Weird & Bizarre8 Most Stunning Naturally Pink Lakes Around The World

8 Most Stunning Naturally Pink Lakes Around The World


The world is an incredible place with numerous miracles to cherish around us. Wherever your sight can reach out, there are natural wonders that will leave you in awe and amazement. Various pink lakes around the world are some of those amazing natural wonders.

While you wander around the world and explore different places, you can catch up with these beautiful lakes, situated in the different parts of the globe, in different countries. We have brought to you a list of these stunning lakes that can be visited for a memorable, pleasurable experience. Read further to know more about them.

Stunning Pink Lakes Around The World

1. Laguna Colorada | Bolivia

pink lakes around the world
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While exploring Bolivia, one of the most lovable travel destinations, Laguna Colorada offers you a beautiful sight to behold. Alluring the extravagant, Andes in the backdrop along with the rocky shorelines, this place boats magical views.

Situated on the Chilean border this lake is around five feet deep and spans across a 23-square mile. You can often find fleets of birds like Chilean and Andean flamingoes here. There are several small villages around the lake where you can easily look for an overnight stay.

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2. Hutt Lagoon | Australia

pink lakes around the world

Alluring its beautiful pink hue this is another colorful lake in Western Australia. It is situated in Port Gregory which is a fishing village. Spanning up to 27square miles, this lake is believed to change colors.

While the major hue of the lake is pink, it switches colors from different shades of red to purple based on the season, weather, and time of the day. However, during mid-morning and sunset, the beauty of the lake is considered to be at its peak.

3. Lake Retba | Senegal

pink lakes around the world
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Lake Retba is one of the most popular attractions among locals and tourists. This lake is as saline as the Dead Sea and used for salt production. This stunning pink lake stretches around only up to 1 square mile. There are numerous salt mountains surrounding the water and you may often find collectors scooping up salt from the lake.

While you may want to capture the best of the elegance, dry season from November to June would be perfect. This is when the lake shows off its vivid color. At this time, the lake becomes much saltier. There are several amazing beaches around which can be explored too.

4. Lake Natron | Tanzania

pink lakes around the world
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Lake Natron sits in the lap of the Rift Valley, near the foot of an active volcano, bordering Kenya in Northern Tanzania. You may find large fleets of Lesser Flamingoes, despite the hot temperatures here.

However, the pH level of the water is too high (10.5) that it makes the lake caustic and uninhabitable. The species that are not adapted to it can get their skin and eyes burnt with the lake water.

5. Lake Hillier | Australia

pink lakes around the world
Via: volshebnayakofeinya

One of the most popular tourist attractions among all pink lakes around the world, Lakes Hillier sees the highest number of visitors. This is an 820 feet wide and 1,968 feet long lake on an island in Western Australia.

The pink color of the lake is best visible from the sky view. You will easily find some helicopter rides that let you get enthralled by the amazing views of the entire place. Although the helicopters can’t land there, you will be able to capture some amazing pictures.

6. Las Salinas de Torrevieja | Spain

pink lakes around the world
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This will be sort of a free spa trip for you. Situated in Valencia, Spain, Las Salinas de Torrevieja offers peace and relaxation in 3,459 acres of saline pink lake. A 13th-century canal connects the lake to the ocean so that the salt from the lake can be collected.

You may find mountains of salt along the lake. This is a great place to relax and pamper your body and skin. Various aquatic birds and flamingoes can be seen here during the breeding season.

7. Sivash Salt Lagoons | Russia

pink lakes around the world

Tugged between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov in the Crimean Peninsula, the Sivash Salt Lagoons offer extremely impressive views and produces around 220 million US tons of salt. It is an important part of the Crimean Peninsula’s economy despite the lagoon’s shallow waters. The salt produced here is traded internationally.

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8. Masazir Lake | Azerbaijan

pink lakes around the world
Via: gsptravel

One of the beautiful pink lakes around the world, the Masazir Lake in Baku, Azerbaijan spans up to 10 square kilometers. This is a saline lake situated near the Masazir village and is a popular attraction for tourists and locals.

As the summers strike, the color of the lake turns from pink to red. Although there are not too many activities near the lake, you can visit here to get some Instagramable pictures.

When you set off to explore your favorite travel destinations, make sure you do not miss the sight of these pink lakes around the world. You will be amazed by the creations of nature.

Keep Traveling!

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