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13 Most Unusual And Weird Places On Earth You Should Visit Once


From a Japanese restaurant filled with giant robot ladies to a museum with the world’s oldest science experiment, these are 6 strange things you can actually go see!

See the most unusual and weird places

1. Sedlec Ossuary


The Bone Church can be found in the Czech Republic and is home to some of the most macabre art in the country. The church uses the bones from 40,000 skeletons to decorate the inside. The bone furniture includes a chandelier made using almost every bone in the human body.

This all started in the 13th century when the Abbot of Sedlec Monastery scattered holy soil from Jerusalem across the cemetery, making the Sedlec site a highly desired spot for burials in the area.

When more than 30,000 bodies were buried in the small cemetery behind the church it became too much and all of them were moved to a crypt and then artistically arranged around the church.

Location: Czech Republic

Nearby Attractions: Tobacco Museum, St Barbara’s Cathedral, Historic Centre of Kutna Hora, Gothic Stone Fountain.

2. Lenin’s Mausoleum

Lenin's Mausoleum

One of the strangest things you can see on this list is the actual body of Vladimir Lenin. Since Lenin’s death in 1924, he was embalmed and put on display right before his funeral. neither government officials nor the general public refused to part with the guy. The body is injected with embalming juice every day to prevent it from rotting and stays on display in a custom built wall.

Location: Moscow

Nearby Attractions: Red Square, Moskva, Russia, Kazan Cathedral, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Pobeda Gallery, Excursions in Russia.

3. Cat Island

Lazing around

Tashirojima Island is also known as Cat Island, because of the fact that the felines greatly outnumber humans. This did not happen by accident – cats have actually been seen as a sign of good fortune on the island. As the feral cat population grew on Tashirojima, the human population dwindled from around 1,000 to less than 100.

For a while, the island seemed to struggle economically until the huge cat population started to draw in tourists.

Now, visitors of all kind visit the notorious cat island and stay at the local hotel. Just make sure you don’t plan on bringing your dog with you as canines are banned from entering the island.

Location: Bass Strait

Nearby Attractions: Mount Alvernia, Half Moon Beach, New Bight Airport, Bone Fish Lagoon, Port Royal Beach.

 3. Magic Mountains


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Just outside of Las Vegas city limits, you can find a strange set of technicolor rocks poking out of the dirt. This 30-foot- tall towers are the work of Ugo Rondinone, a world-renowned Swiss artist. It’s undoubtedly one of the most unusual and weird Places On Earth. 

Anyone can drive the 10 miles outside of Vegas to go see the beautiful and wonderful “Mountains” through 2018.

Location: Las Vegas

Nearby Attractions: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, J R’s Comedy Club, Telco Brewery, Westfield Valencia Town Center.

4. House of the Bulgarian Communist Party


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The former headquarters of Bulgaria’s Communist Party looks like a giant flying saucer and it can be found on a peak in the Central Balkan Mountains. Once an icon of the burgeoning communist party, the Buzludzha (Buzolja) Monument now sits abandoned, a victim to the weather and free to visit for anyone who hikes up to see it.

Location: Bulgaria

Nearby Attractions: Museum of Roses, National Park-Museum Shipka-Buzluzha, Art gallery – Kazanlak, Massage Studio Natalie, EnmarBg – Day Tours.

5. Idiom Installation


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At the Prague Municipal Library you can find the Idiom Installation; a piece of art that is both a dream and a nightmare for bookworms everywhere.

It is a huge spiraling tower made of real books. There is a small opening on the side of a tower that allows anyone to stick their head inside and see what it would feel like to get lost in an infinite tunnel of literature.

Idiom Installation was first displayed in 1995 before it found it’s home in the Prague Library in 1998 where it has been ever since. This definitely comes in the list of most unusual and weird Places On Earth.’

Location: Prague

Nearby Attractions: StaromEstske Namesti, Charles Bridge, Obecni Dum, Lobkowicz Palace.

6. Painted Hills

There are some of the places on Earth that leave you awestruck by their beauty, isn’t it? Painted Hills is one of those places. The presence of minerals at the Painted Hills of John Day Fossil Beds, brush the hills in countless hues. Sometimes, the changing light moisture levels affect the yellow, red, golden and black shades.

Location: Oregon, the US

Nearby Attractions: Fossils at Wheeler High School, Ghost Town Gulch

7. Huashan Mountain

What is strange about Hushan Mountain? Well, have a close look at this slippery, treacherous death-defying trek in China is merely a tea house, but this Mount Huashan Plank Walk in the Sky is famous for its adrenaline-enhancing effect. Also, called Road to Heaven. Would you dare to walk the plank at one of the weird and strangest places on Earth?

Location: China

Nearby Attractions: Huixin Carved Stone, Yuquan Courtyard of Huashan, Zhaoyang Peak, Yuntai Peak, Xi’an Yuquan Yard, Yujing Well of Zhenyue Palace, The Xiyue Temple.

8. Nelson Lakes National Park

Do you love jungle safaris and have walking tours of the National Park? This one thing can surprise you with its strangeness. There is an interesting Blue Lake at the Nelsons Lake National Park. What’s strange about it? Regarding the fact that this lake is so crystal clear that you can see all the way down to the bottom, and can’t even guess its depth.

Location: New Zealand

Nearby Attractions: Ngarua Caves, Whispering Falls, World of WearableArt & Classic Car Museum, Gardens of the World, Brightwater Vineyards, Tahunanui Beach, Rabbit Island, Queen’s Gardens.

9. Yonaguni Monument

There has been a confirmation from the scientists that this underwater monument in Japan is five-thousand years old. It’s still not proven if it’s natural or manmade. Philosophers say that it could be an alien-made monument. Visit this area for a full day which is filled with mysterious adventures.

Location: Japan

Nearby Attractions: Agarizaki Observatory, Tindahanata, Nama Hama Beach, Kita Bokujo, Tachigami Rock.

10. Pink Sands Beach

The sand on this beach is in pink shade due to the presence of some minerals and planktons. According to recent scientific research, the pink color comes from foraminifera, almost an undetectable organism that actually consists of a reddish-pink shell. The sand is a mixture of coral, shell, and calcium carbonate. There are only some pink sand beaches in the world. The rarity of these beaches combines the charm and mystery amongst the human population.

Location: The Bahamas

Nearby Attractions: Dunmore Town, Fitness with Tamara, Valentine’s Dive Center, Conch & Coconut, Princess Street Gallery, Tyman Fishing, Spanish Wells Fishing.

11. Richat Structure

Having a diameter of about 30 miles, it is a structure in the desert. The formation looks like a huge fossil Or maybe an alien spaceship strip landing! It is a major circle-shaped structure, right in the middle of Mauritania. You can reach the destination from the untouched desert town of Ouadane in the western-central part of Mauritania in western North Africa. Be aware of the weather, before you reach the place.

Location: Mauritania

Nearby Attractions: The Libraries of Chinguetti, Mauritania Railway, Bay of Nouadhibou Ship Graveyard.

12. Al Naslaa Rock Formation

There are many natural events that can disturb or confuse the traveler. This formation is one of them. Can you see the homogenous slit between the flat faces of these two standing stones? Al Naslaa is one of the most picturesque petroglyphs in the region. Its natural shape is a big secret, which no one has ever solved. Make sure whenever you’re on a Saudi Arabian holiday, catch a view of this natural structure.

Location: Saudi Arabia

13. Plain of Jars

Dipped in myth, scattered megalithic stone jars all over Xieng Khouang Province in bunches from one to one hundred. One work theory is that the huge cylindrical jars were used in ancient funeral ceremonies, although as per the saying of a local legend, the jars were used to make rice wine for giants.

In the 1960s, Northern Laos was largely under the aerial bombardment by the United States and it has only recently happened that some areas have been cleaned and have been declared safe for visitors. It’s one of the weirdest places on Earth.

Location: Laos

Nearby Attractions: Quality of Life Association Uxo Survivor Information Centre & Village Shop

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