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15 Hidden Gems You Must Visit In Croatia

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Croatia is one of the most popular tourist places in Europe, Croatia is a country popularly known for attractions like split, Dubrovnik, and Zadar. But this is not much, there are some more destinations which are known as gems of Croatia. These are the islands of Croatia. Check out these beautiful islands in Croatia.

Most interesting spots in Croatia

1. Susak

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Susak is a small island on the northern Adriatic coast with less than 200 locals, no roads, and only one village.

The distinct yellow dust this chunk of land is made of, a dialect only 200 people on the planet fully understand and the fact that it is practically impossible to find only contribute to the island’s mystic presence. Reaching it by boat can be quite an adventure, as well as finding accommodation.

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2. Krk


The island of Krk is the biggest and northernmost island in the Adriatic Sea. It is also the most accessible, diverse and, consequently, the most visited island in Croatia.

It offers everything from historic towns to rural villages, where the authentic spirit of the old world is still present, crowded city beaches and secluded bays, night bars, as well as family-friendly restaurants.

Hotels near Krk:

  • Hotel Drazica
  • Boutique hotel Marina
  • Tamaris

3. Pag


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The island of Pag is the fifth-largest Croatian island and the one with the longest coastline. This North Dalmatian island has also become known as Croatia’s party island, due to Zrce beach with its legendary Hideout Festival and many other summer events. However, Pag is an island with two very distinct faces.

One is the face of the multiple music festivals during the summer and the other is the world of roughly eight thousand inhabitants, who live on this island all four seasons of the year.

Hotels near Pag:

  • Hotel Pagus
  • Hotel Plaža
  • Villa Franci

4. Cres


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Cres is the same size as Krk, which makes it one of the two largest Croatian islands. It is located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea and is accessible by a drawbridge.

Most of the island is still fairly undeveloped, which makes it perfect for an adventurous vacation. Its largest town, also called Cres, is a must-see for all lovers of Venetian architecture.

Another site worth visiting is the strikingly beautiful ancient mountain village of Lubenice, which offers a great view of the sea and neighboring islands.

Hotels near Cres:

  • Villa Lavanda
  • Villa Goga
  • Hotel Kimen

5. Lastovo


credit: Welcome to Croatia

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The island of Lastovo is part of the island municipality of Lastovo, consisting of 46 islands, which have in total the population of 792 people. Needless to say, this makes Lastovo an ideal place for a truly peaceful getaway.

In addition to its picturesque shores, deep, clear sea, and unspoiled nature, Lastovo is also known for its delicious local specialties, high-quality wine, and great sailing. It’s one of the lovely hidden gems that you must visit in Croatia. 

Hotels near Lastovo:

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6. Stiniva Bay

The only way to reach Stiniva Bay is, by boat. It really will be an unforgettable journey, if you visit this place. A bay is blessed with glittering beachfront tranquility, blended with clear waters and dramatic rock hills. Surely, it’s a heaven on Earth.

7. Pupnatska Beach

This is a flawless place to get ready for your diving gear and have a check at the local marine life. Water is always relatively stable and absolutely translucent. Your heart will start pumping fast after seeing its ambiance.

8. Lastovo Island

Lastovo is Croatia’s second most faraway island, located on the edge of the world. Beyond Ubli, where the daily ferries dock from Split (five hours through Korcula), freshness and uniqueness sound like a rumor. Phone signals kneel down here. The beauty of the place is beyond words, as it’s more than an island to keep in mind, how to relax here.

The island is surrounded by the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean, it provides good diving and strolling on a wild island which is named as a national park.

9. Gdinj, Hvar Island

Gidinj is a beautiful village near Hvar in Croatia. Hvar is the capital of the island, which carries its name. This area is immensely beautiful and has more than a century of experience, having the attendance of frequent travelers. The beaches will drive you towards them and are hardly busy.

10. Bobovista

Bobovista is a sleepy city that promises and distributes a safe shelter tucked away from home. Local restaurants are famous for their fresh catches, and most above all this is, strolling hand in hand alongside the shorefront on a romantic evening.

11. Postira

Your journey to Croatia will be incomplete with visiting Postira; you get the waves of silence here, making your day fabulous by visiting this perfectly secret place, away from huge crowds of travelers. Postira was made to chill out. You can find that the only negative aspect of going to Postira is that when your time is over, it is very difficult to move on, it’s so very good!

12. Plitvice Lakes

The oldest national park in southeast Europe, deep-rooted in 1979, is a hilly area covered with dense forests and Karst relief, but real sight is a collection of sixteen lakes, twisted around by rivers and streams. Creating beautiful waterfalls and spring waterfalls, this is a scene to capture in your eyes for a lifetime. A lot of native animals species have their presence in the park along with the abundant plant species. There are many walking trips, however, with its 3,000-hectares size, the park is just too big to be discovered in a single day.

13. Galešnjak

Tiny, not-populated, almost deserted, without any man-made or natural sites, the island of Galešnjak was featured on many cover pages of magazines across the world, a few years ago. It’s popularly known as the “island of love”, which is one of the romantic destinations in the country.

Even though it’s not possible to spend a night on the island as it’s not the place which is having any hotel or any accommodations. It’s a perfect place when you can hold the hands of your beloved in a spectacular setting. It’s a hidden romantic gem for couples!

14. Vrulje

You cannot connect the dots of Croatia with the desert islands, but weirdly Vrulje is very close to it. It is a magnificent place in the Kornati Islands, which steals the heart of every traveler.

15. Komiza Town

Komiza is famous and well-known for its winemaking expertise. We suggest you see the Blue Grotto, a spectacular sea cave and try some of the local honey which is famous here.

15. Zaklopatica Bay

It is actually surreal to rise up high above the bay and see this awesome natural inlet from the sea and its coast. The place is almost having no crowd and you can enjoy a wonderful peaceful time in the Gulf of Zkalopatica.

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