IndiaExploring The Incredible Parvati Valley: Kalga, Tulga And Pulga

Exploring The Incredible Parvati Valley: Kalga, Tulga And Pulga


India is undeniably a complete package of amazing travel destinations and it’s absolutely fine to be confused about your next journey. Well, if you’re planning for some excellent adventures and explorations during the months of May-June, here’s your guide to planning one of the best visits to Himachal Pradesh.

Amidst the serene views and verdant mountainous backdrops of the North Indian state, Parvati Valley holds on to distinctive charm. You will surely be enthralled by the marvelous encounters here.

The Incredible Village Triplet: Pulga, Tulga, Kalga

Although there are numerous interesting and mesmerizing attractions you will come across in the Parvati Valley, Pulga, Tulga, and Kalga are never to be missed. If you’re someone looking for offbeat destinations in India, these villages serve you the best. Let’s take a view of what they hold for travelers like you.


Situated about 2-3 kilometers uphill from Barsheni, reaching Pulga will require a 45-minutes trek for an average person. This place takes you its most popular – ‘fairy forest’ which is a dense jungle area with high rising deodars. All through your way, you can capture the beautiful views of snowcapped peaks far away.

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Pulga is one of the laid back places in North India. Hence, you are likely to find it quite and less crowded (with fewer tourists). While you may be so used to bustling city lives, this will turn out to be a highly rejuvenating experience.


Rich and scenic with its apple orchards, Kalga is a 45 minutes trek from Tulga and 90 minutes from Pulga. You may grab a cup of hot tea and set out to explore the distinctively elegant orchards and village folks who are engaged partially in apple cultivation and tourism. Find a perfect homestay at one of the apple orchards.

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You’re likely to come across life in its most relieving forms here. Spending a night in Kalga will let you experience the solitude and quiet moments you may be wanting for a long time. Away from the crazy city crowds, this is a worthwhile escape.


Considering the other two villages, Tulga is less touristy. You may find it difficult to find appropriate stays. This is probably the reason most tourists do not discuss much.

Himachal Pradesh
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However, you can surely plan a visit here, you will always have something interesting to take back as the most memorable experience.

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Kheerganga Trek and Camping in Tosh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most lovable travel destinations for adventure seekers. While Parvat Valley holds on to its astonishing elements, you will never get over the pleasure at the breathtaking Kheerganga trek. Vehicles are allowed only till Manikaran from where you will have to head out into challenging terrains.

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Make sure you set out with all the necessities. You may stop by at Tosh for amazing camping experiences. Let yourself meet and embrace the wildernesses here at one of the roughest trails in India. Offseason treks here may prove to be much more rewarding for adventure buffs.

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The small village, Tosh has been benefited by the tourism boom lately. 2-3 kilometers away from Barsheni, you may also find acceptable restaurants and stays to help you with the night. Read further for more information: Kheerganga Trek- A Detailed Travel Guide For Trekking To Kheerganga

How to Reach?

How you will make upto your destination is an important question. You can easily reach here by Bus or Car. There are public buses that drop travelers till Bhunter. There are further buses that connect you to other places you may want to reach. Kasol is about 30 kilometers away from here. Also, you may easily get local buses connecting prominent places within the valley.

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The Parvati Valley is one of the most prominent and exquisite travel destinations in Himachal Pradesh, India, which will offer you a myriad of amazing experiences. Make sure to visit here next season.

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