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5 Most Haunted Places In Nepal To See The Face Of Creepiness!

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Most Haunted Places In Nepal : All people, all houses are haunted and the spirits follow us everywhere. Do you love seeing horror movies? If yes, then pack your bags and head towards the most haunted places in Nepal.

Nepal, the land of temples has many spots which are declared forbidden for the locals to visit. Whether you talk of the Royal family massacre story or the story behind the spirit of climber Andrew Irvine, the country will give you some severe chills and while exploring the haunted places you may witness the mysterious side of it or encounter a real spirt.

Say your prayers, cross your fingers and head towards Nepal for your next exciting night trips.

5 Top Haunted Places In Nepal

Below is a list of the most haunted places in Nepal which will haunt you for sure in dreams!

1. Raniban: The Gigantic Old Tree

Raniban, The Gigantic Old Tree
Via: cloudfront.net

Let’s start the scary list of haunted places in Nepal with an amazing Raniban, located at the Achham district in Nepal. Once the place was visited to see the magnificent sunrise and sunset, but now it’s a place where people now afraid to go.

The locals have heard the voices of a woman crying and some have also felt a bad but powerful spirit trying to connect with them.

When asked, the locals will tell narrate you the story of a woman who was raped and murdered at this place. Whether you call it nature’s justice or done by the woman’s spirit, but the disgusting person for doing shameful thing was found hanging from the tree.

Until now, the locals are afraid to go near the tree because they believe that it is haunted.

Where: Achham District, Nepal

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2. Dhapasi: The Scary Water Tank

Dhapasi, The Scary Water Tank
Via: nepalfacts.com

The next place on the list of most haunted places in Nepal is the water tank at Dhapasi, Basundhara.
The locals of Nepal have stated that they have seen a man’s spirit near the water tank and no one dares to visit Dhapasi.

It’s believed that the evil spirits always surround the water bodies and maybe it’s true in case of the water tank.

Where: Dhapasi, Basundhara

3. Devghat: Chitwan’s Mysterious Ladies!

Devghat, Chitwan Mysterious Ladies
Via: static.flickr.com

Another one of the scariest places in Nepal is a religious Hindu region which has now converted into a paranormal place.

Police there found the skeleton of a woman on the spot and since then locals have believed witnessing four women dancing at night in Devghat which is actually quite creepy!

No one has the guts to visit this place and it is one of the most popular haunted places in Nepal.

Where: Devghat, Chitwan

4. Mount Everest: The Climber’s Ghost

Mount everest
Via: mentalfloss.com

It’s surprising to know that even the highest peak in the world is haunted and so the skeptics who believe that supernatural is just like another word should hike to Mount Everest and you also feel the supernatural existence.

Many hikers have said that they have seen the spirit of Andrew Irvine who died while climbing the Everest. Although the spirit doesn’t harm anyone but having a spirit with you on your trip is definitely something you call it as spine-chilling. A dead person walking along with you? Damn scary!

Where: Nepal

5. The Royal Palace: A Horrific Story Of The Royal Prince

The Royal Palace Nepal
Via: ytimg.com

This Palace holds the last place in the list of top haunted places in Nepal where the mysterious massacre of the Royal Family took place.

The horrific story of the beloved Nepal prince killing his father and other 7 members by shooting them as he was drunk, as per the saying.

This dreadful incident took place at the ancient Narayanhity Royal Palace which is considered as one of the haunted places in Nepal.

A renowned tourist spot, the Royal Palace is still amongst the haunted places and many tourists have agreed to it.

Although many religious rituals had been performed, still the locals still hear gunshots, people crying and shouting at the Royal Palace.

Where: Narayanhiti Palace Museum North Gate Rd, Kathmandu

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