Weird & Bizarre7 Most Colorful Cities And Towns Around The World

7 Most Colorful Cities And Towns Around The World


Many countries in the world have moved past lockdowns and are on their way to normal life. While your dreams of traveling around the world are still on hold, we thought of making your day colorful. You may have explored incredible travel destinations, their traditions, cultures, and natural beauty.

Well, cities are still considered to be just concrete, steel, and glasses surrounding. Moreover, there are a few of them around the world that will astound you with their colorful surroundings.

Most Colorful Cities And Towns In The World

1. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Most Colorful Cities
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The Moroccan town, Chefchaouen is hued in blue for various reasons. If you ask people the reason behind these blue houses you will get a different answer every time. While some consider it to be a part of Jewish mysticism, others say that the blue color of the houses acts as a mosquito repellent in the little town that’s settled on a hill.

Despite all the chaos, you will find it to be one of the most beautiful colorful towns in the world. It is also one of the most popular travel destinations because of its weird existence.

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2. Cartagena, Colombia

Most Colorful Cities
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Cartegena lays on the Caribbean Coast in Colombia just like a jewel with amazing treasures for its visitors. There are world-class beaches, vibrant cultures of the charming old town, and extremely delicious, fresh seafood.

The walled area of the historical quarters seems to be giving you a glimpse of a rainbow. Along with the colorful buildings, fruit vendors, blazing bougainvillea vines, and Columbian flags add life to this place.

3. Santorini, Greece

Most Colorful Cities
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If you have’mt been here yet, this place would definitely be one of the topmost travel destinations on your bucket list. Santorini is an adorable island alluring shiny white houses with blue roofs and the dazzling Ionian sea, making it all dreamy.

The city features buildings in a lot more colors but the dazzling blues and whites never fail to fixate on them. Do not miss the chances of a panoramic photo shoot during sunset. You will always remember this miraculous visit.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

Santorini, Greece
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Copenhagen is one of the most wonderful travel destinations even if it wasn’t alluring colorful buildings like it does. Also, you cannot consider your trip to the city complete without taking a stroll at the Nyhavn harbor.

The buildings here are painted with dazzling colors. It is the place where you can witness the famous midnight sun. You can see a sunrise just a few hours after the sunset.

5. Jaipur, India

Most Colorful Cities

Popular as the Pink City, Jaipur is yet another mesmerizing sight for travels. One of India’s most popular travel destinations, Jaipur boasts a smoky, terra cotta color all around.

However, you will find a lot of elements here that reinforce the pink street cred like taxis, other attractions, and even pink sovereigns contrasting the muted shades of the Thar Desert. The sands make the city seem almost hot pink. Near Jaipur, Jodhpur would be a great alternative to Chefchaouen. It is India’s very own blue city.

6. Burano, Italy

Most Colorful Cities
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Venice needs absolutely no introduction. However, sometimes it could be too crowded that you’d better find an alternative. Burano would be a perfect idea. You can take up an easy boat trip from St. Mark’s Basilica but it’s okay if you feel its too far.

Burano is much similar to Venice. It has canals aligned with colorful buildings. They are much more alluring than the ones near Rialto Bridge.

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7. Notting Hill, London, UK

Most Colorful Cities
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London is mostly associated with rain and gloom. Along with that, a considerable portion of the London streets and cityscapes are colorless and grey. However, there are a few exceptions including those kitschy red phone booths.

Notting Hill on Portobello Road is one of the most colorful places here. It is probably one of the few reasons why London is one of the most colorful cities and travel destinations.

This list of most colorful cities and towns will surely make you feel like traveling more. Make sure you plan to explore them.

Keep Traveling!

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