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Top 8 Incredible Places to Visit in Karwar in 2019

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Are you a backpacker? Have you ever destined to Karwar? Maybe you not even heard about it before! If not then this time plan your trip to Karwar. This beautiful destination is situated near South Indian territory of Karnataka and also a perfect place to escape from all hustle-bustle of the over-crowded cities.

Aesthetic tourist spots,  Serene beaches as well as the natural heritage of Karwar made the place most favorite destination of traveler enthusiast.

Places to visit in Karwar


We all know that the love of India with gold is since from ages and also India constitutes around 33% mines of gold. Out of this most of the mines are from Karwar.

This jewelry is handmade

Perplexing, shining rich gold gems fabricated and cut with high quality makes Karwar really place conventionalism and its craftsmanship is of Karwar legacy.

Rabindra Nath Lines

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“The sea beach of Karwar is certainly a fit place in which to realize that the beauty of nature is not a mirage of the imagination, but reflects the joy of the Infinite and thus draws us to lose ourselves in it.”

These lines are quoted by the great Rabindranath Tagore on the peace and beauty that Karwar offers to him and to its guests.

Mouthwatering Seafood

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The place is a heaven for foodies. You will never able to get such delicious food as south Indian seafood it is something that fits under your budget. You can try their delicious seafood and will never able to forget the taste of the food.

The place offers you a multitude of dishes like stir-fries, fiery curries, roasts etc are the main foods offer to its guests.

The Tagore Festival

The Tagore festival is also known as “Karavali Utsav”, and it is the biggest celebration festival in Kerwar and held each year at the Tagore Beach.

The festival exhibits Goan and local food with dance, the festival also represents the work of established and amateur artists from Goa and Karwar.  The festival was held for three days and end with a rock concert.

Popular travel destinations

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If you love to visit in crowded places, tourist spots overcrowded, then these major destinations at Karwar will provide you with an insight into what you really expect from the place when you visit there.

Kali Bridge

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The bridge was made decades ago in 1986.  The bridge is made to serve the connection between Goa and Karnataka.

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This beach is very near to the city and is also not so popular among peoples. You can visit these places not only alone but also with your family members and with your loved ones.s there are lots of things to do. A beach is a place where you can find peace and also had a great time with the people you visit there.

So, what you are you thinking about? Let’s pack your bags well and head to Karwar as soon as possible a this is the right time to visit there. It is better to visit there when Tagore festival celebrated this will increase your fun.

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