Home Unique Trips Best Magic Spot: Stotan Falls of Vancouver Island is just AMAZING!

Best Magic Spot: Stotan Falls of Vancouver Island is just AMAZING!

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Doesn’t this look like a tropical paradise? It’s actually on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. Stotan Falls is an amazing place to play in the water, a place that has been plucked from paradise and has been placed on Vancouver Island.

This section of the Puntledge River is a great option to spend your hot summer days while you swim in the soothing currents, taking a deep plunge into the waterfalls, discovering behind waterfalls, and enjoy lounging in Kettles River.

Vancouver Island's Stotan Falls
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There are kettles to dip in little Stotan waterfalls to hide behind and jump from.

Stotan Falls
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You can walk for a time in the river and find spots to chill.

Stotan Falls
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The Current is mellow and fun to swim in, it’s the ultimate day trip to Stotan Falls on a hot summer day!

How To Reach Stotan Falls

To reach Stotan falls, make way to lake trail road, located in West Courtenay, then turn right and head towards Comox Logging Road. From here, stay on the deforestation road, and take the right to reach the industrial area.

Further, you can take a short drive as you will see a water pipeline which is followed by an additional bridge. Currently, the bridge is closed as is the river-way underneath; and this part of River Puntledge is called, Stotan Falls.

What To Remember

As Stotan Falls settles on a privately owned place, it costs a small fee to have its maintenance which is $5 per person and per family – $10; Carry the water shoes with you as the place is slippery; there are several river kettles or potholes, all along the river bed, so, be attentive to your footsteps.

A few of the kettles are very deep to have a jump, and there are certain sections of the river that are deep enough to jump in from way higher rocks and waterfalls. So, make sure you check the depth before diving.

Travel Tips:

  • No bathrooms, no food is there, so hit this place with full preparation
  • Don’t leave anything there, not even organic materials like banana peels and apple cores.


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