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Pamukkale, Turkey In December Is A True Paradise On Earth!

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Pamukkale, Turkey In December Is A True Paradise On Earth: The year is about to end and the vacancy mood is just being set up. With people planning their year-end travel plans, finding a place that suits their plans the best, can be a task sometimes!

Pamukkale Turkey
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If you’re in a dilemma, keep your worries aside. Have you heard about this place called Pamukkale? If yes, then awesome and if not, then wait till you get surprised!

For beginners, Pamukkale in December is just a heaven o earth, or a dreamland, or the fantasy land, as whatever you may call it. Find the reason Why?

Where Is Pamukkale

Cotton Castle in Turkey
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Pamukkale is located in Turkey. The impressive white terraces and crystal clear pools of the Pamukkale, which look like they are hanging like a waterfall from the valley.

Pamukkale is famous as “Cotton Castle” in Turkey, and it is also a noticeable site to visit the ruins of the Roman-Greek city of Hierapolis.

UNESCO has declared Pamukkale-Hierapolis as a World Heritage Site considering the wonderful combination of man-made and natural art present here.

It’s a center of attraction in the city, and every year there are more than 2 million visitors at Pamukkale.

Why Visit Pamukkale

Turkey Pamukkale
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There are various travertine terraces around the world especially in places like USA, China, Iran, and many more. But what you will see in Pamukkale is way too different. These travertine formations are built from limestone deposits here.

The other prime attraction here is the colonnaded or column streets, abundant hot springs, greek houses, bath places, temples, a theatre of the remains of Roman-Greek city Hierapolis and the necropolis.

As an add-on, there’s also a facility to bath in the pools which is filled with warm water (about 36 °C) and is rich in minerals. It’s a fantastic place to swim and experience the uniqueness of the pool.

How To Reach Pamukkale

Pamukkale Turkey
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In the western part of the Anatolian plateau lies the Pamukkale which is about 120 miles east from the Aegean resort, looking more like a cruise ship port of Kusadasi near Ephesus. Most of the visitors who visit Pamukkale come from Mediterranean or Aegean resorts.

The easiest and the best way to reach Pamukkale is to take a car on hire as the drive takes around three hours from Kusadasi, four hours from Marmaris and Antalya and a total of five hours from Bodrum.

From Pamukkale, Cardak-Denizli airport is the nearest airport you’ll find. It’s easy to find an overnight bus from Istanbul and reach Pamukkale, and the journey will take approximately 10 hours.

The facility of buses is very much constant from Denizli to Pamukkale, and it is an only 40-minute ride from there.

Weather Conditions In Pamukkale In December

Pamukkale In December is rainy
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The weather conditions in Pamukkale In December is rainy. It has been seen that the amount of rain during the time of December is almost 89 mm which is equal to 3.5 inches.

The Sun is almost hidden in the clouds and is visible very few times in the whole month of December. In Winters, there are 102 hours of sun/daylight in total.

As per the reports, more than 40% chances of rain are there in Pamukkale during December. The minimum temperature is about 4 °C, and the maximum temperature rises to 12 °C.

The weather in Pamukkale in December is moisty, and there are hardly any places which you’ll avoid during this season. But there are many other places which are best to visit during the time of December in Pamukkale.

What To Wear In Pamukkale In December

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As the weather here is damp, so it’s necessary to take a waterproof jacket for the rain.

Due to the rains, the weather will be chilly, so it becomes necessary to take sweaters and jackets.

Pamukkale has swimming pools that are worth visiting. So if you want to take a dip here, take a swimsuit along with you.

Also, remember to take sunglasses with you because the limestone is very bright and if you see them directly then it might hurt your eyes. And most importantly, a lot of water is to be carried as there’s a lot of variation in the temperature and it might cause dehydration.

So pack them all and you should be set for your crazy Pamukkale trip.

Exploring Pamukkale

In December there are many things to do in Pamukkale. We have mentioned some of them to ensure that you don’t miss out the pleasure of this place.

1. Visit Hierapolis City Ruins

Visit Hierapolis City Ruins
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Heropoulis was a military area od rule when it was built by King Eumenes II in 190 BC.

Earlier, this city had collapsed in an earthquake in 60 AD, and later, it was rebuilt. Its parallel roads run to the travertines, which extends to Necropolis towards the north and the Byzantine Church goes south.

This is one of the best things in Pamukkale because there are various nearby places where one could visit along with Hierapolis City Ruins.

2. Visit Hierapolis Theatre

Hierapolis Theatre
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In the ruins of Hierapolis, this is one thing that is worth visiting this site. The Hierapolis Theatre has an exterior of approximately 100 meters, and there are two levels in seating arrangements, and in it, each level has 26 columns.

Roman Emperor Septimius Severus and Hadrian were ruling at that time, and they saved the place of act/performance very well. There are many unique details that are still visible.

3. A Swim In The Pamukkale Antique Pool

Pamukkale Antique Pool
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Pamukkale Antique Pool is located near the Apollo Temple. This pool gives a royal feel as the Romans would have found. A person who is tired of traveling must definitely go to the Pamukkale Antique Pool and just relax.

There’s hot spring water at a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius.

Marble pieces are there in the pool and it’s the most fun thing to do in Pamukkale.

4. Glance The Sunset At Travertine

Sunset At Travertine
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Travertines look fantastic, and its beauty folds multiple times when they are viewed during sunset. Tour guides would suggest a person visit Travertine during sunset because it’s a beautiful sight and it’s never disappointing.

5. Go For Paragliding In Pamukkale

Paragliding In Pamukkale
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Some companies provide paragliding facilities for those who are interested in experiencing this in Hierapolis and Pamukkale.

Along with the entire view of travertines, the Hierapolis remains also change when it is seen while doing paragliding from the open sky.

6. Hit The Pamukkale Nature Park

Pamukkale Nature Park
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Visitors will be pleased and relaxed to join amazing nature with such closeness in Pamukkale. There’s a facility of paddle boats to look closely to the ducks, and there are even small water slides for the enjoyment of kids.

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