Singapore7 Things You Should Know While Exploring Singapore

7 Things You Should Know While Exploring Singapore


The “fine city”, Singapore is not only one of the most popular travel destinations but also the one that’s known for its strict regulations and laws. Despite the notorious reputation, the number of tourists reaching here did not decrease. However, you should make sure you know the regulations here well before setting off to explore the place.

Instead of being scared and dropping such an amazing destination off your travel bucket list would be no solution. Pleasant experiences do not just happen, you have to work for them. We have brought to you some simple tips that will help you maintain the best behavior and etiquette. Read further to know things better.

1. Litter Should Go To The Dustbin

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This is the most important and common etiquette you need to have as a traveler no matter where you go. In Singapore, dropping off litter anywhere else than the dustbin can turn out to be a costly affair. Littering and spitting around is considered to be a serious offense here. In case you’re caught, you can be fined, slapped, or put to community work for hours.

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2. Ask Prices Before Ordering Food


Singapore offers vibrant food choices for visitors who are here to taste the exotic local dishes. However, being tourists you can be tricked into paying much more than the actual price of the food you order. Therefore, whenever you move out to eat at a hawker center, make sure to ask the price of the food you wish to order.

3. Vandalism Is Punishable

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The government in Singapore has given various high-profile punishments to the tourists against vandalism. Make sure you are aware of how you use public property and maintain the best of your etiquettes.

There are places where you can enjoy murals and street arts like Telok Ayer and Tiong Bahru neighborhoods. However, do not litter or start presenting your artwork anywhere without permission or knowledge.

4. Respect The Multi-cultured Population

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Exploring Singapore turns out to be an enriching experience with numerous mosques, temples, and sacred attractions. While you visit any of these sacred places, make sure you behave well and be mindful of what you do and say.

The best etiquettes would include wearing covered and decent clothes, speak in your lowest volumes, and avoid clicking offensive pictures. Try to calm down and soak in the positivity and peace amid these spiritual ambiances.

5. Watch Out For Designated Smoking Areas

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We never support smoking in public places in fact, while you’re on a vacation like this, smoking is something you should avoid. However, if you cannot resist anyway, make sure you look out for designated smoking areas instead of starting off anywhere public.

These special smoking areas are generally far off from the public eye and outlined by yellow paint. There are many places in Singapore where smoking has been banned and you could be fined. So, do everything carefully.

6. No Chewing Gums

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Chewing gums are banned in Singapore. However, the ones used for medical purposes like nicotine gums are allowed. Therefore, if you’re arriving here from any other countries make sure to check and clear chewing gums from your bags and pockets. If you cannot move without them, two packs are the legal limit you can carry.

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7. Do Not Eat In Trains And Buses


With the advanced transport systems in Singapore, it is easy to move around in the country. However, if you are caught eating during your commute in public trains or buses, you can be fined. It’s okay to pop a mint or take a sip of water, in case you get claustrophobic. However, make sure you do not open up a bottle of beer instead.

While exploring foreign countries like Singapore, it is important that you know and respectfully follow the rules and regulations. Being a visitor, your dignity is in not hurting the sentiments of locals there. Plan your trip well.

Keep Traveling!

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