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Most Amazing bluest places on planet

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Two-thirds of the globe is covered in water but you don’t need to travel to space to see that earth is a blue planet. Yeah, you heard that right! In this section, you’ll see a bulk of places which are painted in the blue shade either naturally or through humans hand!

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1. Chefchaouen (Chaouen)


Morocco’s mountainside city of Chefchaouen got its color in the 1930s. Jewish refugees painted the city in the shades of blue as a “Symbol of Heaven” during the Second World War. The place is man-made instead of occurring naturally. This city of Morocco is famous for its blue buildings. The shade is so as some people say that this color repels mosquitoes

2. Icelandic Ice Caves

Ice caves
via: TwistedSifter

Iceland’s ice caves are a spectacular glassy-blue sight. They form when the spring meltwater freezes, giving them their color. The place is accessible from the month of November to February and is probably dangerous. It’s always recommended to have a guide whole you explore this place. Various ice cave tours will take you to the glacier caves noticeable and discoverable inside the Vatnajökull glacier by Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon.

3. Great Blue Hole

Blue hole
via: popgi.com

The Great Blue Hole is a giant sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It’s South American heaven of spectacular beaches, marvelous scenery, and incredible snacks. This turquoise ring surrounds a deep blue pupil into which divers descend.

4. Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul

Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque
via: We Love Istanbul

Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of the world’s most beautiful religious buildings. Including the exterior part, the interior of the mosque’s demo is also decorated with blue tiles.

It’s a stunning monument created between 1609-1616, during the reign of Ahmed I, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The color of the monument shines at its best during the nighttime. The light falls on the 5 main domes, six minarets, and eight secondary domes.

5. Bluebells Woods in England

Via: BBC.com

During Spring, carpets of blue appear in British woodlands due to the growth of bluebells, flourishing under tree canopies. legends say that they are the field of bluebells, woven by fairies. You can have a lazy walk in these woodlands with your beloved one and applaud the awesome surrounding.

Isoprene released from trees in North Carolina’s the Blue Ridge Mountains creates a misty blue haze. For the best views, head to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Interestingly, some of the best bluebell woods in England are Ashbenbank Wood (Kent), Shaptor Woods (Devon), and Bovey Valley Woods (Devon).

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6. Crater Lake, USA

Crater lake
Via: amazonaws.com

Crater Lake National Park is located in Oregon where the magnificent Crater Lake is glorifying its beauty with a depth of 1,949 foot. During Winter, Spring, and Fall seasons, this reservoir is hidden in heavy snow. Only in Summers, you can explore the unmatched beauty of its nearby areas. If possible, you can take part in a boat tour to admire the impeccability of Crater Lake.

7. Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur , blue city
Via: indiaholidayarchitects.com

Jodhpur, a captivating and charming city, located in the north-western Indian state of Rajasthan, is called as the ‘Blue City’. The old area of Jodhpur is being painted blue along with beautiful and differently shaded forts, temples, and palaces. The place is famous for the textile industry, bustling bazaars, and finger-licking cuisines.

Travel Tip: Witness city’s blue shade from the peak of the ancient Mehrangarh Fort.

So, these were some of the natural and manmade wonders of blue. There are endless more to be discovered on this blue planet.

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