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Visit At Your Own Risk- Places In Mumbai You Never Know Are Possessed By Spirits!

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So far we have showcased you the beautiful and surreal destinations around the world that a traveler lover must visit. However, today, we have talked about places that one should visit to feel horror. Don’t believe us? Continue reading.

There are misconceptions in the world about spirits, some say they have seen them, and others claim to see them. What will happen to you if you visit some place and feel invisible power around you?

Paranormal activity video
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So, before feeling such let me tell you the top haunted places in the world where chances of feeling invisible power are high.

The Haunted D Souza Chawl Of Mumbai

The Haunted D Souza Chawl Of Mumbai (1)
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D’souza is a chawl in a busy-town situated in South-Mumbai called Mahim. This chawl is just like any other Chawl in Mumbai. It is a three-storied building that houses hundreds of families. Walk into it, and you will see every problem of every common man’s life. Power cut, poverty, shortage of water, neighbour problems, family problems, love problems, you will find all here. However, there is something that sets aside this chawl from the crowd.

This chawl has earned a tag of being the spookiest place in Mumbai city that never sleeps.

Talking about the story of this haunted Chawl, a lady fell in well near D’souza Chawl and die while screaming for help. Many people have seen that woman walking around the well.

It is believed that ever since the incident, her spirit wanders around the Chawl. So, people in the Chawl prefer to get inside their house after sundown. Not just this, some even have experienced being tightly slapped by the spirit while walking late after sunset.

GP Block:

GP block
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Meerut is a famous city located in the state of UP. The city is known for its growing infrastructure, developing urban spaces, as well as ancient settlements. Aside from this, Meerut has a few sites that connect all those mishaps to horrific tales, thus spreading the word that Meerut is home to some freaking horror places like The GP Block.

The GP Block in Meerut city is famous for paranormal activity. People there have witnessed many eerie sightseeing in and around the place. Some people stated that they have seen a girl walking in the area at night. At the same time, others witnessed strange men drinking liquor in the night and suddenly disappearing. Due to such incidents, people stopped coming near the GP Block.

Doubt us? Visit GP Block at your own risk!

Bombay High Court

bombay high court
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Aside from being the land of diversity and colors, India has some freaky tales that are scary enough to chill down your spine.

From Ramoji city to the haunted fort, where the government has restricted anyone from entering post sundown, there are many other haunted places in the country: One of them is Bombay High Court, Mumbai.

Bombay high court is one of the famous places. However, it is haunted. Yes, you read it right. It is believed that a mean soul wanders all across the court to torment the people. Also, the soul is believed to haunt people where a murder trial is being conducted.

It is pretty shocking to believe that an always bumbling place like the Bombay high Court could be a paranormal site. According to people, there is one room haunted by a spirit who used to be a lawyer in Bombay High Court. It is claimed that the lawyer’s spirit pressurizes the accused to admit their crime.

SNDT Girls College, Juhu

SNDT Girls College

This one is a bit scarier than the other ones. The ghost at SNDT Girls College is actually a teacher. Yes! there are also rumours that people heard the voice of the teacher teaching maths to the students at 2:00 am, followed by the sound of screaming children and slapping.

Some years back, even some group of boys decided to find the truth. However, they couldn’t find anything.

Only a visit can tell whether it’s true or not. So, Would you visit SNDT college to find the truth?

The Spooky Aaray Milk Colony

Aarey Milk Colony
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Though the drive-through Aaray colony is relaxing and refreshing, few taxi drivers and rickshaws will never ever take you down this road after sunset. Why? This is because people there believe that the colony is surrounded by paranormal activities.

Many taxi drivers and bikers have said that they have witnessed a lady with a little kid in her arms ask for a lift. After getting into a taxi or bike, her face changes, and she disappears with a loud yowl.

The Taj Hotel, Mumbai

The Taj Hotel

Draped in legacy and luxury, the Taj hotel is a popular destination to visit in Mumbai. It is one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels around the world. But, do you know that it also has a spooky tale behind its beauty?

Legend has it that an architect of the hotel committed suicide because he made a big mistake during the hotel’s construction. As per the night shift workers, they have seen his spirit roaming in the hotel’s corridors. However, his spirit is said to be harmless.

Spooky Conclusion:

ghostly places in Mumbai
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Aside from these places, Mumbai is safe at night. However, we suggest you maintain a fair distance from a few places, especially those mentioned above, for your safety.

Although, if you have the guts and curiosity to know more about these places, visit at your own risk and do let us know in the comment section below about the outcome.

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