InterestsLesser known but Mind-Blowing Bridges In The World

Lesser known but Mind-Blowing Bridges In The World


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You may have seen and known about the spectacular and dangerous bridges in the world. but people always know about known things what about the places and bridges that are less popular but more amazing than the known things.

Like that only today, we are going to unveil the list of amazing bridges that are not so popular but worth watching it.

Most Beautiful Bridges In The World

1. Storseisundet Bridge 

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The Storseisundet Bridge connects the municipalities of Norway, and it is also the longest of eight bridges that make up “The Atlantic Road” linking the mainland to the islands of the archipelago. It is 850 feet long and stands at a height of 75 feet above the water.

Construction of the bridge started in 1989 and took 6 years to build, primarily due to the fact that construction was halted 12 times due to hurricanes. It cost 120 million Krone, or almost $1.5 million dollars. The toll bridge was projected to recoup the capital cost to build it within 15 years, but it actually paid for itself in 10.

2. Rakotz Bridge 

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The Rakotz Bridge is located in Kromlauer Park in Germany. Built in 1860, the thin, arched bridge, was commissioned by the knight of the local town and built of stone from a nearby quarry. It is known as a Devil’s Bridge because people thought that the bridge’s design must have been built by Satan himself.

What is unique about this bridge is that its curved span was designed to form a perfect half circle, and when viewed with its reflection in the lake, appears to form a perfect circle. Visitors can still enjoy the sight of this unique bridge, but none are allowed to cross it, in order to preserve it.

3. U Bein Bridge


The U Bein Bridge, named after the mayor who built it, spans Taungthaman Lake in Myanmar. It is believed to be the longest teakwood bridge in the world. Constructed in 1850, the bridge consists of 1086 pillars that support 482 separate spans that comprise the bridge’s length.

The teakwood that was used in the building of the bridge which was reclaimed using wood from the old royal palace in Inwa. The bridge also has 9 passageways where the wood can be removed to let barges and large boats through. Despite its age, it is still in use by both locals and tourists today.

4. Arch Triumph – inflatable bridge

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An inflatable bridge was an unusual entrant by a Paris-based architecture group, into a French competition to design a new contemporary bridge across the river Seine in Paris. This bold, yet elegant bridge was specifically designed to differentiate itself from the other 37 bridges in Paris.

And the inflatable bridge is no mere footbridge – it actually makes use of giant trampolines to shuttle pedestrians to the other side. It was also designed to be temporary, like the Eiffel Tower, which was supposed to be dismantled 20 years after the 1889 World Expo. The designers of the inflatable bridge can only hope that their bridge will last as long.

 5. Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge 

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The Kawarau Gorge suspension bridge, located in the Otago Region of New Zealand, has an interesting claim to fame – it was the first bridge to be used as a commercial bungee jumping site.

The bridge was built in 1880 to provide access to the Central Otago goldfields, but now is part of the Queenstown Trail, which allows pedestrians and bikers to safely cross the Kawarau River.

The bridge is still used by the AJ Hackett Bungee Company for bungee jumping and is also listed as a Category I historic place by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

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6. Hanging Bridge of Ghasa 


The Hanging Bridge is located high up in the Himalayan Mountains, in Ghasa, Nepal. The bridge spans the Burundi Khola River valley and was actually built for a very practical reason – to ease the congestion caused by local animal herds.

While the bridge appears dangerous at first sight, it has stood the test of time and is still in use. Local herders and farmers use it every day to transport their goods and livestock to the local market.

7. Shaharah Bridge 

Via: Wikipedia

The Shaharah Bridge, also known as the Bridge of Sighs, is a stone bridge located at the top of the 8,530 foot tall Jabal Shaharah Mountain in Yemen. It was built in the 17th century to connect the village of Shaharah with other villages in the area. It was also designed to be easily destroyed in case of an attack by Turkish invaders.

The bridge spans a 300-foot deep canyon, high up in the mountains, and is popular with both locals and tourists alike. It can be reached by climbing several steps carved into the steep mountainside.

8. Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong, China

This bridge is the world’s ninth longest suspension bridge. At its completion, it was the second longest bridge in the world. However, there are no pedestrian paths on the bridge. The special point of this bridge is that it operates rail traffic also, besides the road.

The extensions or decks of this bridge are 41 meters wide – you can guess how much bigger traffic it can hold. There is also a lower level on this bridge which has two railways and two carriageways which are sheltered. When the bridge has to be shut down due to storm attacks, these lower level routes are usually used.

9. Nanpu Bridge, Shanghai, China

One of the things which makes this bridge unique from the rest is its spiral design – which looks very attractive and modern. This unique design was built because the builders wanted to save space. So, this is an ideal use for a small space found by designers.

The entire spiral spreads to about 428 meters. Its sister bridge, Yangpu, is larger than it in the size. It is a cable-stayed bridge and it is the 57th longest bridge in the world. It was opened for use in 1991.

10. Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Gateshead, England

This bridge has been called the “Blinking Eye Bridge“, but it’s also known as “Winking Eye Bridge” due to the size and design of its structure. Currently, it’s the only inclination bridge in the world and its shape is also the first of its kind.

But an interesting thing about this bridge is that whenever it is lowered or opened, it appears as if an eye is blinking or winking at the onlooker. Such an innovative, creative, and unique design has won the bulk of awards, since it opened in September 2001. It was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth herself.

11. Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, Qingdao-Huangdao, China

This bridge is a tad made shorter than 26 miles long and is the longest bridge in the world. It is supported by more than 5000 pillars, and it transects (a lane along which a researcher moves, counts, and records the observations made by him/her) the Jiazuoo Bay in the eastern part of China. It was open to the public in 2011.

12. Henderson Wave Bridge, Singapore

Basically, it’s a pedestrian bridge connecting Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park. This exclusive bridge, built in the form of “waves“, is located on busily Henderson Road. It is actually located at a height of 118 feet from the road. This bridge is 900 feet long and due to its curvy shape, it looks like a snake. These curves produce alcoves so that the passersby also sit and can have shelter. It’s one of the unbelievable bridges you’ll ever see.

13. Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge, Brasilia, Brazil

Also known as JK Bridge, was opened in the year 2002. Its unique criss-cross steel arches garnered a lot of fanfare at that time. The full deck weight of the bridges is supported by these arches. This supports pedestrian, vehicular as well as bicycle traffic, and the structure is 3,900 feet long. It’s one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.

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