spire 73 at Intercontinental, Los Angeles 

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The highest rooftop bar in Western Hemisphere, Spire 73 offers the best views of the city. The glimpses of Hollywood and surreal beaches all converge in one place. It is set perfectly with classic bar stools and comfortable sofas. Various Whiskeys and their signature cocktails are surely going to impress you.  

Special Events: Being the highest rooftop bar, Spire 73 is a perfect place to watch new year special fireworks in Los Angeles. A classic New Year celebration is hosted here featuring amazing music, festive cocktails, and great food.

3. SkyLounge, Amsterdam

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This is where both locals and tourists to Amsterdam reach to capture the most pleasing views of the city. Situated on the rooftop at DoubleTree by Hilton; you will be able to create some of the best moments. It is designed excellently with luxurious interiors that provide you a lounge-like atmosphere. As the evening strikes, the bar turns into a night club. 

Special Events: SkyLounge hosts a popular New Year party: “Sapphire Sky”. The blue theme creates sparkling surroundings and great experiences. You can capture spectacular views as the fireworks are lit. Dance to your favorite beats and savor amazing drinks and dishes. 

4. Ozone, Hong Kong 

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Escalated 480 meters above, Ozone at Ritz Karlton holds pride in being the highest rooftop bar in the world. It provides visitors the most enthralling views of Hong Kong. It provides you the best party experience and luxurious atmosphere. New Year’s events like here are hard to find somewhere else in the city. 

Special Events:  There are two events here: “OOH LA LA” Evening Brunch, and “OOH LA LA” New Year’s Eve Party. These events are held back to back. It is a glamorous evening with stunning dance and vocal performances by popular performers.

5. Transit Rooftop Bar, Melbourne 

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This rooftop bar in Melbourne has quite an interesting setup and features miraculous views of the city skyline and attractions nearby. These include the River Yarra and the botanical gardens. It includes both the open-air terrace and an indoor lounge. 

Special Events: The most popular event here is Transit “Uptown Swing Party”.  Boogie-woogie, jumping R&B and swinging Jazz align amazing party experiences for guests. With Live DJs and performances by the Shuffle Club, the atmosphere turns lively.

6. Fuego, Kuala Lumpur

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via: asia-bars

Fuego at Troika SkyDining is the best restaurant and terrace; providing you the most spectacular views from around. The restaurants continue with their efforts to offer the best of all tastes. Overlooking the Petronas Towers, the terrace is rich and colorful with sophistication and festive vibes. 

Special Events: On New Year’s Eve, Fuego serves a classic dinner. The event is made even more interesting with excellent DJ guests. The panoramic backdrops make it a great place to watch fireworks.

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7. CÈ LA VI, Singapore 

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via; mariefranceasia

The CÈ LA VI at Marina Bay Sands is a spectacular place to be at. Overlooking the ocean and gardens, it has a restaurant and a bar. This place is expansive and designed impressively. On the other side of it, there’s the Club Lounge and Sky Deck. 

Special Events: CÈ LA VI hosts “Vegas Nights” a jovial New Year’s Eve party. This place also allows you to capture some of the best front-row views of the fireworks that are lit as soon as midnight strikes.

8. LondonHouse, Chicago 

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Situated beside the Chicago River and Michigan Avenue bridge, this tri-level bar is one of the best rooftop bars Chicago. It has an indoor dining space, a large terrace: LH on 22 and private dining space too. It provides you with excellent views of skyscrapers. 

Special Events: There’s a grand party at LH on 21 and LH on 22. It boasts live music and dance, open-bar, confetti canons, photo booths, and multiple DJs.

9. Altitude Sky Lounge, San Diego

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Overlooking the glittering city skyline, this is a stunning place to reach for some great views and excellent drinks. You can also catch a glimpse of the baseball arena for San Deigo Padres. Providing great service and good drinks, it is the most common place people choose to reach after work in order to relax.  

Special Events: Altitude Sky Lounge organizes “Bottoms Up 2020” with free-flowing drinks and amazing food throughout the evening. Sip the domestic beers and taste some of the best desserts here. Along with the spectacular city views, you may also enjoy the fireworks.

10. Bokan 39, London 

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via: bokanlondon

When you’re seeking places that take you away from bustling cities, Bokan-39 will prove to be a perfect hideaway. It lets you capture some of the most gorgeous views of London. It is appreciated for Sunday jazz sessions, rooftop daybeds, and specialist gin bar. Also, this a great place to savor a wide variety of cocktails. 

Special Events: There are two ways you can enjoy new year’s eve at Bokan: Dining and Bar.

11. Double Six Seminyak, Bali 

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Settled at the Double-Six Luxury Hotel, Seminyak, the Rooftop Sunset Bar is one of the best places to chill. It is known to be the largest of all rooftop bars in Bali, measuring up to 1700 square meters. It overlooks the Indian Ocean and lets you capture panoramic sunsets. 

Special Events: The new year’s eve party, “HOLA 2020” is going to be an important attraction here. The Retro VJ and exuberant DJs will keep the atmosphere enthusiastic.

12. Fasano, Rio De Janeiro 

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Counted among the best rooftop bars in the world, Fasano could bring you various great experiences. Overlooking the Ipanema Beach, it offers miraculous views of the sea and skyline. Tasty food, refreshing juices and drinks would be great entertainers for you here. With a swimming pool in the middle of the terrace, this one is a great rooftop lounge

Special Events: The Classic New Year Dinner could be a fascinating experience at Fasano. You can enjoy the Champagne, appetizers and special cocktails.

13. Cafe Del Mar, Sydney  

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via: forfoodssake

This fascinating rooftop bar seems like a piece of Ibiza brought to Darling Harbour.  It has both a rooftop bar and a restaurant. It has chic interiors with floor-ceiling windows and large balconies. Alluring stunning blue and white shades, there’s one of the best outdoor bars. 

Special Events: You will enjoy the new year’s eve party at Cafe del Mar, with popular producer/ DJ Todd Terry. 

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While you explore various travel destinations for new year’s eve, the top rooftop bars will serve you with excellent experiences. Party Hard! 

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