DestinationsPahadi House: The New found Treasure in lost Paradise

Pahadi House: The New found Treasure in lost Paradise


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Pahadi House in Kanatal isn’t a destination that just comes with a promise of frills and thrills. It urges you to slow down and relish nature’s sights and sounds in the serene abode of the Himalayas. A series of narrow, zigzag roads surrounded by fragrant pine, deodar and rhododendron trees lead you to this little hill station tucked inside the belly of Uttarakhand’s rolling hills.

The story goes like this where a few decades ago a lake named kanatal which was situated here which has now dried up, and to make this instance memorable the place has been named Kanatal. In Hindi Kanatal literally means “one-eyed lake”.

Kanatal offers a vast list of experiences for the visitors, ranging from the Kodiak forest, the Surkunda Devi Temple, The Tehri dam. One of the attractions that have recently been catching everybody’s attention is a unique Homestay with its unique concept called the ‘Pahadi House’.


Carefully hidden from the complications of the busy life, ‘Pahadi house’ a beautiful homestay in Kanatal personifies peace and happiness like no place else. These bright yellow cottages sure do know how to bring a smile on their guest’s face.

A very welcoming host family, extremely co-operative staff and the very essence of the place is only the beginning of you falling in love with the place


The Pahadi lifestyle is a slow-paced utterly simple one, the culture and believes haven’t seen much of a change through the generations and still stick to their classic way of starting the day with the sunrise and ending it by the sunset.

Pahadi house not only welcomes you to stay in a village-like environment, but it helps you to experience the ethnic Pahadi life while chatting with the locals and witnessing and participating in their daily chores. You can also read about amazing places here!

The rooms and tents available showcase the basic arrangement of the Pahadi house, with the necessary utilities and a minimal approach towards sustenance in these freezing hills of Kanatal.


Pahadi House has conserved and protected the village homes once inhabited by individuals who have now shifted to urban areas.

The idea was to “give it back” to the place that has been one of God’s favorite destinations. Now with its presence in Kanatal, Kumaon, and Hathipaon, Pahadi house has been able to generate employment opportunities for the locals. Organic Farming has been gaining more recognition.

The virgin territories of Garhwal, their rich heritage and culture, the simplicity of the people and the home away from home feeling awaits your arrival in this tiny hamlet of happiness.

Bird Watching and star gazing are one of the few things that you can enjoy without a blink of an eye. Sit around your personal fire and listen to local stories, fall asleep to the silent hum of nature and wake up to scenery like below.

Pahadi House

The food is home cooked, the vegetables are organic and the room gives you Wi-Fi, so you stay connected to the outer world amidst the natural beauty. For its exclusive treatment and unforgettable stay, the travelers and ardent lovers say “you could only see it to believe it”.

Some other attractions in the neighboring areas are The Surkanda temple.

Surkanda temple

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The Surkunda Devi temple in winters gets slightly covered with snow.

Most famous for the nearby temple of Surkunda Devi, Kanatal attracts a bunch of pilgrims and tourist every year, which come to visit the temple and enjoy other sights offered by the place. Surkunda Devi is a temple in Kanatal, dedicated to Sati Ji. Kanatal is where Shankar Ji brought her dead body on his Trishul from Haridwar.

Located at a height of 9995 feet, you get a 360-degree view from the top of the temple. This temple is 8 km on the road to Mussoorie to Kaddukhal. One has to trek 2 km on foot to the little temple. To make it easier for the commuters, ponies and other facilities have been provided.

The Kodia jungle

The Kodia jungle

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A walk through Kodia Jungle, one of the well-preserved attractions in Kanatal promises to take one right at the core of nature and give him ample scope to encounter with the wild. This dense forest reserve is located at a distance of around 1km away from Kanatal.

Natural springs and animals come all the way to surprise visitors. A leveled walk along a stretch of 7-8 km through the jungle open up to vast stretch of rippling hills and valleys. And the sound of various species of birds is simply musical to one’s ears, don’t forget to carry your cameras if you wish to document your precious moments, up close with nature!!


Jeep safaris of 1-2 hours give you the perfect view of every corner of the jungle.

Tehri dam

Tehri Dam

The dam has been gaining popularity for its massive size and the beautiful confluence of the rivers, Bhagirathi and Bhilagna. Surrounded by hills and welcomed by the gushing sounds of water is one hell of an experience not commonly found elsewhere.

Kanatal is an escape for every kind of a heart, talk long walks with your loved ones, plan picnics with families, camp with your kids or trek with your best buddies. Whatever your wandering heart wants, kanatal is ready to offer you!! Well, it does seem fair when they say, “See it to believe it”!

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