Adventure TripAdventure And Travel Photography: The Best GoPro Accessories You Should Have

Adventure And Travel Photography: The Best GoPro Accessories You Should Have


Not only explorations, traveling places holds on to various amazing activities that will enthrall and pleasure soul. While travel photography remains a major interest of most of the travelers, many of them remain confused about where to seek appropriate support and accessories to pursue what interests them.

Well, we decided to help you out with selecting the best GoPro accessories for travel and adventures so that you do not end up in chaos. After all, you need to do all that’s necessary to catch up with some of the most worthwhile travel experiences and adventures.

Best GoPro Accessories For Travel

1. GoPro Sticky Mounts

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Sticky mounts are must-haves while you set off for adventures. It helps you to stick the camera anywhere and to almost anything. Stick the mount wherever you wish to place your camera. Clip it in, appropriately and get, set, shoot!

These mounts would work well on both flat and curved surfaces. They are strong and reliable enough even for the most intense adventures that may be coming your way. During activities like rappelling, mountain biking, or skydiving, you can use them on your helmets.

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2. GoPro Chest Mount

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It is absolutely easy to handle since you can slip it on over whatever you wear and capture all your adventures with no hassle and super enjoyment. Simply attach the camera to it and enjoy one of the most enthralling rides of the lifetime.

It will not disturb you ever as it is made from the best, flexible, and lightweight materials. You will probably not even feel that you have something extra with you. This one is a great accessory for activities like hiking, biking, and skiing where you can take some of the best shots from amazing perspectives without having to use your hands.

3. GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp

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This is one of the best GoPro accessories for travel you must have and carry on each of your vacations. All you need to do is to clamp it and get going. You can adjust the shooting angles using the optional neck. For low-profile mounting, attach the camera directly to the clamp. With its quick-release base, it becomes easier to change locations.

4. GoPro Trigger Pole

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It looks as cool as it works. This simple trigger shot helps you to never miss a shot. You just have to pull the trigger. This handle is the best one-handed camera control in the market. You can click some amazing selfies using it. This solid trigger pole is reliable as you don’t need any batteries or remote control. Just attach the camera and get going.

5. GoPro Trek Camera Adapters For Hiking Sticks

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Hiking in remote locations makes it difficult to carry and manage selfie sticks. However, this excellently helps you to get some good pictures while hiking. you only need to tug it on to the kinking pole and it will turn out to be your selfie stick. You can attach light-weighted cameras and GoPros to it.

6. GoPro Dome

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You want those flawless underwater photos too? This one will be your hero then. Yes, the GoPro underwater dome will click you underwater and the island above. The dome pushes water away from the camera so that a perfect split shot is captured.

The dome can help you with about 135 feet underwater. The marine-grade materials used in it, make it reliable. This is a must-have accessory for adventures like scuba diving.

7. GoPro Gimbal

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Shooting videos becomes really easy with the GoPro gimble. It takes the shots to an entirely new level. Once you are used to it will never be able to travel without it again. This little dude gets you shake-free amazing videos and is quick to access due to its built-in camera controls. It is compatible with GoPros of different harnesses.

8. GoPro GorillaPod Tripod

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While you may be really interested in travel photography, you should look out for all possibilities so that you return home with plenty of excellent captures. Along with some great water accessories, a flexible tripod is really going to pay off.

You can take it with you everywhere and capture photos and videos as quickly as possible. This is one of the ultra-flexible accessories you can have in your kit. It’s small legs get wrapped around anything you want to fix it on. The rubber grip ensures that the camera stays in place.

9. GoPro Bite Grip

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Activities like surfing or paddleboarding cannot be done with a GoPro head mount or a selfie stick. However, you have a bite grip for perfect shots. This is weird to use the device until you get used to it. It has a long arm tether that offers you a good grip and lets you record or shoots yourself. Moreover, it’s easy breathing vents to let you breathe freely.

10. GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts

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Underwater shots may need a little more care. You can insert these little accessories into GoPro Dome or underwater cases in order to prevent condensation from hindering your take on travel photography.

In fact, not only for underwater shooting, they can be used in many other places. You may be traveling across places that are cool, foggy, and then hot. These anti-fog inserts will let you handle climate control issues in a better way.

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11. GoPro Safety Leash

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You will never want to lose your GoPro during an adventure. All of your best footages can be nowhere ion seconds. It may happen anytime during traveling and more often than you think, no matter how careful you may be. Safety leashes are therefore must-haves.

Attach a safety leash to your GoPro and anchor it somewhere before you leave it alone. Although GoPros are tough and reliable enough to live through most of the incidents, accidents are always uncertain. It is therefore the best to be prepared.

12. GoPro Lens Filters

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This GoPro accessory is for you only if you are an advanced user. These seem to be quite important for excellent travel photography. You only need to slip it over the GoPro Lenses and get going.

While there could be many ways of adding filters this one ensures the best quality. These filters are meant for above-water use and come in a pack of three. There’s no plastic used for them, they are made of real glass.

13. GoPro Solar Battery Chargers

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This portable solar battery charger is going to go a long way with you and you will love it. It can help you charge your GoPro without basic power. It is a perfect partner for long hiking and overnight camping trips. You may hang them almost anywhere. They are easy to use and 100 percent weather resistant. You must have them.

While there could be a long list of best GoPro accessories for travel, we have listed down the topmost ones. These will surely make adventure travel more fun and photographs easier.

Keep Traveling!

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