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Tipping In Germany: All You Need To Know

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Traveling means eating out, in that case, you need to know the cultures of your respective travel destinations. Tipping is one of the most important concerns while eating in foreign countries since the logic and culture for this varies for all of them. Well, here we decided to help you out with tipping in Germany. If you’re visiting this fantastic place for the first time, you must read further, to know what to do while you eat out.

A Complete Guide To Tipping In Germany

Here are a few questions answered with regards to tipping in hotels in Germany.

Whether To Tip Or Not?

Tipping In Germany
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Tips are accepted in most of the restaurants. However, if you are not satisfied with the service, it’s not mandatory to leave a tip. A generous tip is a great way to show your appreciation of the excellent services you receive. Consider the fact that waiting tables is one of the least paid jobs and requires hard work. Appreciating someone could be a good gesture.

There are many other factors to consider before you tip. If you’re at a restaurant for a few moments or just to sip a cup of coffee you don’t have to leave a tip. for any other services like taxis, deliveries, salons, couriers services a tip is not excepted but is certainly appreciated. And yes, you don’t have to tip at supermarkets.

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On the other hand, there are free tours throughout Germany where young locals show introduce travelers to the place for free. You are not supposed to pay a fixed charge however a fair tip will be perfectly based on how satisfied you are from their services. Since the services are usually exemplary, make sure you leave a tip.

How Much Should You Tip?

Tipping In Germany
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There are no concrete rules for tipping in Germany. A nominal tip is a general custom here, referred to as Trinkgeld. Mostly people prefer rounding up the bill to the next Euro or add some more and that’s acceptable. 5% or 10% tip will be great at a restaurant. 15% tip at the same is considered to absolutely generous. Of course, you are free to go for anything more than that.

How To Tip?


Tipping in Germany
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Tipping is a common practice in most of the countries. While at many places people leave tips at the table, this isn’t the case for Germany. At the end of the meal, the server will appear to you with the bill and a wallet (or a card-swiping machine if you’re paying by card).

In case of cash payment, if you add a tip, tell the server how much change you expect. While paying with a card, tell the server how much tip you wish to add before he swipes the card. However, it’s better to tip in cash so that the tips reach the server.

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There are piggy banks outside various places where you may drop a few coins as per your wish. Outside public restrooms to there’s a dish for coins. The expected amount is clearly mentioned there. This is a kind of compulsory tip for the staff that keeps the washrooms clean.

This guide will surely help you with fair tipping in Germany. Plan your visit well.

Keep Traveling!

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